Chris Hemsworth Had a Hillarious Reaction to His ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Cameo: “Am I in It?”

Thor in deadpool 3

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is currently the most anticipated MCU project, it’s the only MCU movie releasing this year, and for a good reason. The studio wants to restore some of the faith that fans used to have in the franchise and set up something huge with Deadpool.

We know that the movie will have a massive number of cameos and variants, more than 20 at this point have been either rumored or confirmed. While the actors rumored to appear in the movie are mostly playing coy and avoiding answering the questions, Chris Hemsworth had a hilarious reaction.

During this year’s CinemaCon exclusive ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ footage was shown, near the end of the footage Thor can be seen crying over Deadpool’s dead body and Matthew McFadden’s Mr. Paradox tells him, “That happens in the distant future.”

The footage used in the clip was probably the footage from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ or ‘Thor: Dark World.’ This is something that Hemsworth confirmed in his interview with ComicBook when asked about ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’

“Am I in It?”

After the initial clarification, Hemsworth confirmed that he is also excited to be a part of the movie, despite being unaware that he was featured in it.

It’s really cool,” “You kind of forget and be like, ‘Oh, cool! I’m part of the team. They’re talking about me!’ when I’m not in it. I mean, that whole world is really cool to be a part of, and any time each other… I think it’s what makes it all really cool is the interconnected nature of it.

Hemsworth recently commented on ‘Love and Thunder,’ stating his shame that he accepted the role in the first place, he is also currently gearing up for ‘Thor 5’ and who knows, maybe we see Deadpool in it as well.

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