Brian Cox Comments on His Possible Return as William Stryker in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’: “I Haven’t Heard about It”

Brian Cox Comments on His Possible Return as William Stryker in ‘Deadpool Wolverine I Havent Heard about It

By now if you’re not living under a rock, you’re aware that the biggest superhero cinematic event of the year is coming close to release – ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’ The movie is set to introduce Deadpool to the MCU, and it’s also supposed to restore some of the faith in the MCU following a series of flops released in the last 2 years.

Other than being a Deadpool movie, fans are excited about the prospect of various cameos and variants both rumored and confirmed to take part in the movie. There are over 20 people rumored to return to the film, but only some of them can be seen in the trailers.

Brian Cox’s William Stryker was likewise rumored to take part in the film. Cox played the antagonist in ‘X2’ until the role eventually transitioned to Danny Huston in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’ In the movies, he is portrayed as a military scientist who experiments on mutants to create powerful weapons and find ways to control them. Cox talked to The Starting Line Podcast and cleared up whether he plans on reprising his notable role.

I haven’t heard about it. No I mean, I did Stryker, and then they did it again in Australia, and my friend Danny Huston played Stryker. Danny’s an old friend of mine so I, don’t feel any…But I kept thinking why did they not ask me. And I spoke to David Benioff about it, beacuse he had done the original, he didn’t do the final script, but he did the original script. So I don’t know. When these things finish, I tend to let go of them. I don’t dwell on anything. I mean, If they want to do it with the other side that’s their business. I’m gonna be busy anyway next year. So I won’t have time to do anything. As it is, I’ve gotta look at stuff, and I’m saying, they’re offering me a lot of money to do certain things, and I can’t do it. I’m just saying, “nope, I’m tied up” beacuse I’m doing what I want to do you know.

Sounds like he really wants to be in the movie but okay. In any case, knowing Cox, he would probably spoil his own cameo so we can rest assured that he is telling us the truth now.

The majority of rumored and confirmed cameos are from Fox’s X-Men franchise, including both notable superheroes and supervillains, so even if Cox won’t reprise his role, maybe Huston will.

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