5 Incredible Cassandra Cain Facts That You Need To Know

Batgirl Cassandra Cain Facts

Cassandra Cain is one of the most unique characters in all of DC. She has a history worthy of a made for TV movie and the fighting ability of Bruce Lee. She’s lived with, been trained by, and studied with the best that DC has to offer. 

With such a diverse background, it’s tough to keep track of what’s going on in her world. That’s why we’re here.

Here are 5 Incredible Cassandra Cain Facts That You Should Know.

5. Family lineage

David Cain

Even though she was trained by Batman. Even though she took the moniker of Batgirl. And even though she has hyphenated her name to Cassandra Cain-Wayne, Cassandra Cain is not the daughter of Bruce Wayne. She’s the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva.

Cassandra Cain exists because David Cain grew tired of training wannabe assassins for R’as al Ghul’s League of Assassins. Ghul insisted that Cain provide him a bodyguard worthy of standing by his side. After numerous failed attempts to do so, Cain decided that the only way to give Ghul what he wanted was to procreate. 

And procreate he did.

After some coercing and blackmail, he and Sandra Woosan got together and gifted the world Cassandra Cain.

4. Child prodigy

Cassandra Cain

As the daughter of two of DC’s best fighters, Cassandra Cain is everything that she should be and more. She ranks as one of DC’s best fighters, is feared by many, and has all the tools to take down anyone she pleases.

Of course, Cassandra was trained by her father and mother. Her training, however, was far more extensive than that. She was also trained by Bronze Tiger, the League of Assassins, Black Canary, and Batman.

Cassandra’s training was so extensive that she learned to read body language better than anyone in DC. This means that she can react to her opponents before they can react to themselves. 

3. Can see death

Lady Shiva

Remember, because of her training, Cassandra is adept at reading body language. But it isn’t her body reading ability that is most terrifying. Not even close.

Cassandra, like her mother, Lady Shiva, can see “death” in her enemies. By seeing “death” Cassandra can see the weakest spots in her opponents and strike there first. This allows her to severely injure her enemy or cause them to die.

2. Could beat Batman in a fight


Common knowledge states that Batman is the most prepared superhero in comic books. He knows exactly how to defeat any enemy he encounters because he knows everything about them. Just look at the way he helped, and I use that word lightly, take out the Justice League during the Tower of Babel storyline.

That’s why when he said that he could not beat Cassandra Cain in a hand-to-hand battle, the world took notice. When Batman took her on as an apprentice, he did so because he worried of the harm she could cause if she were to fall into the wrong hands. Yeah, she’s that good.

Cassandra Cain is one of the most feared fighters in DC and that’s why she easily made our Top Fighters in DC list.

1. Stealth

Cassandra Cain Stealth

As good a fighter as she is, Cassandra is better at remaining unseen.

Over the years she has become so good at disappearing that she can vanish on Batman. I’m sure you realize that this is no small task. As the most prepared character in comic books, again, Tower of Babel, Batman isn’t caught off guard by, well, anyone.

What’s more impressive than vanishing on Batman is the way that she successfully snuck up on her mother. 

Lady Shiva is one of the greatest fighters DC has ever produced. She is a deadly combination of brutality and elegance. It’s this that makes what Cassandra is capable of so impressive. Cassandra is deadly not only because she can fight but also because she could kill you before you knew she was there.

And there you go. 5 Incredible Cassandra Cain Facts That You Should Know. Agree? Disagree? What are some Cassandra Cain facts that you think the world should know?



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