15 DC & Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Black Adam

15 DC Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Black Adam
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Black Adam is one of the most formidable villains and antiheroes in the DC universe. As the arch-nemesis of Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, he possesses immense strength, speed, and durability, along with an array of magical abilities. But despite his incredible power, several DC and Marvel characters can match or even surpass Black Adam in a battle. From godlike beings to cunning strategists, these 15 characters have the skills and powers to take down Black Adam and emerge victorious. In this article, we’ll explore who they are and why they have what it takes to defeat the mighty Black Adam.

1. The Spectre (DC)


The Spectre is not known only as the character that can surpass Black Adam in a fight. He is likewise known to be in the top 10 most powerful DC characters ever created. The Spectre is a character who represents the wrath of God. His primary purpose is to punish those who are wicked, and he has a variety of incredible abilities to help him do so. The Spectre can alter reality, manipulate energy, and change its form. 

Additionally, the gods have granted him superhuman physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and agility. However, the greatest power lies in his ability to pass divine judgment on the souls of those who have done wrong. This means that he can rid the world of the guilty, using his judgment as a tool to ensure that justice is served. Overall, the Spectre is incredibly powerful and serves as a force of divine justice.

Black Adam could match, even defeat The Spectre in a fight, but he will have to rely on backup from Justice League to win. 

2. Thor (Marvel)

Thor physiology

There are a lot of similarities between Thor and Black Adam. Both are incredibly strong and durable. Both can fly and have godlike powers. Thor is the God of thunder and controls lightning, thunder, storms, and weather. Black Adam has the power of six Egyptian gods, granting him superhuman abilities and the power of lightning. And ultimately, both are connected to ancient pantheons of gods.


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However, the winner can be only one, and it would be Thor. Thor is able to tap into mindblowing powers that allow him the command over reality itself. He also has a way cooler arsenal of weapons at his disposal. 

3. Anti-Monitor (DC)

anti monitor

The Anti-Monitor is a being who is responsible for controlling the antimatter in the universe. He is the counterpart of the Monitor and possesses immense power, so much so that he can destroy the universe if he chooses to do so.

The Anti-Monitor’s strength, indestructibility, and massive size make him one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, and quite frankly, Black Adam has nothing to counter him. Black Adam has godlike powers, but Anti-Monitor is God in his twisted corner of reality. 

4. Sentry (Marvel) 


Sentry is known to be an overpowered character, and he is often described as having the power of a million exploding suns. Sentry is mentally unstable and lacks proper training and combat experience, but he can more than compensate for these weaknesses with his raw powers alone. With infinite strength, nigh-invulnerability, and energy-projection powers potent enough to wipe entire galaxies, Black Adam’s lightning doesn’t stand a chance. The fight becomes ever more straightforward if Sentry gives control to the Void. This is one matchup that Black Adam could never win. 

5. Doctor Manhattan (DC)

manhattan powers

Doctor Manhattan can manipulate matter at a subatomic level, teleport, and see into the future. On the other hand, Black Adam has immense physical strength, durability, and the power of lightning.

In a physical confrontation, Black Adam’s strength and durability may give him an advantage over Doctor Manhattan. However, Doctor Manhattan’s ability to manipulate matter at a subatomic level may allow him to bypass Black Adam’s defenses and neutralize his powers. Additionally, Doctor Manhattan’s ability to see into the future may allow him to effectively anticipate and counter Black Adam’s attacks. 

6. Silver Surfer (Marvel) 

silver surfer

Like Black Adam, Silver Surfer is likewise a champion of the cosmic entity that granted him merely a portion of its power. Of course, we’re talking about Galactus and his Power Cosmic. Even that tiniest amount of Galactus’ power is enough for Silver Surfer to be considered among the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. Silver Surfer has cosmic energy manipulation, superhuman strength, matter manipulation, and energy absorption, and he is also immortal. Sorry Black Adam, but Silver Surfer’s master is way cooler than yours and incredibly more powerful. 


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7. Doomsday (DC) 


Doomsday is perhaps best known for his feat of killing Superman. The beast was created through genetic engineering on the planet Krypton and is often depicted as a mindless monster driven by a single-minded goal: to destroy everything in his path. He possesses incredible strength, speed, and durability and is capable of regenerating from almost any injury. Doomsday’s skin is also incredibly tough, making him resistant to many forms of damage. Doomsday’s most famous ability is the fact that he can adapt to any damage dealt to him, which means that he can’t be killed the same way twice

Considering the fact that Doomsday managed to kill Superman, the fight against Black Adam would be rather straightforward. 

