Both Cassian Andor Appearances (Movie & Show) in Order

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Cassian Andor is one of the few Star Wars characters to get their own standalone TV series on Disney+. After an incredibly successful first season, we’re eagerly awaiting Season 2 that’s likely coming out in 2024. Seeing that Andor became such a popular character, you might be wondering where else did Diego Luna appear as Cassian. Let’s check out both of his appearances in order.

Movies & TV shows featuring Cassian Andor in order by release date

As we have mentioned, Diego Luna made his debut as Cassian Andor in 2016’s Star Wars spinoff movie, ‘Rogue One,’ depicting a group of rebels who sacrificed themselves to obtain the blueprints for the first Death Star. If you want to learn more about Andor spoiler-free, simply check out the list of Andor’s appearances by release date and start watching:

  1. ‘Rogue One’ (2016)
  2. ‘Andor’ (2022-)

Notice that the second entry on this list isn’t quite finished yet. The ‘Rogue One’ prequel show focusing on Andor is slated for the second and final season in 2024, barring any changes. If you want to hear more about how these two list entries are connected and the best watch order for them, keep reading this article. There will be spoilers from now on in the article.


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Are Andor’s appearances connected? What’s the best way to watch them?

Cassian Andor first appeared as a character back in 2016 when Diego Luna portrayed the rebel pilot in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.’ It was the first spin-off live-action movie of the entire franchise, especially when talking about the Star Wars canon.

The movie revolved around a group of rebels who risked their lives on a mission just as perilous as destroying the Death Star itself – they had to steal the blueprints for the Death Star’s designs and deliver them to the ‘good guys,’ as we saw in ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.’ In fact, ‘Rogue One’ ends a few minutes before the beginning of ‘A New Hope.’

Andor was one of those rebels in ‘Rogue One,’ and he sacrificed his life for the greater good – to complete the mission and essentially save the galaxy – as did virtually every other member of his Rogue One team. 

andor rogue one

Now, Diego Luna’s performance was great, but in many fans’ opinions, there wasn’t enough depth in the character to really justify his actions and willingness to sacrifice. That is because the movie, quite frankly, didn’t have the space and time to go into the nuances of each character.

Luckily for us, Luna got to reprise the role of Andor in the aforementioned TV series of the same name – ‘Andor.’ It was released in 2022 on Disney+, but seeing that Cassian died in ‘Rogue One,’ many fans asked themselves if the show and the movie were actually connected.

The short answer is – of course they are. They revolve around the same in-canon character and his life (and death). The longer answer is – there’s no plot overlapping, so the movie and the show aren’t connected in that way, but ‘Andor’ serves as a prequel to ‘Rogue One,’ getting right into those character nuances that the movie lacked for Luna’s character.

We’re getting right into what made Andor become the man he became. As Diego Luna said to Variety in an interview:

“What this character does in ‘Rogue One’ is quite remarkable, and what we are building shows what needs to happen in someone’s life to be willing to sacrifice everything. For me, this has always been a story where the people bringing change, the ones you can call heroes, are just regular people doing extraordinary things.”

Seeing that the show’s second season hasn’t arrived yet, we don’t know where exactly will ‘Andor’ end in terms of its events leading up to ‘Rogue One.’ We’ll have to wait and see when the new season drops next year.


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Naturally, there’s a big difference in your viewership experience depending on what you choose to watch first – the series or the movie. Personally, I always tend to lean more towards watching franchises in their release order despite the fact that sometimes – like, in this case, in particular – the chronology of events isn’t the same as the release order.

I’d recommend you to watch these two list entries by release order despite the flawed (or rather ‘incomplete’) character in ‘Rogue One.’ sure, watching ‘Andor’ first will give you a better understanding of what and who Cassian Andor is, but then you might be too familiar with Andor, which would make some scenes in ‘Rogue One’ feel a bit… off.

That may be just my opinion, though, so if you prefer watching in chronological order, by all means, do it that way. If it is your bread and butter, though, I suggest you wait for the second season to drop and then just watch everything chronologically.

Andor’s appearances in chronological order

andor series

I believe we’ve already explained how events are a bit different – or better said, your perception of events is a bit different – if you choose to watch Andor’s appearances in chronological order. That way, you’ll get to learn more about Cassian and the nuances of the character first before seeing his major sacrifice in the film. If you choose to watch chronologically, here’s how the list looks:

  1. ‘Andor’ (2022-)
  2. ‘Rogue One’ (2016)

Where to watch the above-mentioned movie & TV show?

‘Andor’ is exclusively available for streaming on Disney+, and so is ‘Rogue One.’ In fact, every Star Wars live-action or animated movie and TV show is available on Disney+ since Lucasfilm has been a property of Disney since 2012.

You can also find the ‘Rogue One’ movie to buy/rent on Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Apple TV, etc.

Will there be more movies or shows featuring Cassian Andor?

We are still waiting for the second season of ‘Andor’ to drop on Disney+, meaning there will, in fact, be more of Andor in the upcoming months. However, after that, the character will probably be laid to rest, barring any cameos, flashbacks, or minor appearances in other Star Wars projects.

Still, if we were to listen to Diego Luna, it seems he’s ready to wrap up Andor’s story and lay the character to rest after Season 2. In the same Variety interview we’ve mentioned before, he stated:

“This is the last season for ‘Andor. It is just a two-season show, which is really important for my mental health. But knowing this is the end, I want to enjoy it and get the best out of this experience.”

Who knows? Maybe Andor will return in an animated project somewhere in the future, voiced by Luna or another actor. As far as we officially know, though, ‘Andor’ Season 2 will be the end of his appearances in Star Wars canon.

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