Blue Beetle vs. Spider-Man: Can High-Flying Beat Web-Slinging?

Blue Beetle vs. Spider Man Can High Flying Beat Web Slinging

DC’s Blue Beetle and Marvel’s Spider-Man, despite both being “named” after an insect and arachnid, have surprisingly little in common. Blue Beetle got his powers when alien Scarab bonded with his central nervous system, providing him with nearly-indestructible technologically advanced armor. Spider-Man got his powers when an irradiated spider bit him. Blue Beetle and Spider-Man are incredibly powerful, and both have faced threats bigger than themselves, but if they were to fight, who would come out on top? This is what today’s post is going to be about, so without further ado, when it comes to a battle between Blue Beetle and Spider-Man, who is more powerful, and who would win? 

Blue Beetle is more powerful than Spider-Man and would win in a fight against him. Blue Beetle has more powers and abilities at his disposal and is also faster and more durable. Spider-Man really doesn’t have anything up his sleeve to counter Blue Beetle’s incredible alien tech. However, it’s important to note that it would be a close fight since Jaime Reyes has much less experience fighting, and he isn’t comfortable utilizing his suit’s potential to its full limits. Overall, Blue Beetle wins due to raw power alone. 

Now that we’ve covered that Blue Beetle takes the win in the one, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, strength, and durability of both characters until you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us!

Powers and abilities

Blue Beetle has no powers or abilities when he is out of his suit, but while inside, he is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. Since the Scarab is merged with his central nervous system, the suit itself is semi-autonomous and can take over his movements if necessary. The suit protects him and offers him a vast array of extremely destructive and powerful offensive abilities in the form of blasts, beams, shields, and pulses.

neura scramblers

While inside his suit, Blue Beetle can launch nuclear weapons, and he can utilize mind-melting neural scramblers to disable even the most powerful villains. All in all, there are all sorts of gadgets and tech that Blue Beetle can utilize in a fight, making him one of the most versatile superheroes in DC. 

On the other hand, Spider-Man has spider physiology, he doesn’t have to rely on a technology most of the time, but this makes him highly less versatile than Blue Beetle. Spider-Man has access to various arachnid-like abilities, like wallcrawling, and by utilizing self-developed tech, he has access to web shooters. Perhaps Spider-Man’s most popular ability is his spidey sense, which warns him of potential danger through a tingling sensation in his skull.

This sense is linked to his remarkable physical abilities, allowing him to avoid injuries unless he consciously chooses not to. The source of this sense is unknown, but it appears to give him a clairvoyant response to a wide range of dangers, providing him with several hundredths of a second to react and avoid harm.

Spider Man webbing

Our brief description of each character’s powers and abilities shows that Blue Beetle is more versatile and has more destructive abilities at his disposal. It’s highly unlikely that Spider-Man has something that can counter nukes. Nothing beats nukes. The point goes to Blue Beetle. 

Points: Spider-Man (0:1) Blue Beetle


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Strength and Stamina 

While suited up, Blue Beetle can lift up to 20 tons which is quite impressive even when it comes to superhero strengths. Since the suit does most of the work and utilizes environmental energy to power itself, Blue Beetle can fight for a long time without experiencing the effects of fatigue. 

Spider-Man, despite his lean build, has the ability to lift anywhere between 3 tons and 25 tons. Although, on occasions, he was shown to be able to lift more. He is one of the physically strongest Marvel superheroes, and this strength translates well likewise to the strength of his webbing. Like Blue Beetle, Spider-Man doesn’t get tired easily. Due to his arachnid physiology, he can exert himself at peak capacity for a few hours before he starts to feel the negative effects of fatigue. 

Spider man strenght

Spider-Man has lower stamina reserves than Blue Beetle, but he is likewise stronger than him, according to some accounts. Due to this, the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Spider-Man (1:2) Blue Beetle


Blue Beetle is regularly capable of reaching speeds faster than light. Due to the semi-autonomous nature of his suit, his movements, reflexes, and reaction times are highly increased as well compared to regular humans. The most notable example of Blue Beetle’s speed is his ability to create a time-dilation effect during which he can appear to be in two places simultaneously. Blue Beetle’s alien suit can detect and dodge dangers far earlier than Jaime Reyes notices the danger and reacts to it. 

Spider-Man has superhuman speed, reflexes, and reaction times. He is likewise incredibly agile and has a nearly-perfect sense of balance. Have we mentioned his wall-crawling ability as well? Anyway, in terms of numbers, Spider-Man can run up to 700mph, which is faster than the human eye can follow. His athletic performance far surpasses even the finest human athletes. 

Spider man speed

Spider-Man is fast, and he is capable of some crazy acrobatics. Still, he can’t exactly measure up to the speed of light. 

Points: Spider-Man (1:3) Blue Beetle


Blue Beetle can absorb incredible amounts of energy, which makes him highly resistant to energy-based attacks. He can create protective force fields and various other barriers that protect him completely from all projectile attacks, magical attacks, and even regular old physical attacks.

Blue Beetle tanks a nuclear bomb 1

Self-preservation is of utmost importance to the Scarab, and the suit itself would never let anything happen to Jaime Reyes. Speaking of the suit, the suit itself is created out of highly durable alien material, and it’s hard to find the material (or attack) powerful enough to pierce the protective shell. Blue Beetle’s life-support systems inside the suit allow him to survive even the most inhospitable environments known to mankind. 

Spider-Man has enhanced durability, and in the past, he managed to survive uninjured punches from some notable Marvel powerhouses like Colossus and the Hulk. His bodily tissues are harder than a regular human’s, which comes in handy when he’s falling from great heights and being manhandled by various villains that crossed his way over the years.  

Spiderman durability

All in All, Spider-Man is quite durable, but he couldn’t tank nuclear explosions or fall from orbit, two notable Blue Beetle feats. 

Points: Spider-Man (1:4) Blue Beetle


Like any advanced suit in the comics, Blue Beetle’s suit comes with artificial intelligence “installed.” This AI reacts to dangers and analyzes surroundings and dangers far faster than any mind could. Through the suit, Blue Beetle can, in large part, interact with other forms of technology. This makes hacking, interrupting radars, robots, levitation, teleportation, and other disruptions possible. 


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In terms of intellect, Peter Parker is quite bright. He is considered to be gifted and has a natural affinity for science. The best example is that he created much of the tech that he relies upon in his superhero efforts, like web shooters and web formulas.

Blue Beetle has AI, but Spider-Man is smart even without the use of technology. The point goes to him. 

Points: Spider-Man (2:4) Blue Beetle

Combat Skills 

Blue Beetle does not have formal training and mostly relies on his suit to make all the decisions for him. He has trouble controlling the suit and doesn’t have as much experience in combat as Spider-Man does. In fact, Blue Beetle is not even sure completely whether he wants to be a superhero at all. 

Blue Beetle Combat

On the other hand, Spider-Man is an experienced fighter with plenty of access to some of the best combat-related resources known to mankind. He likewise received some training from some of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Marve Universe

Spider man combat

Points: Spider-Man (3:4) Blue Beetle

Spider-Man vs. Blue Beetle: Who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

According to the raw numbers, spider-Man might be physically stronger than Blue Beetle, but Blue Beetle could defeat Spider-Man in a direct fight. His suit allows him access to various gadgets and highly destructive attacks, and this simply makes him highly versatile and adjusted to every single situation. Besides, Blue Beetle can launch nukes from his suit. He is also faster and more durable, and Spider-Man has nothing to counter that. 

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