8. Galactus (Marvel) 

galactus 6

We often pit Galactus against characters from both Marvel and DC Universe, and he very rarely comes out on the losing side. We can’t say that his matchup against Black Adam would end differently. Galactus regularly consumes planets to sustain himself, he commands Power Cosmic, and there’s really nothing that Black Adam has in his arsenal to defeat nature’s equalizer. Galactus would most likely slap Black Adam back to submission before he proceeds to consume the gods that granted him his powers. 

9. Superman (DC)

Superman strong

Black Adam is generally considered to be on par with Superman, if not slightly stronger. However, Superman possesses a wider range of powers that give him an advantage in certain situations, such as his heat vision and freeze breath. In addition, Superman is also known for his ability to absorb and store solar energy from the sun, which gives him an additional boost in power. This means that if the fight between Superman and Black Adam goes on for a long time, Superman’s power may continue to increase as he absorbs more solar energy.

10. Hulk (Marvel) 

hulk durable

Even though Hulk doesn’t have magic on his side, he has raw strength. The angrier he gets, the more his strength increases, and his durability and overall savagery give him an advantage in a prolonged fight. The Hulk has been defeated by opponents with superior intelligence and strategic thinking in the past, and this is something that Black Adam truly excels in. However, we still consider

Hulk is a more powerful combatant of the two simply due to Hulk’s limitless strength potential. Additionally, Hulk defeated opponents far more powerful than Black Adam and walked away with nothing but scratches. 

11. Lucifer (DC) 


Lucifer is rightfully considered to be among the most powerful characters in the DC universe. Obviously, he has limitless strength and durability at his disposal, but that’s not exactly what would give him an immense advantage in his fight against Black Adam. Due to his divine nature, Lucifer is almost completely immune to magic. Since Black Adam’s raw strength is not something that he can utilize in his fight against Lucifer, he would most likely attack with his magical lightning – something Lucifer would easily counter.


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 Lucifer would answer with his wide array of reality-altering abilities and mystical powers, which Black Adam has nothing to counter with. 

12. Beyonder (Marvel) 


Beyonder possesses near-limitless power and abilities, and I know that we’ve said this for many characters on this list, but for Beyonder, this is generally true to a large extent. He can warp reality, manipulate energy, teleport, utilize telekinesis, and manipulate time. If you’re looking for someone to counter Black Adam’s millennia of experience, what more can you ask for than a character who has Cosmic Awareness? Beyonder is like Galactus, capable of steamrolling Black Adam and annihilating gods that empower him as well. 

13. Trigon (DC) 

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Trigon is a demon lord who rules over his own dimension and possesses immense power and abilities, including reality warping, teleportation, energy projection, and mind control. He is also nearly invulnerable and has been shown to easily overpower some of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe, including Superman and Wonder Woman.

Black Adam’s powers are primarily focused on physical strength, durability, and lightning manipulation. While he is a formidable opponent, he would likely be at a significant disadvantage in a battle against Trigon, who possesses a much wider range of powers and abilities.

14. Thanos (Marvel) 

thanos cosmic

Thanos and Black Adam are more alike than you would think. Both are cunning, intelligent, and among the best brawlers in their respective universes. Likewise, they fought against some of the strongest Superheroes in their universe and came out on top. Due to this, Thanos would ultimately win. In terms of magic abilities, Thanos is quite skilled in mystical arts. In terms of combat skills, there’s no technique or weapon that Thanos hasn’t mastered. And in terms of preparation, Thanos is willing to wait for hundreds of years to put a plan in motion. Thanos would likely have the edge due to his wider range of powers.

15. Darkseid (DC) 

Darkseid as Hitler

Darkseid is known for his ability to manipulate and control others through his Omega Effect, a powerful energy beam that can disintegrate or transport targets across space and time. This power gives him a significant advantage over many opponents, including Black Adam, who would be vulnerable to mind control and manipulation. In terms of offense, Black Adam really has nothing in his arsenal to counter Darkseid.

His lightning would be useless, and his raw strength would not be enough to counter the anti-life equation and Darkseid’s omega beams which are powerful enough to melt even Black Adam. Darkseid wins this one easily. 

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