‘Creature Commandos’: James Gunn Provides Another Exciting Update

james gunn creature commandos

In case you forgot, DC still has one movie left to be released before DC Extended Universe is finished for good. ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ is still set to hit theaters this December, but there’s still no official trailer, first looks, or the official poster. Despite the fact that the original Aquaman movie is still the highest-grossing DC movie of all time, it seems that the sequel will be only the last bump on the road before we officially enter the era of James Gunn’s DCU.

While Gunn’s DC Universe won’t start on the big screen before July 2025 when his ‘Superman: Legacy’ opens in theaters (at least according to the current schedule), next year, we’ll watch an animated streaming series ‘Creature Commandos,’ which is the first of five announced DCU series and the only one that’s animated. The good news is that the production of the series is unaffected by the strikes, as James Gunn recently said, and it should be released sometime in 2024, as it was initially planned.

James Gunn says ‘Creature Commandos’ wasn’t affected by the strikes

Recently, one of Gunn’s followers on Instagram asked him if there was any more news on ‘Creature Commandos.’ The writer and director replied that the work on the series is still on since it’s animated and, therefore, separated from the strike. Gunn also teased how he loves how it’s going, and he said that it’s going to be different from what people are expecting.

“It’s animated, so it’s separate from the strike. We’re working on it. I love it. I think it’s going to be so different than what people expect.”

James Gunn

While promoting his newest movie ‘Gran Turismo,’ the ‘Creature Commandos’ star David Harbour revealed in one of the interviews (filmed before the strike) that he had already recorded his lines, and he also teased that the series would be hilarious and that he can’t wait for the people to see it.

James Gunn recently said that both ‘Creature Commandos’ and ‘Superman: Legacy’ were written prior to the strikes, and although they’re unaffected by the WGA strike, ‘Superman: Legacy,’ which was announced to start production in January 2024, could potentially face delays if the SAG-AFTRA strike lasts until next year.


DC’s Creature Commandos: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

In the source material, Creature Commandos is a team of military superhumans that originally fought against the Axis powers in World War II. However, Gunn confirmed that the animated series will take place in the present day, hence the return of Viola Davis, who will reprise her DCEU role of Amanda Waller in the series.

‘Creature Commandos’ will consist of seven episodes, all written by James Gunn. The series will premiere on the Max streaming service in 2024.

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