15 Best ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Episodes Ranked by IMDb Score


One of the most popular Star Wars animated series is ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ a show that takes place during the time of the Rebellion and in the earlier part of the Rebels’ fight against the Empire. It follows the story of a group of ragtag Rebels called the Spectres as they operate through the ship called the Ghost. And ‘Rebels’ is a series that fans need to watch if they want to understand the upcoming ‘Ahsoka’ series, as it is often called season 5 of ‘Rebels.’

Of course, the best part about ‘Rebels’ is that it has a lot of different episodes that add to the overall mystique and greatness of the Star Wars lore. But some episodes stand head and shoulders above the others when it comes to how fans enjoyed them. In that regard, we are here to look at the best ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ episodes ranked by IMDb score.

15. ‘The Future of the Force’ (Season 2, Episode 10)


IMDb Score: 8.5

‘The Future of the Force’ follows Ahsoka as she informs Kanan about her investigation regarding Darth Vader. Meanwhile, they heard that there was a ransacked ship wherein a survivor told them about two redblades that kidnapped her grandchild and disappeared. That was when Ahsoka told the team that they had to go to a distant planet where two Inquisitors were involved, as Zeb and Chopper located their fighters at a spaceport, where they reclaimed the baby they stole.


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Meanwhile, Kanan and Ezra found the mother of the second child that the Inquisitors kidnapped. They all discovered that the babies were sensitive to the Force and important to the Inquisitors because they would train or kill them. The team ran from the Inquisitors, only for Ahsoka to arrive in time to fight and defeat them, showcasing her strength and allowing the others to escape.

14. ‘A Fool’s Hope’ (Season 4, Episode 14)

fools hope

IMDb Score: 8.7

‘A Fool’s Hope’ follows how Hera, Rex, and Kallus were able to recruit some of their contacts, including Ketsu and Hondo, to devise a plan that would allow them to liberate Lothal from the Empire. Of course, at this time, Ezra was already on Lothal and had just received a vision that Thrawn was on his way back to Lothal from Coruscant. In that regard, they now have to find a way to liberate the planet from the Empire before Thrawn returns with the full might of his armada.

With that, the two parties tried to use Pryce as a way for them to liberate Lothal, as Ryder tricked her into believing that he had betrayed the Rebels and was going to sell them out. Hera and the other reinforcements arrived with the Ghost, as Ezra summoned the Loth-Wolves to help them fight against the Empire. This allowed them to defeat the Imperials and capture Pryce, as phase one of their plan to liberate the planet had just been completed.

13. ‘Zero Hour: Part 2’ (Season 3, Episode 22)

zero 2

IMDb Score: 8.8

Part 2 of ‘Zero Hour’ continues where Part 1 left off, as the events of this episode follow the attacks of Thrawn on Chopper Base after finding out where its location was. In that regard, the Rebels were now in the middle of the toughest situation in their lives, as they were losing allies every single second, including their leader. And Ezra had to go to Mandalore to seek help from the Mandalorians.

With Sabine’s help, Ezra brought reinforcements back to the Rebels. Meanwhile, after Kanan Jarrus provoked Bendu into taking action, he decided to cook up a storm that destroyed a huge portion of the fleet of the Empire, only for him to become the target of Thrawn’s attack. This allowed the Rebels to escape the base, as Bendu was seen lying down on the ground before disappearing when Thrawn shot him.

12. ‘Through Imperial Eyes’ (Season 3, Episode 16)


IMDb Score: 8.8

One of the best episodes in ‘Rebels’ regarding the many different infiltration missions the Spectres undertook was ‘Through Imperial Eyes.’ The Rebels received word from Fulcrum (Agent Kallus) that the Empire intercepted his last transmission to them and that they needed to help him escape if his cover got blown. That was when Thrawn asked the help of Colonel Yularen of the ISB to locate the spy that was in their ranks.

Ezra infiltrated the Imperial base to rescue Kallus, who was yet to be suspected by Thrawn and Yularen. Kallus used Lieutenant Lyste as a decoy so that the Imperials would suspect him as the spy instead of him. He also tricked Lyste into believing that Pryce was a spy the entire time, as Ezra escaped after helping Kallus keep his cover. However, Thrawn had already suspected that, based on the events of that episode, Kallus was Fulcrum but opted to allow him to continue to work as a spy to gain more information.

11. ‘The Siege of Lothal’ (Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2)


IMDb Score: 8.8

‘The Siege of Lothal’ is the two-part opener of season 2 of ‘Rebels,’ as it allows us to see Ahsoka Tano working with the Spectres after they connected at the end of season 1. However, in the wake of the Grand Inquisitor’s death, Darth Vader arrived on Lothal to take over the hunt for the two Jedi and to see to it that Lothal was under Imperial command.

