Are Purrgils in ‘Ahsoka’? Here’s Why They Are Important!


One of the most popular creatures introduced in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ was Purgills. They held great significance in the show’s ending, especially regarding Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn.  With ‘Ahsoka’ being a continuation of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ fans have been wondering if we will get our first live-action appearance of the creature, especially with seeing things like Loth-Cats and the Planet of Lothal. Here’s our theory on Purgills appearing in ‘Ashoka’!

With the way ‘Star Wars Rebels’ ended, we will likely see the first live-action debut of Purgills. The creatures were used at the show’s end when Ezra Bridger used them to sacrifice himself and get Thrawn into hyperspace. This was done to save Lothal, which plays a heavy role in ‘Ahsoka.’ With Ezra Bridger set to appear in the show and his connection to these animals, they will probably appear when we finally see Ezra.

Now that we discussed our theory on the appearance of Purgills in ‘Ahsoka,’ let’s analyze it in more detail. If you want to learn what Purgills are and their significance in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ and ‘Ashoka,’ stay with us and keep reading! 

What are Purgills?

First appearing in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Purgills are creatures that look like the combination of whales and squids that can go into Hyperspace. They are known for just mindlessly floating through the vacuum of space and regularly disrupting ships by just randomly appearing in front of them.

They are usually the size of a starship and are noticeable by their purple skin, tentacles, and fins. While most Purgills are starship-sized, Purgill Ultras can be up to half the size of a Star Destroyer, which can be very bothersome for regular pilots.

Purgills and Hyperspace 

The main ability of Purgills is that they can go into Hyperspace. This has been harnessed from the creatures, with this ability put into many ships across the galaxy. However, due to this ability, it can be very bothersome for pilots.

Due to Purgills randomly appearing throughout the galaxy, they have been known to crash into ships, which has caused countless deaths. This is so dangerous because Purgills never fly on their own. 

Ezra riding purgill

They always fly in swarms, which can cause ships to get lost among the crowd and either crash into a Purgill or an oncoming asteroid. Before going into Hyperspace, their tentacles will glow. However, they cannot go into Hyperspace if they are hungry. They survive by eating gas, and if they do not have enough energy, they tend to become more grey.


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Purgills in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

We got our first appearance of Purgills in episode 15 of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2.  When Dave Filoni first created Purgills, he wanted to have a reason why Hyperspace existed. Instead of it being a technological advancement, he wanted to have it be derived from animals as he thought it would be something different and interesting for the Star Wars universe.

As much as pilots, especially Hera Syndulla, see Purgills as inconvenient, Ezra Bridger was actually able to establish a connection with the creatures and empathize with them.

Ezra on purgill

This connection is what then helped him use the animals to defeat Thrawn at the Battle of Lothal. Not only have Purgills appeared in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ they have appeared in other forms of Star Wars content and have been very prominent in the High Republic Era. 

Why are Purgills important to Ahsoka?

At the end of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ the Rebels are battling with the Empire to free Lothal. They have Ryder fake a betrayal to the Empire, allowing them to get the upper hand on Governor Pryce and the Star Destroyer hovering over the planet.

They then have a plan to destroy both the Star Destroyers with Thrawn inside one of them. The Rebels would then escape the ships and land on the planet. As expected by Thrawn, the Rebels’s plan failed, which forced Ezra to go with his backup plan.

Ezras sacrifice 1

Due to Ezra’s connection to the Purgills, he came up with a plan to use them in a way that would help free Lothal from Thrawn. As said by Ezra, this plan was a last resort, and for it to be executed properly, Ezra would have to sacrifice himself. Keeping the plan close to his chest, Ezra got one of the Rebels to tie up a bunch of Purgills and send them to the ship that Ezra and Thrawn were both on.

They would then tie the creatures to the ship, and Ezra would use his connection with them to send the Purgills into hyperspace along with the ship that he and Thrawn were on, causing them both to go missing.


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Will Purgills appear in ‘Ahsoka?

Due to the plot of ‘Ahsoka’ and the history of Purgills, we will most likely see them in the show at some point if it is not in a flashback to Ezra Bridger and Grand. Admiral Thrawn, we likely see them when we meet Ezra, as they may use the Purgills to help locate him.

The Battle of Lothal seems to be a key plot point in the show, so seeing flashbacks to the battle is also possible as they may use it to show audiences who haven’t seen ‘Star Wars Rebels’ what happened. 

Do you think we will see Purgills in ‘Ahsoka’? Let us know in the comments! 

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