DC’s Paradise Lost: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

DCs Paradise Lost Potential Release Date Cast Plot and More

James Gunn and Peter Safran have quite the task ahead of them. Following the turbulent few months, the DCU is set for another hard reset with a new slate of movies, and TV Shows announced. Last year it was announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran would be taking the lead in the new DCU chapter, and that announcement was soon followed by an announcement of the projects they are currently working on. Besides the new Superman Movie, the Booster Gold series, and Creature Commandos animated series, one new project has been announced that was rumored to be in development for years. Of course, we’re talking about Paradise Lost, an upcoming spin-off of the Wonder Woman movie. The project sounds really interesting, and due to that, let’s look at the potential release date, cast, plot, and everything that might be of interest. 

DC’s Paradise Lost spin-off series will be taking place on the island of Themyscira long before Wonder Woman was born. The series will serve as an origin story of the Amazonian society. So far, not much is known about the project, and it’s not exactly clear whether Patty Jenkins will be involved with the project. The release date is, as of now, still unknown. 

Now that we’ve covered the gist of what Paradise Lost should be, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us. 

Paradise Lost is yet another attempt at a Wonder Woman spin-off 

In December 2019, it was announced that the spin-off movie in the Wonder Woman universe is in development. The project sounded similar to the freshly announced Paradise Lost series in the sense that it was supposed to deal with the island of Themyscira and that the focus would be on the Amazons rather than on Wonder Woman.

The project involved the state of the island after Wonder Woman leaves, following the timeline between Wonder Woman 1984 and the unreleased Wonder Woman movie that never saw the light of day. A lot has happened since then, Patty Jenkins was removed from the directing position, and currently, it’s unclear whether she is connected to the new upcoming project. Wonder Woman 3 was canceled, and we’re not sure whether Gal Gadot will ever return to the role of the titular character.


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Paradise Lost is a third attempt at creating a spin-off for the Wonder Woman movie, and while it doesn’t deal with Diana herself, it has a lot of potential to bring more magic, intrigue, and fantasy to the freshly restarted DCU. 

DC’s Paradise Lost Plot 

Not much is known at the moment regarding the plot of Paradise Lost. Peter Safran commented that this is a “Game of Thrones” type of story featuring a lot of drama and political intrigue. 

The show will be taking place on the island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, which have close links to the gods. Themyscira is a society made up of only women, and while we have seen brief glimpses of the island in the previous movies related to Wonder Woman, the show now will focus solely on the island, bringing a much-needed high-fantasy element to the DCU. 

island of Themyscira

James Gunn commented that Paradise Lost will be sort of an origin story for this mystical place and that the timeline is set long before Wonder Woman came to be.

“It’s an origin story of how this society of women came about. What does it mean? What are their politics like? What are their rules? Who’s in charge? What are the games that they play with each other to get to the top? I think it’s really exciting.” 

The show has a lot of potential to introduce us to the broader picture of Amazonian society and introduce a lot of significant characters related to Diana and her world.  

Paradise Lost cast: will Gal Gadot or Patty Jenkins return? 

At this stage, it’s unclear what names will be involved with the DC’s upcoming Paradise Lost project. Considering that the Wonder Woman movie has been canceled and that Paradise Lost is set before Wonder Woman came to be, the chances that Gal Gadot will be involved are small. It’s also unclear to what extent, if any, Patty Jenkins will be involved with the project.

Gal Gadot

In 2020 Patty Jenkins was transferred to the role of the producer for the third Wonder Woman movie. This was, of course, before major changes took place across the DCU, with many notable faces removed from the bigger picture altogether, like Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa. So far, it’s not clear whether Jenkins is involved with the project at all and who will star in it. 


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DC’s Paradise Lost release date 

While some upcoming, freshly announced projects already have set release dates, like Superman: Legacy and The Batman – Part II (Elseworlds), no potential release date has been given for Paradise Lost. 

The spin-off has been in the works for a long time, but it’s clear from the lack of info that it’s still in the early stages, and we probably shouldn’t expect it any time soon. What we do know is that Paradise Lost will be a live-action HBO Max series, and that’s pretty much it. Everything else is pure speculation at this point. 

To summarize, the upcoming Paradise Lost live-action series will be set on Themyscira, a Paradise Island that serves as the home of the Amazon civilization from the DC comics. The series will follow the political intrigue and the struggles for power in this female-led society, and Safran described it as being a “Game of Thrones” type of story. The timeline of the show is set before Wonder Woman came to be, and so far, it’s not known who will be involved with the series. It’s also not clear when the series is going to be released. 

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