Darkseid vs. Apocalypse: Which Tyrant Would Win in a Fight?

Darkseid vs. Apocalypse Which Tyrant Would Win in a Fight

Both Darkseid and Apocalypse are known to be among the most notorious villains in their respective universes. They both strive to dominate and have quite the powers to back up these ambitious goals. We know that Darkseid has opposed Justice League frequently, and even the Earth’s mightiest heroes struggle to stop him in his tracks. The same can be said for Apocalypse, whose mutant physiology gives him an advantage over most Earth-based heroes. But how would the fight between the two play out? This is what we set out to explore today, so let’s see if it ever comes to a fight between Apocalypse and Darkseid; who would win? 

Darkseid is more powerful than Apocalypse and would win in a fight against him. Darkseid is stronger, faster, and more durable, and despite Apocalyse’s impressive tech, Darkseid has better tech at his disposal. At this point, Darseid is a cosmic threat that threatens the stability of the universe, and his powers are more diverse in nature. Apocalypse would hardly be able to put up a fight. 

Now that we’ve covered the outcome of the fight, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Powers and abilities

Darkseid has a new god physiology which means that he is as powerful as he ever was. He has plenty of incredibly destructive offensive abilities that allow him to destroy whole planets and not only his enemies. His Omega effect allows him to fire beams from his eyes capable of cutting through almost anything, even disintegrating matter on a molecular level. Darkseid excels at manipulating darkness, a form of energy utilized to create erosion blasts. He can also, on occasion, manipulate gravity and time, absorb and utilize various other forms of energy. 

Darkseid hurts Superman with Omega Beams

With his destructive powers, Darkseid was able to kill Quintessence. A group of the highest order of beings within the Multiverse. He can stretch the fabric of space-time and use it easily as transportation. 

Apocalpyse, was born under the name of En Sabah Nur, and he is famous for being among the most powerful and oldest mutants in Marvel Universe. Apocalypse has one specific ability that allows him to manipulate his molecular structure at will, and he can seemingly grant himself any powers he desires. As soon as Apocalypse comes across an obstacle that he can’t handle in his current form, he can ” evolve himself” to surpass it.

Apocalypse giant spikes

Apocalypse, in addition to his powers, has access to Celestial technology that is capable of greatly enhancing his abilities. He is a powerful telepath and is able to move objects, even extremely heavy objects, by nothing but the power of his own min. Still, metamorphosis remains his biggest selling point as he can transform his body in various ways, including elongating and changing his body parts into machinery. He can also alter his appearance and use a wide range of weapons, both melee and ranged, all formed from his own body. 

Despite Apocalypse’s powers being quite perfect for any type of situation, Darkseid simply has more diverse powers that are on a multiversal level, and due to that, the point goes to him. 

Points: Apocalypse(0:1) Darkseid 


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Strength and Stamina 

Due to his new god physiology, Darkseid practically has no limits to his physical strength and stamina. Darkseid can lift at least 100 tons, going as far as to lift two billion tons on several instances, and his strength is generally regarded as infinite because he can always enhance himself either by tech or through other mystical means. Darkseid also has nearly unlimited stamina at his disposal. He once fought Hightfather Izaya for a week straight, proving that fatigue matters little to him. 

Darkseid vs Izaya

Apocalypse is classed among the physically strongest characters in Marvel comics, meaning that he can lift up to and above 100 tons. He can further naturally enhance his strength if needed through selective evolution and access to Celestial tech. Apocalypse managed to overpower Hulk and the younger version of Thor. It was difficult but possible. 

Apocalypse vs thor

Like his strength, Apocalypse’s stamina has no bounds as he can always adapt his physiology to completely remove fatigue toxins from the equations. 

Despite both Apocalypse and Darkseid having nearly unlimited strength, Darkseid is considered to be generally stronger due to better feats. 

Points: Apocalypse(0:2) Darkseid 


Not only can Darkseid fly and teleport and has insane tech at his disposal that allows him to traverse cosmic distances in short spans of time, but he can also always move faster than the speed of light, at least while we’re talking in the context of moving in space. In combat, Darkseid is capable of being faster than Superman and Wonder Woman, which are often regarded among the DC’s fastest combatants.  