Kanan and Ezra ended up fighting Vader, only for them to realize that he was an entirely different monster compared to the Grand Inquisitor. They were able to escape as Vader pursued them in his TIE Fighter. However, Ahsoka could sense Vader, who also sensed his former apprentice. That was when Ahsoka started to wonder whether or not her master really did die years ago.


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10. ‘Zero Hour: Part 1’ (Season 3, Episode 21)

zero hour 1

IMDb Score: 8.9

Part 1 of ‘Zero Hour’ allowed us to see Thrawn finally heading to Chopper Base to destroy the Rebels once and for all. Kallus found out about this and tried to send a message to the Rebels, only for Thrawn to apprehend him. It was too late for the Rebels to escape, as they had to try to defend themselves against the Empire’s wrath. Meanwhile, Kanan tried to convince Bendu to join their side because they were up against a great evil that would destroy them.

Ezra, on his part, was able to escape the planet. He used this chance to go to Mandalore to ask Sabine’s family for help. And while Clan Wren was not willing to send its entire army to help the Rebels, Ezra secured the help of a few Mandalorian warriors willing to assist him and Sabine in the evacuation efforts.

9. ‘Trials of the Darksaber’ (Season 3, Episode 15)


IMDb Score: 8.9

‘Trials of the Darksaber’ is an important part of ‘Rebels’ because it allows us to learn more about the Darksaber and its relationship with its wielder. After Sabine decided to try to learn how to use this blade, she ended up training with Kanan Jarrus, only for them to clash with one another for a lot of different reasons, as Sabine was very stubborn in her approach to using the Darksaber. This was also how we learned that the Darksaber gets heavier when the feelings of its user help weigh it down.

Of course, the only reason why Sabine even agreed to learn how to use the Darksaber was for her to eventually convince the Mandalorians to join the Rebellion. The best part about this episode was how we got a good insight into Sabine’s personality as a proud yet very stubborn warrior with many different issues and hesitations in life.

8. ‘Shroud of Darkness’ (Season 2, Episode 18)


IMDb Score: 9

‘Shroud of Darkness’ focuses on the Jedi trio of Kana, Ezra, and Ahsoka as they try to find answers to help them defeat the Inquisitors and Darth Vader. They eventually decided to return to Lothal to get answers from the Jedi Temple there, as Kanan told Ahsoka that he heard Yoda’s voice once when they were there the first time.

While in the temple, each trio member had to go their separate ways as they saw different visions. Ezra learned from Yoda that they needed to go to Malachor V to find the answers they sought. Kanan saw a vision of a Jedi Temple Guard that used to be the Grand Inquisitor as he got knighted after they fought. Meanwhile, Ahsoka saw a vision of Anakin before he turned to the dark side.

7. ‘Fire Across the Galaxy’ (Season 1, Episode 15)


IMDb Score: 9.1

‘Fire Across the Galaxy’ is the season 1 finale of ‘Rebels,’ as the crew of the Ghost attempted to rescue Kanan from the Grand Inquisitor. This led to a huge battle between the Spectres and their enemies, as Kanan and Ezra dueled the Grand Inquisitor. Thinking that Ezra had been killed, Kanan let go of all his hesitations and fears to finally defeat the Grand Inquisitor, who chose to die out of fear of what Vader might do to him if he survived, yet failed.

After the defeat of the Grand Inquisitor, the Spectres could escape from the Empire thanks largely to the distress call that Chopper sent out to the other Rebel cells. That was when the Spectres finally joined forces with the other Rebels and met Fulcrum, Ahsoka Tano the entire time.


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6. ‘Twin Suns’ (Season 3, Episode 20)

twin suns

IMDb Score: 9.3

‘Twin Suns’ is an episode that focuses almost entirely on Darth Maul. After finding out that Obi-Wan Kenobi was on Tatooine, he decided to go there to get the revenge he had always wanted. But he struggled in the deserts of Tatooine, as he had to use Ezra Bridger to find a way to get to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who the young Jedi sensed was in trouble.

Ezra went to Tatooine, and Maul used him to get to Obi-Wan. While Obi-Wan was able to find Ezra in the middle of the desert, Maul arrived in time to challenge his old rival to a duel. When Maul realized that Obi-Wan was protecting someone important on Tatooine, Kenobi became serious because he needed to protect Luke from Maul.

The duel was a quick one that allowed Kenobi to defeat and kill Maul in three moves, as the former Sith Lord died emotionally in Obi-Wan’s arms in a touching moment that allowed us to understand how tragic of a character Maul was.

