Kratos vs. Superman: Who Would Win & Why?


Different fictional worlds tend to have different powerhouses that tend to have strength levels that are beyond imagination. In that regard, God of War’s Kratos and DC’s Superman are both the powerhouses of their respective fictional universes, as they are godlike characters that are capable of some of the most ridiculous feats of strength possible. Of course, they both live in different universes, and that means that it would be impossible for them to meet. But in a hypothetical battle between Kratos and Superman, who would win, and why?

Superman is far more powerful than Kratos and would be able to defeat Kratos in a fight. Superman is stronger, faster, and more durable than Kratos and has access to vast powers that are able to induce versatile effects. Superman has way better feats and faced some of the most devastating villains over the course of his existence. Superman also regularly receives new powers, making the differences between him and Kratos even bigger.

It might be true that Kratos has been able to pull off incredible wins against some of the strongest gods in God of War, but none of those gods are at the level of Superman in terms of their strength and durability. Superman is basically scaled on an entirely different level when it comes to the fictional world. So, with that said, let’s look at this fight in greater detail to understand why the Man of Steel would win.


The strength scaling of the characters in God of War tends to be quite inconsistent because there are cases when certain characters can carry and lift incredibly difficult objects, while there are some instances when Kratos looks a bit weaker.

Still, we know for a fact that Kratos, at his peak, is an incredibly strong god that seems to have boundless strength, depending on how angry he is or how determined he is to win. Of course, one of the best feats of strength in Kratos’s history came when he was able to use the strength in his arms to prevent a titan from crushing him.

Superman has always been the poster boy of comic book history when it comes to characters with strength levels beyond imagination. There seems to be nothing beyond Superman’s strength, as he can push and lift some of the heaviest objects known to man.

In fact, he is said to be able to lift up to two billion tons, and that number is insane no matter what standards we use. As such, not a lot of characters in the fictional world can contend with Superman’s strength, as he can destroy moons with his fists and push entire planets out of orbit.

Even though Kratos’s strength feats are incredible when compared to other characters, it is unfair to compare him to Superman, who has strength feats that are just beyond crazy. That is why the Man of Steel takes this round.

Kratos (0:1) Superman


Kratos’s godly physiology allows him to have incredibly strong legs that can propel him to move at speeds that are beyond the capabilities of some of the most seasoned athletes. Despite being big and strong, he is also incredibly fast, as he is known to be able to speed-blitz his opponents or dash toward them before they can even react.

One of the best examples of Kratos’s speed came in the fight against Magni, who he was able to speed-blitz even though this Norse god was almost just as strong as he was.


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Superman is one of the few characters in the universe of DC that could move almost as fast as the Flash. There were several instances when he actually defeated the Flash in a race, but the iconic speedster proved to be faster by winning most of their races.

But the fact that Superman is capable of moving at speeds that are able to break the sound barrier or even reach light speed is incredible because this has allowed him to speed-blitz a lot of his opponents. He lives up to the “faster than a speeding bullet” tagline that is often used to describe his speed.

Kratos is indeed a very fast god that can defeat the likes of Magni, Zeus, and Hermes using his speed. But the thing is that he is nowhere near the sound barrier level that Superman is when it comes to his speed.

Kratos (0:2) Superman


We know that Kratos is known for being able to brutalize his opponents to submission, but we also know that he is capable of taking a beating better than dishing out punishment. There have been several instances in the God of War games where Kratos was beaten almost to death, but he still managed to heal from his injuries to dish out his own beatdowns.

He survived getting stabbed by huge swords and was able to continue fighting Thor after he got hit by Mjolnir straight on the chin. This means that it would take a really powerful hit to kill someone like Kratos.

They don’t call Superman the Man of Steel for nothing, as he has a body that is just as durable as some of the hardest substances in the world. Bullets and regular-bladed weapons do not affect Superman due to how hard his muscles and flesh are. He can only be hurt by someone stronger than him, Kryptonite, or magic. Outside of those, Superman is basically invincible and can withstand an assault from some of the strongest characters in the world of DC.

Kratos can get hurt by regular weapons (although they probably won’t kill him), but there are only a few things in the DC universe that could hurt Superman. As such, the Man of Steel takes this one yet again.

Kratos (0:3) Superman


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Powers and Abilities

While he may be the God of War, Kratos doesn’t have a lot of different abilities outside his enhanced strength and whatever powers his weapons give him. At times, he was an actual god in the sense that he was able to shapeshift and turn himself into a gigantic entity.

At certain points, he could even siphon energy from different power sources. However, ever since the destruction of the Greek pantheon, Kratos’s powers and abilities were limited to what his weapons allowed him to do.

Superman has always been known for having a lot of different powers and abilities that aid him in any kind of battle. In most cases, he uses his heat vision, which is strong enough to slice through steel cleanly and is able to match the power output of some of the strongest energy attacks in DC. He could also use his breath to freeze objects. On top of that, Superman can actually fly without the aid of any weapon or tool.

As you can see, Superman’s powers and abilities are nothing short of incredible. We don’t see how Kratos could match the Man of Steel’s heat vision and ability to fly. So, while Kratos does have unique powers that his weapons can use, it still is difficult for us not to give this round to Superman.

Kratos (0:4) Superman

Fighting Skills

Kratos began training in the art of Spartan military combat at a very young age and became a Spartan general before he knew that he had the blood of a Greek god. As such, his ability as a combatant and a fighter is legendary even among the Spartans, who are some of the greatest warriors during the time of Ancient Greece. While he may sometimes fight like a brawler, Kratos is an excellent grappler. On top of that, he is very skilled in the art of using almost any kind of weapon due to his military training.

Superman started out as a brawler who knew nothing about close combat. However, he eventually improved as a fighter after training with Batman and Wonder Woman, among others, during his time with the Justice League. Nevertheless, Superman is not close to the level of any of the great fighters of the DC universe, although he did become a very capable hand-to-hand combatant. That is why Wonder Woman was able to match him in battle a few times, as she was always the superior fighter among them.


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If Kratos had the right weapon that he could use to slay Superman, then there is a chance that he could win, as he is by far the better fighter. In that regard, we will give Kratos this round because there is still a slim chance that he could actually defeat Superman with the right weapon.

Kratos (1:4) Superman

Kratos vs. Superman: Who Wins?

As you can see, it’s not even close because Superman is simply the superior powerhouse between him and Kratos. Of course, we know that Kratos is a slayer of gods and is capable of some of the most ridiculous feats in God of War. But Superman is scaled differently and can defeat gods in the DC universe. As such, Kratos’s only chance against the Man of Steel is if he can get his hands on a magical weapon strong enough to damage or kill Superman. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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