How Fast Is Darkseid? Compared to Superman, Batman, Flash, & Wonder Woman 

how fast is darkseid

Darkseid is one of the most notable supervillains in the DC comics. He is famous for being the biggest threat to Superman & and the Justice League, and for a good reason. Darkseid is the ultimate bad guy, ruling over Apokolips with an iron fist. He’s a ruthless conqueror, bent on dominating the entire Universe. As the God of Tyranny, his goal is to control everything using the powerful Anti-Life Equation, and he has a powerset to achieve it. From super strength to Omega Beams, Darkseid excels at both offense and defense, but how fast is he? 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Due to his New God physiology, Darkseid has vastly superhuman speed. He is able to fly at light speed and react in mere microseconds.
  • Darkseid usually doesn’t move very fast while running but has several other means to achieve near-instant traveling speeds by utilizing both gravitational bending and vast technologies.
  • Darkseid is faster than Batman and Wonder Woman, at least when it comes to combat speeds, but vastly slower than Superman and Flash.

Darkseid’s speed is not as obvious as when it comes to other fast characters in DC comics

When you think about DC speedsters, Darkseid usually doesn’t cross your mind. He is not connected to speed force, and blitzing his enemies is not exactly his signature move. But, due to being basically overpowered, it shouldn’t surprise you that he is as fast as he needs to be when the situation calls for it. 

As a New God of Apokolips, Darkseid has vastly superhuman speed. It’s not as obvious when he only moves, but it becomes apparent when Darkseid is in combat or flying. Darkseid has a microsecond reaction time, allowing him to block blows from Wonder Woman and Superman, who are mostly regarded as the fastest hand-to-hand combatants in Justice League. 


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Darkseid can also fly at unimaginable speeds, which was most obvious when he flew side-by-side with Highfather Izaya. But even though Darkseid’s speed is somewhat physiological in nature, he has plenty of powers and technological marvels to help him become even faster. 

Darkseid and Izaya flying

For starters, Darkseid can emit various gravitational fields and bend spacetime as he moves. This can allow him to traverse vast cosmic distances in mere seconds. He can also vastly slow down his opponent by trapping them within his gravitational and spacetime disturbances.

the legion

Darkseid can also utilize his boom tubes that unlock instantaneous travel through teleportation. This is also one of the effects you can notice with Cyborg, who is also capable of generating them. 

Overall, Darkseid generally doesn’t move as fast as you would expect, but he is certainly capable of it, and while in combat, he reacts in microseconds, often blocking blows before they arrive. Now, let’s compare him to other notable superheroes. 

Is Darkseid faster than Superman?

Superman vs Darkseid DC Comics

Darkseid vs. Superman is one of the most common comparisons that you can come across online, and while the analysis varies, we can all agree on one thing: Superman should, in theory, be faster than Darkseid. As Kryptonian, Superman has vast speed at his disposal, and it’s generally accepted that he moves as fast as 186,000 miles per second outside of Earth’s atmosphere and 7,680 miles per hour while within the Earth’s atmosphere.

He is also able to go faster the more he is empowered by Solar radiation. The most recent version of Superman, after being exposed to Warworld’s Genesis-powered “white” sun, gained some additional reality-bending powers, meaning that spacetime is meaningless to him and he can be anywhere at once. So, in terms of movement speed, Superman has a Darkseid beat. In combat, it’s a bit closer, but Superman did prove himself fast enough to dodge Darkseid’s omega beams and to speed-blitz him on several instances. 

Is Darkseid faster than Flash? 

Wally West trapped in the Speed Force

Is there anybody that can be faster than the Crimson Speedster? Yes, his evil counterparts, but what about the Tyrannical ruler of Apokolips? We’re pleased to say that Darkseid doesn’t come anywhere near Flash’s speed, especially if we compare him to the fastest speedster, Wally West. This is due to Darkseid’s lack of connection to the Speed Force. I mean, Darkseid has a connection to other dark forces of the Universe, but Speed Force is the speed itself, and as such, no one comes even close to Flash’s speed. 

How fast is Darkseid compared to Batman?


Batman surprisingly goes toe-to-toe against Darkseid, often considering that he has no superpowers whatsoever, save for his suits and other gadgets. Still, not even his suits can make this speed difference less obvious. As a regular human, Batman is capable of some truly Olympic feats. Batman can run at a peak speed of 40 miles per hour and is lighting fast while in combat, sometimes resembling a mere blur while moving. 

This is, however, not enough to surpass Darkseid’s New God physiology. Batman also can’t fly or teleport. Darkseid is many times faster than Batman. 


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Is Darkseid faster than Wonder Woman?

Darkseid Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has shifted between several power levels over the years. Sometimes, her speeds are described as being vastly faster than light, and sometimes, she barely exceeds your average human’s speed. Wonder Woman is generally, along with Superman, the fastest hand-to-hand combatant in the Justice League and among the good guys in general.

She reacts in split seconds, flies incredibly fast, and often speed-blitzes her enemies. She was once fast enough to utilize the moment of distraction to stab Darkseid, but generally, she is slower than him. When Darkseid and Zeus fought, Wonder Woman commented that she had never seen a fight as fast as that. Wonder Woman is fast enough to deflect the parts of shattered god and block lighting, and she can move faster than a speeding bullet, but according to their fights, Darkseid remains superior. 

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