The 10 Best ‘The Acolyte’ Memes Made by Fans


Disney’s latest Star Wars project, The Acolyte, began streaming on Disney+ on June 4, 2024. Despite controversies and review-bombing, the series remains one of the most talked-about shows globally, with fans eagerly discussing each new episode. As we anticipate more content in the coming weeks, we’re preparing a fresh article focused on a different aspect of the series.

In this upcoming article, we’ll take a unique perspective by showcasing the top 10 memes created by fans of The Acolyte. It’s a fun diversion for fans of this remarkable series, offering laughs inspired by its characters and scenes.

1. Lifelong best friends, huh?

While it wasn’t a shocking revelation that The Stranger turned out to be Qimir, the character still left a significant impression on the series. Many fans online wasted no time in drawing comparisons between him and Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader. They share striking similarities and comparable internal conflicts, leading us to imagine they might have gotten along well—unless they clashed for dominance.

2. Some folks simply enjoy the show, and that’s perfectly okay!

source: u/Eligriv_leproplayer

Amidst all the negativity and toxic backlash, an environment has emerged where it feels impossible to openly appreciate ‘The Acolyte’. Fans of the show face harassment and insults, yet despite its flaws and the political controversies, why shouldn’t someone be able to enjoy it, especially if they’re true Star Wars fans? This meme humorously addresses the toxic atmosphere, urging everyone to just relax and take it easy!

3. Guess who’s back… Jar-Jar!

source: u/cramaine

This Reddit meme stands out as one of the best we’ve come across. Jar-Jar Binks initially faced significant backlash upon his introduction to the franchise, but opinions have softened over the years. The meme cleverly plays on this shift in perception, humorously acknowledging how Jar-Jar, once reviled, now seems surprisingly awesome.

4. Look who’s back! (Well, maybe not, but who knows…)

Honestly, Jecki’s death in Episode 5 was one of the series’ most shocking moments to date. She’s such a pivotal character that her unexpected demise caught everyone off guard. While die-hard fans may hold out hope for her return, being mauled like that doesn’t bode well for her chances. Still, who knows? Perhaps this meme is hinting at something greater to come!

5. Brace yourself for some timeless Star Wars humor

Honestly, this one’s genuinely funny. It cleverly satirizes The Acolyte while paying homage to the original series, faithfully recreating a scene from Episode VI. It’s a bit poignant considering the fate of the characters in The Acolyte compared to the undisturbed Force Ghosts in Episode VI, but overall, it’s a witty and enjoyable meme in our opinion.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Star Wars? We’re definitely on board!

source: u/TuDamnHigh

This poster is incredibly funny, especially for fans of the 1988 classic comedy TWiiNS starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. The meme brilliantly edits the poster, making it one of the standout jokes about The Acolyte circulating on the internet right now. We found it so entertaining that we couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

7. This one’s a bit puzzling to us…

source: 9gag

We understand the meme, but what baffles us is the creative direction in the story that sparked it. When Moss was introduced in The Acolyte as a formidable Jedi, fans were thrilled. She had immense potential and represented a strong female character. But then, in a blink, she vanished. Indara’s abrupt exit from the show left us questioning her purpose and how she met her end. It’s a moment that begs to be parodied because even now, we’re unsure why it played out that way.

8. If he’s a Star Wars villain, he surely has to be attractive, right?

Opinions may vary, but we’ve noticed a trend where Star Wars fans tend to admire villains, and The Stranger is a prime example. This tweet draws parallels with the popularity of characters like Anakin and Kylo Ren before Qimir, and it’s worth mentioning here.

9. Of course, we couldn’t resist including at least one Ki-Adi-Mundi meme…

source: starwars_explored

Did you honestly think we’d skip the chance to include Ki-Adi-Mundi here? Absolutely not! His presence in The Acolyte has stirred controversy, and while we await how canon addresses this, the meme humorously highlights the continuity challenges raised by The Acolyte. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved appropriately over time.

10. The fight had its moments, mostly… except for when it didn’t

The duel between the Jedi and the Stranger was largely impressive. It had its share of epic moments and was well-choreographed. However, the headbutting scene was a bit excessive, although we’ve discussed the reasoning behind its execution. Nevertheless, viewed from another angle, it’s actually quite hilarious!

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