Darkseid’s True Form Explained: How Powerful Is It?

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Darkseid has always been one of the most interesting villains in the world of comics because he is a constant threat to Superman and the Justice League. Of course, Darkseid’s power as a New God is great enough to threaten the entire universe, as the Justice League often has to work together to defeat this evil being. Still, the Darkseid we’ve been seeing in the comics, movies, and shows isn’t even the real version of this character because he actually has a true form. So, what is Darkseid’s true form?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Darkseid we see is just an avatar of the true form of Darkseid.
  • Darkseid’s true form is a being that exists beyond the multiverse or the physical realm due to the fact that it is too powerful to exist.
  • If Darkseid’s true form were to try to exist in the physical realm, it would destroy the multiverse, and that’s why he exists in the form of avatars.

Darkseid is just an avatar

For decades, Darkseid has been one of the greatest comic book villains in the world of DC, as there is simply no one with the same kind of enigma and badass aura he comes with. Of course, we know that Darkseid has always been one of the strongest villains in DC, as not even Superman can defeat him on his own in most cases. In fact, it usually takes the entire Justice League to defeat this powerful New God.

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Darkseid’s story started when he and his brother Drax killed his father, Yuga Khan, and decided to take over Apokolips after murdering his brother. He took the Omega Force, the source of his father’s power, as his own. As such, he became a New God and one of the most feared beings in the universe.


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But the thing about Darkseid is that the body and powers that he acquired after he became a New God aren’t real. We know that the current Darkseid we often see in comic books, movies, and animated shows is strong enough to defeat Superman and even the entire Justice League. But while he is already powerful as he is, this version of Darkseid is but a fraction of the true Darkseid.

That’s because the Darkseid that we often see is just but an avatar of the true form of Darkseid. These avatars were manifested by the true form of Darkseid in the different universes in the vast DC multiverse so that they could act on his will, as Darkseid, in his true form, cannot exist in the physical realm. This means that every version of Darkseid isn’t Darkseid at all, as they are all just representations of the actual Darkseid.


In other words, Darkseid has to create and send out avatars of himself to the different universes in DC as this is the only way that he can exist. All of these versions of Darkseid act independently of one another and even believe that they are the true Darkseid. However, the truth is that they all have the same will as the true form of Darkseid. You can think of them as having a hive mind that acts as one in the vast DC multiverse, as all of these avatars are just representations of a being that cannot exist in the physical realm.

Darkseid’s true form is beyond comprehension

The true version of Darkseid, of course, is someone or something that has enough power that it becomes impossible for him to exist in the material world. He is somewhat of an idea or even the very manifestation of evil. But the fact that he is so powerful is why he cannot exist in the physical world or the DC multiverse and has to exist outside of the confines of reality. You can think of him as an entity who is beyond the very existence of reality itself and is somewhere near the levels of the true gods (the Presence and the Endless) of the DC multiverse.


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First of all, Darkseid’s true form cannot exist in the multiverse because attempting to do so will destroy all of reality itself. For Darkseid, there would be no reason for him to exist if his very existence would destroy the reality he wants to control. This is why he has to dilute his powers by sending out avatars to the different universes of DC.

Being a non-corporeal god that exists on a higher level of reality is one of the reasons why Darkseid may be on par with the other higher-level beings, such as the Presence, Lucifer, or the Endless. Nevertheless, we know that the Presence, Lucifer, and the Endless can manifest themselves in different DC universes, and this is why some people wonder why Darkseid cannot exist in the physical realm.

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Nevertheless, Darkseid’s true form may have powers so great that he does not even know how to control them, whereas the other beings, such as the Presence, are omnipotent beings that can control their powers. Still, Darkseid has enough control over his powers to make avatars so powerful that the entire Justice League must work in unison to defeat an avatar.


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Darkseid’s true form is quite possibly nigh-omnipotent on a multiversal level, even though he cannot manifest his true form in the physical realm. But as a being that embodies evil and tyranny, it goes without saying that Darkseid’s true form may have control over anything that’s dark and evil.

We are yet to truly see what Darkseid’s true form is capable of at the highest level possible, but we all believe it would take something incredibly great to defeat a threat of such magnitude. An avatar of Darkseid on its own is already a threat to the universe, and that would mean that his true form would be beyond comprehension in terms of how great of a threat it can be.

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