Can Valkyrie Use the Bifrost Bridge at Will? Explained

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If there’s one thing that we know about the MCU, it’s that different characters gain access to different powers and abilities based on a lot of different factors. In the events of ‘The Marvels,’ we were able to see a familiar face appearing in the form of Valkyrie as she helped Carol Danvers out on a favor using the Bifrost Bridge. So, while the Bifrost Bridge has always been associated with Asgardian royalty, it was surprising to see Valkyrie using it. So, can Valkyrie use the Bifrost Bridge at will?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In ‘The Marvels,’ Valkyrie arrived on Carol Danvers’ ship via the Bifrost Bridge so that she could take the Skrull refugees back with her to New Asgard using the Bifrost again.
  • We didn’t see Valkyrie summoning the Bifrost Bridge using her powers, as this implies that she was able to summon the Bifrost through another method.
  • It is possible that Thor was the one who summoned the Bifrost using the power of Stormbreaker.

Valkyrie’s brief cameo in ‘The Marvels’

One of the things that we know about the MCU is that it is never short on cameo appearances. We saw the same in ‘The Marvels’ when a familiar face appeared, which wasn’t exactly a surprise because there were already rumors about this character’s possible cameo appearance. Nevertheless, there was still something surprising about Valkyrie’s cameo in this movie.

During the earlier part of the movie, Dar-Benn went to Tarnax, which was the temporary home of the Skrull refugees under the leadership of Emperor Drogge. She discussed a possible peace treaty involving the Kree and the Skrulls. However, when Captain Marvel arrived on the planet, Dar-Benn used this opportunity to withdraw the peace treaty as she used her Quantum Band to create a jump point that sucked out all of the air from Tarnax, thereby destroying the planet.

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The Marvels trio rushed in to save as many Skrulls as they could but failed to save everyone as they evacuated the planet before its destruction. Emperor Drogge, who was visibly upset about the situation, wondered where he and the Skrulls could take refuge. Carol assured him that he had called a friend to help her in that situation. Monica Rambeau sensed an incoming light energy as Valkyrie appeared in Carol’s ship through the Bifrost Bridge.

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Valkyrie, who is the current king of Asgard, took the Skrulls in as refugees. She returned to New Asgard using the Bifrost as the Skrulls came with her. In that regard, Valkyrie was seemingly capable of getting from one place to another using the power of the Bifrost. And this is one of the most interesting details we saw in the movie.

There are only three methods to use the Bifrost

Now, when it comes to the Bifrost, it has always been associated with the Asgardians and the leaders of Asgard. In the earlier ‘Thor’ movies, the Bifrost Bridge could be summoned from Asgard using Heimdall’s sword, which operated the Himinbjorg, which is the place where the Bifrost was generated by drawing power from Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge.

As such, the only way for the Asgardians to travel to different places all over the universe was to use the Himinbjorg, which was destroyed by Thor in the first movie when he destroyed the Rainbow Bridge. Although the Himinbjorg and the Rainbow Bridge were repaired before the events of ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ there was only one other way for the Asgardians to summon the Bifrost.


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In ‘The Avengers,’ Loki said to Thor that Odin must have used a vast amount of dark magic to bring him to Earth. This implies that the only other way for the Asgardians to summon the Bifrost Bridge without the Himinbjorg was through dark magic. Thor left with Loki using the same dark magic that Odin conjured up. But Odin’s death and the destruction of Asgard in ‘Ragnarok’ made it impossible for the Asgardians to use the Bifrost Bridge.

Then, in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Eitri helped Thor forge Stormbreaker, which he called a kingly weapon that had the power to summon the Bifrost. Thor successfully forged his new weapon as he used Stormbreaker multiple times to summon the Bifrost at will. In that regard, Thor was the only one who could use the Bifrost using the power of Stormbreaker, as he even attached it to his chariot together with his goats to travel to different realms all over the universe.

How did Valkyrie use the Bifrost?

As you now know, there are only three methods of using the Bifrost: through the Himinbjorg in conjunction with the Rainbow Bridge, by conjuring a vast amount of dark magic, and by using Stormbreaker. So, if that’s the case, how was Valkyrie able to use Bifrost in ‘The Marvels?’ Well, two possibilities exist.

It might be possible that the good people of New Asgard somehow constructed a new Himinbjorg and a Rainbow Bridge so that they could use the Bifrost. We know that Axl, Heimdall’s son, has now come of age and has the same ability to see through the realms as Heimdall did.

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With Axl’s help, the Asgardians can now have a person to operate the Bifrost on a new Himinbjorg in New Asgard. His ability to see almost everything could also be the reason why Valkyrie was able to seemingly summon the Bifrost once more without even doing anything.

But another possibility that exists is that Thor actually returned to New Asgard to help Valkyrie summon the Bifrost Bridge using Stormbreaker. At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, he is seen traveling the universe with his adopted daughter, Love. But it is still possible that he returns to New Asgard occasionally to check up on things there. Or Valkyrie may have summoned him so that he could call on the power of the Bifrost.


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Dark magic is out of the question here because we know that Valkyrie has no magical abilities at all. In recent memory, Odin was the only one who had enough power to conjure up vast amounts of dark magic, as not even a gifted magician like Loki could do that. As such, it is unlikely that Valkyrie herself is able to use the Bifrost at will using dark magic or through any means other than a new Himinbjorg or Thor’s Stormbreaker.

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