David Corenswet Was Rejected From an MCU Role in Gunn’s Movie Way Before He Was Cast as Superman


With the reboot of DCEU, Gunn’s & Safran’s DCU is ready to take its place rebooting most of the stories and most of the characters. Even though ‘Creature Commandos’ is the first project to be released as a part of ‘Chapter 1: Gods & Monster’ the director considers ‘Superman’ bound to be released in 2025 the true start of the DCU.

Fans were devastated to learn that Henry Cavill wouldn’t reprise his role as Superman, but a few months later it’s been revealed that David Corenswet will be taking over, as Gunn envisioned a younger Superman for his cinematic universe.

Now over the weekend, it’s been revealed that Corenswet auditioned for a role in Gunn’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ – the last project the director helmed for the MCU before he took over his new duties. Corenswet apparently wanted to portray Adam Warlock, a role that eventually went to Will Poulter.

Gunn claims that he doesn’t remember it, but Corenswet confirmed the claims. I bet he’s glad now that he didn’t get that role. Gunn confirmed this on his private profile on Threads social media.

To make matters even more interesting, there’s a big chance that even if Corenswet did get the part of Adam Warlock, there are still high chances that he would be cast as Superman as well, since Gunn apparently loves working with the same actors, and plenty of stars that used to work with him have nothing but praise for him and his kindness. Gunn also revealed a few years back that he has a blacklist of actors he will never work with, who are rumored or confirmed to be “assholes.”

Speaking of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, a few months back Gunn was asking fans, again on Threads, to find a role for Dave Bautista in the upcoming DCU. Sean Gunn, James’ brother will also make the jump from the MCU franchise to the DCU, as he will be taking on the role of Maxwell Lord.

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