5. ‘Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 1’ (Season 2, Episode 21)

twilight 1

IMDb Score: 9.3

‘Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 1’ allows us to see Ezra, Ahsoka, and Kanan going to Malachor to seek the answers that they were looking for, only for them to encounter the Inquisitors there. Ezra had to go his own way, only for him to encounter Maul, who took him under his wing and made him use the dark side of the Force so that they could access the ancient Sith superweapon that was in the Sith Temple on this planet.


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Ezra and Maul arrived just in time to help Kanan and Ahsoka in the fight against three Inquisitors, as that was when they evened the score and pushed the Inquisitors back. Meanwhile, Ezra was on his way to the top of the Sith Temple, where the superweapon could be operated.

4. ‘A World Between Worlds’ (Season 4, Episode 13)

world between worlds 2

IMDb Score: 9.4

‘A World Between Worlds’ explored the Spectres’ quest to learn more about what the Empire was doing in the Jedi Temple on Lothal as they were seemingly looking for something there. Ezra discovered that the Empire was trying to solve an ancient puzzle that was important to Emperor Palpatine, as that was when he solved the puzzle and opened the doorway leading to a mystical plane called the World Between Worlds.

In the World Between Worlds, Ezra discovered doorways that led to different points in time. He used one of the doorways to save Ahsoka from Darth Vader on Malachor V. But they separated due to the Emperor’s interference. Ahsoka, however, found a new door to the World Between Worlds, where she took a spiritual journey.

3. ‘Jedi Night’ (Season 4, Episode 10)

jedi night

IMDb Score: 9.4

‘Jedi Knight’ is arguably the most emotional episode in the entire ‘Rebels’ show as the crew of the Ghost decided to rescue Hera Syndulla from the Imperial base on Lothal. While Ezra and Sabine were working together to find a way to escape, Kanan rescued a drugged Hera, who was truthful with her words due to the effects of the drugs that she was on. They had a lot of emotional conversations while they were trying to escape together.

Kanan and Hera met with Ezra and Sabine as they went to the fuel depot near the TIE Defender factory on Lothal. In her anger, Governor Pryce ordered her men to shoot down one of the fuel depots so that the explosion would kill the Spectres. However, Kanan saved everyone by using the Force to keep the explosion at bay, and he used his other hand to push his friends and their ship away from the explosion. Kanan died due to this event, the biggest blow the Spectres faced in the entire series.

2. ‘Family Reunion – and Farewell’ (Season 4, Episodes 15 and 16)


IMDb Score: 9.4

‘Family Reunion – and Farewell’ is the final episode of the entire ‘Rebels’ show as this two-parter allowed us to see Ezra and his allies proceeding with their plan to oust the Empire from Lothal. While they were seemingly successful in doing so, Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived and proceeded to bombard Lothal unless Ezra was willing to give himself up. He had no choice as Ezra allowed Thrawn to capture him, and the Grand Admiral allowed him to meet Emperor Palpatine through a hologram.

Meanwhile, the other Rebels were given a secret task by Ezra as they had to escape Lothal to meet up with some familiar creatures. The other Spectres and Rebels worked together to defeat the Imperials on the ground so that they could turn on the planetary shields to protect it from Thrawn’s bombardment. Just in time, the Purrgil arrived to save the day as they destroyed Thrawn’s fleet and, on Ezra’s orders, teleported Thrawn’s ship away through hyperspace while Ezra was still in it. Ezra left everyone a message as he hoped they would meet again.

Years went by, and the Rebellion against the Empire was successful. Different systems all over the galaxy celebrated the fall of the Empire. Meanwhile, Ahsoka arrived on Lothal to go on a journey with Sabine to find Ezra in the deep reaches of space.

1. ‘Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 2’ (Season 2, Episode 2)

twilight 2

IMDb Score: 9.8

‘Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 2’ is arguably the most popular episode in the entire ‘Rebels’ series as it continues from where Part 1 left off. In this episode, Ezra reaches the top of the Sith Temple, only for Darth Maul to meet him there. The others defeated the Inquisitors, as Ahsoka had to go to the top of the temple. Meanwhile, Maul betrayed Kanan and blinded him.


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At the top of the temple, Ahsoka stopped Vader from killing Ezra as they dueled for the first time in Star Wars history. That was when Vader told Ahsoka that he killed Anakin for being too weak, as the former Padawan still wasn’t ready to accept that this evil monster used to be her master. Ahsoka stayed behind to fight Vader, allowing Ezra and Kanan to escape Malachor. However, Ahsoka had to stay behind to fight the Sith Lord, only for her to see through his broken mask that he was indeed Anakin.

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