‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Emperor Drogge? & Why Is He Important?


There were many things that were shown and mentioned in episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ but there were some details that fans may have missed while focusing too much on the other important details. At one point, Talos mentioned something about Emperor Drogge when he talked about the Skrulls that have been going to Earth since 1995. So, who is Emperor Drogge, and why is he important?

Emperor Drogge is a Skrull leader that runs a Skrull colony somewhere in the galaxy. Talos said that the Skrulls that went to Earth were all of the Skrulls that didn’t belong to Drogge’s colony. That means there’s a good chance that Drogge is running a Skrull colony that is at odds with the other Skrulls.

Even though the Skrulls aren’t entirely hostile and are just trying to find a new home, things changed during the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline because they are now taking matters into their own hands. While we haven’t seen or heard anything more about Drogge, there’s a good chance he is involved in all of this, especially regarding the hostile Skrulls. Now, let’s look at what we know about Emperor Drogge.

Emperor Drogge explained

Episode 1 of ‘Secret Invasion’ already allowed us to see how far the Skrulls were willing to destabilize entire governments and force different nations to go to war. This led to the death of Agent Maria Hill, who Gravik killed without remorse to get to Nick Fury. In that regard, we saw an angry Fury on a train with Talos as they had just escaped the bombing of Moscow.

In that scene, Fury makes Talos tell the truth about the Skrulls on Earth and how many there are on the planet. After all, with all the things that happened on the planet in the past three decades, Fury probably isn’t privy to what Talos and the Skrulls have been doing. That was when Talos said that all of the Skrulls were on Earth.

Talos estimated that there are around a million Skrulls on Earth, as an annoyed Nick Fury was surprised to hear that a million shapeshifting aliens are walking on his planet. Of course, Talos also said that the Skrulls that were on Earth were the ones that didn’t belong to the colony run by someone named Emperor Drogge. So, who is Emperor Drogge?


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At this point, we aren’t sure who Emperor Drogge is because his name has only been mentioned once in the entire ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline. But there’s a good chance he isn’t the friendliest Skrull around because Talos wasn’t exactly happy when he mentioned his name. That means there’s a good chance that this Skrull isn’t someone Talos and the other Skrulls actually see eye-to-eye with.

Drogge is likely one of the Skrull leaders who survived the destruction of Skrullos. Considering that Talos calls him “emperor,” it is possible that this is also his official designation among the Skrulls and that he was the monarch of Skrullos before the planet fell to the Kree. But there’s a good reason why the other Skrulls don’t follow him and why he has his own colony of Skrulls in the storyline of ‘Secret Invasion.’

Of course, it seems like Drogge is an original character because he doesn’t appear in the comics at all. In the comics, the Skrull empire is ruled by Queen Veranke, who employs a high priest involved in many different experiments. This high priest is named Dro’ge Fenu Edu, who is one of the smartest people in the Skrull empire and is the one that manipulated and perfected the genetics that allowed Veranke and the other Skrulls to infiltrate Earth.

The difference, however, is that Drogge is said to be one of the leaders of the Skrulls, whereas Dro’ge is seemingly just a scientist that works under Queen Veranke in the comics.

Nevertheless, Dro’ge was one of the most important Skrulls in the comics because he was the one that upgraded the Warskrull program, which led to the creation of more Super-Skrulls that were much more powerful than their predecessors. In fact, the Super-Skrulls that Dro’ge created were powerful enough to cause unprecedented damage to Earth.

So, in that regard, there might be a chance that the Dro’ge in the comics inspired Emperor Drogge in the MCU, especially because their names are quite similar. But, of course, the showrunners may have changed Emperor Drogge’s story so that he is now in a leadership position instead of Queen Veranke.

Why is Emperor Drogge important?

At this point, we aren’t really sure why Emperor Drogge is important. We’re not even sure if he’s an important character in ‘Secret Invasion’ or the MCU. But the fact that his name was mentioned gives us an idea that he might have a role in the storyline in the future.


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Our theory is that he is actually the one invading Earth. We know that Talos said that the Skrulls that came to Earth were all of the Skrulls that weren’t part of Drogge’s colony. But we really can’t be sure of that. And Talos can’t be sure either because he probably has no way of telling whether or not a certain Skrull is loyal to Drogge.

This leads us to the theory that Drogge has been the one supporting Gravik’s invasion of Earth and that he probably sent him and some of the other radical Skrulls to the planet to take over the planet and turn it into one of the colonies under the leadership of Drogge’s Skrull empire.

After all, the Skrulls on Earth were always quite peaceful before Gravik decided to lead them to a secret war. And that means that someone must be backing Gravik from the shadows, and this person could be Emperor Drogge.

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