Collaborator of Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” Criticizes Superman Costume Reveal: “Who Thought This Was the Best Option?”

New Superman Suit Reveals Stirs Heated Debate Among the Fans The Downgrade is INSANE

Recently, we’ve gotten a first look at Corenswet’s Superman suit. In the photo, Superman can be seen putting on his bright red boots, with imagery in the background being a nod to an alien attack in the sky.

The costume was met with mixed reviews with several notable complaints, some of them making sense, and some not as much.

While the discord and debate surrounding the suit was mostly among fans, now the professionals have chimed in. Clay Staub a writer, director, and unit director who collaborated with Zack Snyder on his “Man of Steel’ and several notable projects both within the DCEU and outside of it, recently trashed Superman’s costume reveal, claiming that the selected pose really did not do much to flatter the material and the suit itself.

Staub emphasized that he was not joking and aimed a dig at Superman’s iconic red trunks, which were one of the most criticized aspects of the costume (while some fans loved the throwback to Donner movie).

The reactions to the suit were mixed at best. With fans mostly hating the New 52 references and calling the suit “cheap-looking” and “rubbery.” Fans also pointed out that the suit looks baggy on Corenswet due to all the creases, despite the actor seriously hitting the gym, fleshing out his Superman physique.

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The new suit has obvious New 52 & Kingdom Come influences. A while back Gunn cleared up that his primary inspiration for the suit’s look will be Alex Ross’ art, something mostly obvious in the logo. That logo, when it was revealed a few months ago stirred the most drama due to not exactly looking like a straightforward “S.”

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