Batman vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight?

batman vs goku

In their own right, both Goku and Batman are formidable opponents. An altercation between the two would be most unlikely. Nonetheless, as characters like Superman and Darkseid would witness, it’s never a good idea to underestimate Batman.  That said, who would win in a fight between Batman and Goku?

Goku is far much more superior to Batman in terms of strength, speed, durability, senses, and stamina, and would ultimately win in a fight. Goku’s power is described as being godlike and he basically has no weaknesses whereas Batman is merely human and can be severely injured.

In the domain of superhero fights that pits famous characters from comics against each other, one of the most constant fixtures is Batman against Goku. Let’s have a look at how these two characters’ abilities compare to each other.


When it comes to super strength, the comics reveal Batman has no such power. He is, however, capable of tremendous feats of strength. Ever since he lost his parents, Bruce pushed his body to the limits and trained himself to ensure he reached his absolute maximum potential. He has peak human strength and his physical abilities indicate a man who can be considered to be on the edge of what is superhuman.

In “Batman #655”, Bruce is shown lifting over 1000 pounds in his regular workouts. According to Batman in “Batman Odyssey #2,” his maximum leg press is 2500 pounds. In the comics, he managed to hold a collapsing 1000-pound ceiling, punch Bane through a steel door, karate chopping an assault rifle to pieces, and flip Solomon Grundy with one hand. No normal man on Earth could perform these extraordinary physical feats.

batman strenght

On the other hand, Goku’s strength could be described as almost god-like. He has immense physical strength, far much more than any human being and even most alien races. He can effortlessly tear apart all Earth-made materials and weapons and move in immense gravity with ease. He’s so strong he can harm powerful beings like 100% Final Form Frieza who’s capable of surviving a planet explosion in a weakened state.

In this category, Goku wins easily.

Point: Goku (1:0) Batman


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Batman is the pinnacle of human physical perfection. His speed is far much greater than any Olympic athlete that’s ever been. He can clock running speeds of up to 30mph. In the comics, he’s outrun a speeding car, outrun Huntress, dodged bullets, caught arrows, and even dodged punches from speedsters. He’s fast for someone with such a large frame. He ran so fast that even Tim Drake and Nightwing found it hard to keep up with him.

Goku is incredibly fast, faster than Batman by far. He can move at untrackable speeds during combat which makes him a hard target to hit. He is just as fast as Beerus who is faster than the speed of light and can fly at hypersonic speeds. Goku’s top speed is around 10 times the speed of light. In his battle with Frieza, he deflected multiple death beams with just one hand without much fuss.

goku speed

Without a shadow of a doubt, Goku takes this round.

Point: Goku (2:0) Batman


For a human, Batman is extremely resilient. He has enhanced durability which gives him an incredible tolerance to pain. He can ignore gory injuries to go on fighting. Killing Batman is quite hard and even if one managed it, he’d find a contrived way of bringing himself back despite staring at the grave.

In the comics, Batman does get his ass handed to him severally. What’s surprising is how fast he can recover from his injuries which would otherwise kill a normal human. He can recover from superhuman blows and damaged limbs, sometimes even besting his opponent with such injuries. He can survive several bullet shots to the abdomen. With the help of his Batsuit, he can take strong hits from opponents with superhuman strength.

Goku is virtually invulnerable. No Earth-made weapons or materials can harm him. His durability is majorly thanks to his Saiyan physiology which grants him great regenerative powers. He can also survive universal force energy.

This doesn’t mean that Goku is completely invulnerable. He does have limits and beings as powerful as or more powerful than he can maim and potentially kill him. If he lowers his guard and ki or fails to defend himself correctly, he can be injured severely.

If you compare the durability of the Bat against that of Goku, there’s no question that the latter wins.

Point: Goku (3:0) Batman


If you’re familiar with Batman then you know he has extensive training in martial arts which is one of his greatest strengths. He has incredible skills in defensive and evasive maneuvers, which is a testament to his fast reflexes.

Once again his reflexes are described as peak-human level. Some of the feats that demonstrate this include dodging a bullet, countering attacks from extremely strong enemies, and even dodging blows from speedsters. His fast reflexes are mostly thanks to a combination of his agility and fast-firing brain.

batman hand to hand

On the other hand, Goku boasts far more advanced reflexes. He can think and react at incredible speeds which almost certainly ensures his victory in combat. He can easily dodge projectiles fired from weapons and even keep up with the incredible combat speeds of foes.

Goku wins this category.

Point: Goku (4:0) Batman


Batman’s stamina makes him quite a formidable opponent. He’s capable of ignoring serious pain and injuries and carrying on as if nothing happened. In the comics, he’s shrugged off multiple stabbings while maintaining combat prowess. On one occasion, he beat Ra’s Al Ghul while he was literally on fire. In the “Court Owls” story, he’s stabbed through the stomach and with his guts spilling still manages to escape the Labyrinth.

Goku’s physiology and willpower allow him to exert himself beyond extreme fatigue and injury. The techniques and transformations he uses cost a lot of energy and despite this, he still goes on fighting. An example is when he defeated Piccolo even with broken limbs and a mortal wound. His most impressive feat of endurance was when in the Tournament of Power he defeated Jiren and Frieza despite having little stamina and severe injuries.

Goku wins this round easily.

Point: Goku (5:0) Batman


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Batman vs. Goku: Who Wins?

In terms of raw power, speed, endurance, and resilience, Goku beats Batman by several magnitudes. Even Batman’s Hellbat suit wouldn’t help him if the two were to battle. Even if Batman had time to prepare, he wouldn’t faze Goku at all since he has no weaknesses. Goku has godly powers and would easily take down the Bat. For Batman to stand a chance, he’d have to heavily rely on his brains to defeat Goku, which is virtually impossible. 

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