13 Strongest Black Adam Enemies of All Time (Ranked)

13 Strongest Black Adam Enemies of All Time Ranked

Black Adam is a powerful anti-hero from the DC comic universe, and over the course of his long existence, his occasional status as a villain, paired with his incredible might, were bound to result in some pretty intense rivalries. From cosmic beings to superpowered humans, Black Adam clashed with many characters, occasionally even getting defeated. Today we’re going to take a look at the 13 strongest Black Adam enemies, and we’re going to rank them according to their powers and abilities.

13. Felix Faust

Felix Faust

Felix Faust lacks genuine magical abilities but has acquired significant skill in the practice of magic and the summoning of demons through occult means. Despite his lack of raw power, Faust compensates for it by being willing to sell his soul or sacrifice others, including his own children, in exchange for mystical strength.

Felix Faust crossed paths with Black Adam when he offered to raise his dead wife, Isis, from the dead following the confrontation with the Four Horsemen of Apokolips that claimed the lives of the Black Marvel family. Felix eventually scammed Black Adam, serving him the bones of Ralph Dibny and slowing down Black Adam for a time.

12. Kobra

Jeffrey Burr

Jeffrey Burr is the head of Kobra, a dangerous cult devoted to snake worship that aims to bring about the Kali Yuga in order to cleanse the world of corruption and establish something divine in its place.


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Jeffrey crossed paths with Black Adam after he killed his own brother, with whom he had a psychic connection. Jefferey caused the accident that claimed the lives of 217 people. He was captured and put on trial, but his followers staged a hostage situation in the courthouse. Seeing this, Black Adam decided to end the matter swiftly by ripping his heart out.

11. Alexander Luthor

Alexander Luthor

Alexander Luthor came disguised as Lex Luthor to gain control of the Secret Society of Supervillains and, with it, to restore the Multiverse. To power the process of doing so, Alexander manipulates Black Adam and utilizes his mighty lightning as a source of power. Alexander eventually revealed his goals and imprisoned Black Adam. However, Black Adam proved to be simply too strong, and Alexander Luthor was swiftly defeated.

10. Psycho Pirate

Psycho Pirate was part of Alexander Luthor’s scheme to restore the Multiverse by powering the machine with Black Adam’s lightning. Psycho Pirate, aka Roger Hayden, was supposed to use his mind-altering powers to force Black Adam to say the word “Shazam.”

The plan was relatively successful before Black Adam managed to free himself, and once free of the Psycho Pirate, he killed him in a gruesome manner. He pushed his own metal Medusa mask through Hayden’s eyes and head.

9. Ahk-Ton

Ahk Ton

Ahk-Ton is a less-known character, but still, it doesn’t change the fact that he is among the greatest Black Adam villains. He wanted to master the dark magic by getting his hands on the Crown of Sabbac, and to get it, he enslaved his people and put them through horrible misery.

His plans were going well, and he ultimately did acquire the Crown of Sabbac. Luckily for Kahndaq (and the rest of the world), Black Adam intervened and snapped his neck, destroying Ahk-Ton and his palace.

8. The Four Horsemen of Apokolips

The Four Horsemen of Apokolips

After an ill-fated confrontation with Suicide Squad Osiris, one of the members of Black Marvels accidentally kills one of the squad members, Persuader. Osiris is torn with guilt and confides in his friend, Sobek, the talking crocodile. Sobek manipulates Osiris into converting back to his mortal form and giving his powers up and then proceeds to eat him. After finding what was left of Osiris, Black Adam figures out that Sobek is actually Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips.

The other Horsemen, Pestilence, infects Isis with a disease she won’t be able to recover from. Black Adam dispatches the rest of the Horsemen and then makes his way to Bialya to face the avatar of Death. Black Adam is victorious, but he pays the ultimate price.

7. Raven

DC Comics The History of Raven

Black Adam caused Raven to lose control of her powers for a time. Before the Infinite Crisis and as a result of the Specter’s destruction of magic during the Day of Vengeance storyline, Raven’s powers were diminished and difficult to control. She still participated in battles, including helping the Titans evacuate the devastated city of Blüdhaven and fighting Superboy-Prime, as well as joining Steel in attacking Lexcorp to rescue Natasha, who Lex Luthor captured.


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During the missing year, the Titans also faced off against Black Adam in Greece and the Himalayas, with Raven attempting to stop him but ultimately having her soul-self shattered and experiencing psychic repercussions from the deaths of Young Frankenstein and Terra.

6. Azraeuz – Death


Azraeuz and his Horsemen of Apokolips were summoned to Earth by Shang Tsu in order to target Black Adam specifically. After the events that transpired and the murder of Isis and Osiris, Black Adam figured out that Death was behind the attack.

Black Adam was furious and followed Death to Bilaya, a country that supported the Horsemen. The Death had gone into hiding. In his anger over the loss of his wife, Black Adam killed the entire population of Bilaya and demanded that Death show himself. Death was not strong enough to face Black Adam, although he did offer some resistance. Black Adam killed Death by snapping his neck.

5. Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime and Black Adam fought during the Infinite Crisis storyline, and he was part of Alexander Luthor’s scheme or simply an unfortunate part of it. During the confrontation with Superboy Prime, Black Adam figured out that his magical powers have absolutely no effect on him. Superboy Prime was eventually stopped by the combined efforts of Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, and Kal-L and Green Lantern Corps. With great losses.

4. Ultraman


After Ultraman, an evil and almost invincible version of Superman set his sights on the planet, Black Adam was among the first to offer resistance and fight for the planet. This resulted in an especially gruesome fight.

Ultraman realized that the main source of Black Adam’s powers were – words. He decided to squish the resistance by brutally crushing Black Adam’s mouth and taking from him the ability to summon his trademark magic.

3. Shazam

shazam featured

The rivalry between Shazam and Black Adam is well-known across the comics. The two fought numerous times in a battle that tested their limits and their beliefs. Occasionally, the two even formed an unlikely alliance, but still, their conflict remains one of the greatest in the comics.


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Black Adam served as a former champion of the Wizard Shazam, with Billy Batson currently holding the mantle. Having more or less the set of powers, makes every conflict between them even more destructive in nature.

2. Superman

Superman lifting

Black Adam and Superman have a complex relationship. As superpowered beings, they have often been depicted as opposing forces, with Black Adam’s views on justice often clashing with Superman’s own moral code. Over the years, the two characters have engaged in several battles, testing the limits of their abilities and showcasing the intensity of their conflict. While Superman represents truth, justice, and hope, Black Adam often embodies a more ruthless, authoritarian approach to justice.

1. The Spectre

The Spectre

Known as one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, The Spectre can unleash great destruction. Armed with reality-altering powers, wreaking havoc, and God’s Vengeance wherever he goes, The Spectre and Black Adam clashed numerous times in the comics. On one occasion, The Spectre almost managed to destroy Kahndaq after being corrupted by Eclipso.

When the Justice Society of America intervened to save both Black Adam and Kahndaq, Black Adam told his people that the Justice Society was an enemy as well, all in an effort not to appear weak in front of them. Luckily, the country and Black Adam were saved from this threat of cosmic proportions.

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