Darkseid flying to the edge of the universe in moments

Apoclypse can, at best, move at supersonic speeds, although he can always adapt himself to reach even higher speeds. He is quick in combat with superhuman reflexes, often resembling a blur while he fights. This is the result of his long experience when it comes to fighting as well as the result of increasing his powers with the use of Celestial technology. 

Apocalypse Thor Speed

Both Apocalypse and Darkseid are incredibly fast, too fast for humans to match, but Darkseid is generally regarded to be among the fastest villains in DC. Due to this, the point goes to him. 

Points: Apocalypse(0:2) Darkseid 


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Darkseid is virtually immortal and indestructible. Although he was defeated in several instances, it usually never lasts. Darkseid is so durable he is able to survive the destructions of whole planets and is generally immune to almost all forms of damage, be it magical or physical in nature. As mentioned, Darkseid has been killed before, but there is a catch, his essence is simply too powerful, and it’s only a matter of time before he wills himself back to life. 

Darkseid takes a blast from heat vision

Apocalypse is similar to DC’s Doomsday when it comes to durability. Even though he can be hurt severely, he can always evolve to become resistant to the thing that injured him in the first place. This makes him highly durable, and his lifespan is quite long, as he is already thousands of years long. This is partly due to his External biology and partly due to his Celestial technology. He also has a rapid healing factor that allows him to recover from even the most devastating injuries in record time. 

High Evolutionary vs. Apocalpyse

When it comes to durability, it’s questionable how long would Darkseid and Apocalypse be dead if one manages to take care of them permanently in the first place. This is why both get the point. 

Points: Apocalypse(1:3) Darkseid 


Darkseid is among the smartest characters in comics in general. He has vast resources and technologies at his disposal. This is just one of many reasons because of which he is difficult to deal with. His careful planning and strategizing allowed him to defeat some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe.

He is cunning, he is evil, and ruthless, and he is able to see his plans through with incredible precision. He always thinks of creative ways to deal with Justice League and, basically, everyone who stands in his way. 


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Apocalypse is, due to his background in studying evolution and genetics, a super genius. Apocalypse has unprecedented knowledge of certain technologies and can replicate certain evolutionary aspects perfectly to improve himself. Even if not gifted with vast mutant powers, Apocalypse would still be a threat due to his ambitions and the tech that he has at his disposal. 

Even though both Darkseid and Apocalypse are smart, Darkseid is generally regarded as smarter, with better feats to brag about. The point goes to Darkseid. 

Points: Apocalypse(1:4) Darkseid 

Combat Skills 

Darkesied doesn’t have to rely often on his combat skills, as his Omega Beams are quite capable of blowing up and melting most of the opponents he encounters, despite that he is a deadly fighter that has a track record of destroying entire planets with nothing but his raw combat skills. He is trained and deadly, and his knowledge of tactics and long history of experience makes him the biggest threat in the known universe, even if we’re not considering Omega Beams. 

Darkseid floors superman

Apocaypse’s combat skills are nowhere near as advanced as his powers and technology, which he frequently uses to resolve conflicts. However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to fight. Due to his long history of existence and vast experience fighting wars and other cosmic and superhuman threats alike, he has a lot of experience at his disposal. He is regarded as a master combatant, although he is nowhere near the best combatant in Marvel Universe. 

Both Apocalypse and Darkseid are decent fighters, but Darkseid is on a completely different level. 

Points: Apocalypse(1:5) Darkseid 

Darkseid vs. Apocalypse: who would win? 

As you can see by our analysis, Darkseid is far more powerful than Apocalypse and is generally considered to be a bigger threat. Apocalypse has nothing to throw at Darkseid, and I’m fairly certain that Darkseid would be able to resist his telepathic abilities fully. On the other hand, Darkseid has plenty of weapons to hurt Apocalyse, even if we take his adaptive abilities into consideration. Darkseid is simply on a completely different scale than Apocalypse when it comes to both powers and abilities and physical attributes. 

Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments below!

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