Beerus vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

superman vs beerus

Both Superman and Beerus are among the most powerful characters in their respective universes. Supes is a Kryptonian alien who owes his supernatural powers and abilities to the yellow sun while Beerus is the god of destruction of Universe 7 in the Dragon Ball franchise. But, what would happen if the Man of Steel met Beerus in combat? Who would win?

Beerus would win in a fight against Superman, but it would be a close one. Beerus has Destructor Energy and he can tap into Ultra Instinct in Manga which makes him more powerful than Superman. Additionally, Beerus is superior to Superman in terms of strength, speed, and durability.

In this article, we will compare the Beerus, arguably the most powerful being in all of Dragon Ball, and DC Comics’ Superman who’s possibly the strongest superhero ever. Who’d be the victor if these two beings went head to head?

Super Strength

Superman owes his superhuman abilities to the solar radiation from our yellow sun. Without this, he is just a human. If you think about it, the Kryptonians had no supernatural capabilities. One of his most famous superpowers is his super strength. He is capable of extraordinary feats of strength like battling omega-level threats like Darkseid. He can lift close to 2 billion tons and could very easily benchpress the Earth.

superman strenght

Beerus’ strength is on another level, god-like. He possesses strength capable of leveling the universe. He possesses the Destructor Energy. This alone makes him infinitely stronger than Superman. Some of the moments his incredible strength was on show include when he destroyed two suns just by sneezing, easily defeating Goku’s strongest transformation ever in the Super Saiyan God saga, created shockwaves that broke apart a planet, and destroyed several planets due to eating spicy food.

Although Supes is strong in his own right, he’s nowhere near as strong as Beerus.

Point: Beerus (1:0) Superman


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Superman’s speed is incredible, to say the least. He possesses super speed to the point where he can move faster than light. In the DC comics, several stories show him traveling through space to other solar systems and even distant galaxies. He can traverse our solar system in just a matter of minutes. He could also travel through time as is evident in the Legion of Superheroes when he travels to the 30th century. He is capable of running at speeds similar to the Flash, though he isn’t faster than the scarlet speedster.

In contrast, Beerus possesses what can only be described as godspeed. He can cross thousands of light years in two seconds. He flew at one-half of Whis’s speed and can move 498 quadrillion times faster than light. He’s so fast he battled Champa across planets without breaking a sweat.

Point: Beerus (2:0) Superman


Superman is one of the most difficult opponents to beat. Several antiheroes and villains like Darkseid can attest to this. This is thanks to his invulnerability which makes it nigh impossible to destroy him. He can easily survive some of the most hostile environments like space and underwater.

He can regenerate at an accelerated rate. For example, Superman was able to come back after being reduced to a skeleton by a special nuke that could disrupt energy and blot out the sun. In “Wonder Woman #219”, he was able to regenerate after Wonder Woman slit his throat using her tiara.

Inflicting physical injury on Superman is difficult, but not impossible. He does have some vulnerabilities. One is Kryptonite which weakens him significantly. Also, if separated from a yellow sun for a long time, he loses his powers and abilities and becomes merely mortal.

Beerus is invulnerable and indestructible. In the Manga, he can tap into Ultra Instinct which comes with incredible strength, power, and durability. With this, he would be able to easily defeat Superman.


Some of the extraordinary feats of invulnerability of Beerus include easily surviving SS Goku’s Kamehameha and withstanding hits from an incredibly angry Vegeta.  He also took hits from Goku and said they did not affect him even though Goku packs a mean punch. He was unfazed when a planet exploded and is even capable of surviving an explosion bigger than the Earth.

Beerus’ power is another dimension altogether. He is the definition of TRUE power.

Point: Beerus (3:0) Superman

Other Powers

One of the most well-recognized and revered powers of Beerus is Hakai. As the God of Destruction, he can destroy almost anything, including gods and even ghosts. The basic version of Hakai involves extending one of his hands towards his target causing them to turn to dust.

The more advanced version of Hakai can completely disintegrate objects and cause them to release vast amounts of energy. He can even use Hakai to destroy an entire planet and destroy the body and souls of mortals and low-tier Gods.

In addition to the powers discussed above, some of Supes’ other superpowers include Heat Vision and X-ray Vision. He also possesses telescopic and microscopic vision. He can hear sound at almost any wavelength and through great distances as well as the super breath which can freeze objects and generate hurricane-force winds.  He can also fly at super speeds.

These powers have come in handy on various occasions against Superman’s opponents. However, none of Superman’s extra abilities could trounce Beerus’ Hakai. When it comes to strength and power, he would trump Superman. I should mention that Hakai wouldn’t destroy Superman.

Point: Beerus (4:0) Superman


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Beerus vs. Superman: Who Wins?

If ever Beerus and Superman came up against each other, it goes without saying that Beerus would win. Beerus is close to 75 million years and in his time has come up against more powerful characters than Superman. Don’t get me wrong, it would be a stunning battle and Superman would land hard shots, but eventually, it wouldn’t be enough to beat Beerus.

Beerus has Destructor Energy which makes him more powerful than Superman. In the Manga, Beerus can also tap into Ultra Instinct which even though not perfect would allow him to beat Superman in terms of strength and power. 

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