Black Adam (DCEU) vs. Captain Marvel (MCU): Who Would Win in a Fight?

Black Adam DCEU vs. Captain Marvel MCU Who Would Win in a Fight

DCEU and MCU both have their fair share of incredibly powerful characters. From indestructible alien hybrids to ancient champions imbued with the power of gods, Black Adam and Captain Marvel are, in recent times, at the forefront of their respective universes. Hailed as the strongest, fastest, most gifted superheroes, we’ve decided to set up this fictional fight to see how the two would square off in a fight. Having said that, if it ever came to a fight between Black Adam and Captain Marvel, who would win? 

Black Adam would win in a fight against Captain Marvel. Even though the two share similar physiology and are capable of utilizing energy-based attacks, Black Adam is more durable, wiser, experienced, and the better combatant between the two. It wouldn’t be such a close fight, however, and Captain Marvel stands a chance against Black Adam if she employs her binary form. 

Now that we’ve given you a short answer on how the fight between Captain Marvel and Black Adam would play out, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. We’re going to give you a brief overview of their powers, abilities, strength, durability as well as intelligence, and combat skills. So, without further ado, if you’re interested, keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Captain Marvel is a human-Kree hybrid, which greatly enhances both her physiology and empowers her with a set of superhuman abilities. Most notably, Captain Marvel can manipulate and absorb energy. She can produce extremely powerful blasts of energy and can even create energy-based constructs if the situation requires it. Her strongest form, Binary form, allows her to kick those abilities up a notch, and she is seen producing beams, blasts, exploding, transferring, and absorbing huge amounts of cosmic energy.  

Captain Marvel binary form

We’ve seen what Captain Marvel can see in her Binary form in the MCU. Her most notable ability is, by far, her concentrated photon blast, capable of melting through concrete and steel. 

Blessed with the power of Aten, Black Adam is capable of utilizing electrokinesis, aka he can utilize electric energy to create extremely destructive and powerful attacks. In his stand-alone movie, Black Adam, he was seen covering his entire body in lighting. He was creating shockwaves and casually vaporizing soldiers through electric blasts. His electrokinesis is powerful enough to shatter concrete and blow up vehicles and other objects. 

Black Adam lighting

With everything said, at least when it comes to the destructive and vaporizing potential of their powers, Black Adam and Captain Marvel seem to be on equal footing. The point goes to both of them. 

Points: Black Adam (1:1) Captain Marvel


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Strength and Stamina

Captain Marvel possesses extraordinary strength due to her unique physiology, able to lift more than 100 tons, as demonstrated when she holds up a celestial. In comics, her strength is classified as roughly class 50, but her Binary form can greatly enhance it. In the MCU, while we have not seen her perform drastic feats of strength, we see her easily bend steel and handle Skrulls with ease. Her stamina is also greatly enhanced, and she can perform at her maximum strength and power for much longer than an average human would. 

Black Adam draws his incredible strength from the unique blessing given to him by Amon. The strength of Amon gives Black Adam vastly superhuman strength, and in the DCEU, we’ve seen him casually ripping vehicles apart and sending humans (and superheroes) flying. We have also seen him crumbling stone. His strength in the comics is many times higher than what we’ve witnessed in the DCEU, but it’s the same for Captain Marvel. Black Adam’s stamina allows him to fight near indefinitely before he gets tired or drained. 

Black adam lifting

Both Captain Marvel and Black Adam possess godlike strength and stamina. However, Black Adam seems to be a bit stronger than Carol, judging solely from what we’ve seen on-screen. 

Points: Black Adam (2:1) Captain Marvel


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In the MCU, Captain Marvel was frequently seen speed-blitzing other characters. She was able to achieve such speeds she mostly resembled a light beam. While we don’t know the exact speeds she was able to attain, we can guess that they are mind-blowing. 

Captain Marvel Thanos

Black Adam is blessed with the Speed of Heru. While moving, he can easily exceed the speed of light and cover thousands of kilometers in mere seconds. Traveling speed is not the only aspect where Black Adam can utilize his godly powers. His reflexes are greatly enhanced; in the DCEU, he was frequently seen catching bullets, speed-blitzing other characters, and reacting so fast that time seemed like it was slowed down. 

Black Adam Catches bullet

In terms of speed, It would seem that Captain Marvel has met her equal as Black Adam can rival the fastest characters in the comics. 

Points: Black Adam (3:2) Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel is highly durable both in the comics and in the MCU. She is highly resistant to physical injuries and other harmful effects. In the MCU, we’ve seen her tanking damage and hits that would most likely vaporize and seriously injure human beings. She is capable of flying through explosions and tank hits from Thanos. One of her greatest feats of durability was when she touched Tesseract with her bare hands, and as we know, Tesseract can easily melt through steel. 

Captain Marvel holds tesseract

The Courage of Mehen gives Black Adam nigh-invulnerability. Pair this with his awesome healing factor, and you basically get someone that can be injured through only the most drastic means, and even then, he can easily and quickly recover by healing himself. Black Adam is bulletproof, and based on the movie, he seems completely immune to some forms of magic and is even seen mocking it. Even the Vibranium-infused missile didn’t kill him. 

Black Adam bends metal

Both Black Adam and Captain Marvel are extremely durable, but for the amount of punishment we’ve seen Black Adam tanking in the DCEU, we have to give him the point. 

Points: Black Adam (4:2) Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel is a highly intelligent and skilled individual with expertise in various areas such as espionage, writing, and piloting. She has an exceptionally strategic and tactical understanding and is well-versed in advanced Kree technology. This knowledge is a result of her merging with a Kree Captain using the Psyche-Magnitron. This event not only bestowed her with incredible powers but also gave her access to the advanced technology and intelligence of the Kree race. Her expertise in these areas has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Avengers.


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With the Wisdom of Zehuti, Black Adam is superhumanly wise. His otherwordly wisdom allowed him to become more in-tuned with his senses which means that he can even predict some things to a certain extent. He is a highly intelligent individual capable of perceiving reality differently. Still, this is not what gives him the edge compared to Captain Marvel. Black Adam is also a far older and far more experienced fighter than Captain Marvel. He has all wisdom of the ages on his side, and in the case that he isn’t able to defeat her, surely he would find some way to trick her. This point goes to Black Adam solely based on his age and experience. 

Points: Black Adam (5:2) Captain Marvel

Combat Skills 

As a soldier, it’s expected that Captain Marvel will be an exceptionally skilled and trained hand-to-hand combatant. She is well versed in both armed and unarmed combat and was seen facing even the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe.  

Black Adam was a former gladiator, and even though he didn’t have any professional training in the sense as Captain Marvel did, his millennia of fighting more than makes up for it. Black Adam is considered to be among the finest fighters in the DC Universe, and based on that, I’ll give points to both of them. 

Points: Black Adam (6:4) Captain Marvel

Black Adam vs. Captain Marvel: Who wins?

Black Adam takes this one. Due to his blessings, he clearly overpowers Captain Marvel in some aspects. He is stronger, faster, and more durable and has way more experience fighting all kinds of enemies. In her Binary mode, Captain Marvel’s powers are beyond impressive, and she is rightfully among the strongest superheroes in the MCU, but she simply can’t go against Black Adam and his numerous blessings, which make him Superman’s rival in the DCEU. 

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