15 Strongest Versions of Wonder Woman (Ranked)


If Superman is the poster boy of strength among men in the world of comic books, then we can’t deny that Wonder Woman is the symbol of power for women in DC. Of course, she is also one of the most prominent female fictional characters of all time due to how iconic she has always been in the world of comic books. But the thing about Wonder Woman is that she has had a lot of different versions throughout her long history as a character.

Ever since she was introduced decades ago, Wonder Woman has continued to inspire a lot of different women all over the world. Of course, like a lot of other comic book characters, she has different versions that come from alternate timelines and different universes. All of these versions are unique in their own right. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the strongest versions of Wonder Woman.

15. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

One of the most recent storylines on this list is Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, which features a post-apocalyptic storyline involving the titular character. In this story, Diana wakes up from a long sleep that lasted centuries, finding out that the world had undergone a massive change during her slumber. Instead of humans, the world is now filled with mutated creatures called Haedra, which are dangerous and powerful.

In this world, the Justice League and all of the other heroes also died during the time that Wonder Woman was asleep. As such, she must go through this dead Earth alone. Because of how dangerous the world has become, Wonder Woman has to be at her strongest, as she has nothing more than her skills and Batman’s utility belt. And she now has to work hard to ensure that the humans surviving this wasteland are protected from the dangers that walk the planet.

14. Nubia

Nubia is a hero who connects to Wonder Woman and is the Wonder Woman of different universes in the vast DC multiverse. She was initially the twin sister of Diana but ended up getting changed into a black character as she became the first black woman superhero in DC comics. In that regard, she is an iconic hero herself but became even more iconic when she became the Wonder Woman of a different universe.


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The fact that she became Wonder Woman proves that she is a strong character. But the one thing that proves her strength is that she was an Amazon assigned to guard the door to Tartarus, which is a prisoner for powerful beings. As such, she is an incredibly powerful Amazon almost as strong or even stronger than Diana.

13. Wondrous Man

Yes, we have a man on this list, as there are versions of Wonder Woman from different universes that are men. This version of Wonder Woman is called Wonderous Man, and he is a character that lives on Earth-11 and is named Dane. Yes, he seems like a gender-swapped version of Diana because he is.

However, the thing about Dane is that he is a far more aggressive version of Wonder Woman, as he was even kicked out of the Justice League because he wanted to execute Maxwell Lord. In that regard, he eventually led the Amazonians into a war against the world. However, the entire Flashpoint event changed his universe and turned him into Wondrous Man.

12. Earth-2 Wonder Woman

While there have been a lot of versions of Wonder Woman in the DC multiverse, one of the first alternate versions of the character is Earth-2 Wonder Woman, who ended up having a unique story and different from the original version. Initially, her story was similar to the Golden Age and New 52 versions. But she suddenly had a different story that took place in a world that was not that different from the real world.

In Earth-2, Wonder Woman rode a Pegasus and had a daughter with the evil villain Steppenwolf. However, she eventually fell in battle when Earth-2 was invaded, as even Superman and Batman fell alongside her. Nevertheless, she proved to be unique and powerful in her storyline.

11. Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

One of the most popular Wonder Woman storylines can be found in the graphic novel Wonder Woman: True Amazon, which also has one of the most potent versions of the character. This storyline is an award-winning graphic novel with one of the most celebrated stories of Wonder Woman in the modern age, as her story was retold in a fresh and quite original manner.

In this storyline, Diana is the only person born on Themyscira, which is why she gets spoiled by all the other Amazonians. But she eventually learned what it meant to be a true Amazon warrior from a humble stablewoman. She ultimately learned humility as she worked to become Wonder Woman, a true Amazon warrior.

10. DC’s Bombshells Wonder Woman

We can’t help but love storylines that take place during World War II, as DC’s Bombshells can retell a different kind of story to the superheroes that we know and love. This female-centric storyline features 1940s versions of the characters, and Diana Prince is one of them. Of course, we know that the original version of Wonder Woman also participated in WWII, and that’s why her origin story in Bombshells isn’t too different.

The difference is that Amanda Waller recruited Diana to join a female hero group known as the Bombshells, and she ended up working alongside Mera in this female superhero team. This version of Wonder Woman is fun, powerful, and full of incredible female energy. And that’s why it is one of the favorites among fans.

9. Injustice Wonder Woman

The Injustice storyline takes place in a universe where Superman snapped when he killed Joker after the Clown Prince of Crime orchestrated a setup that tricked the Man of Steel into killing Lois and destroying Metropolis. In that regard, Superman took matters into his own hands by killing Joker and ruling the entire world under his authoritarian leadership. And while many heroes and villains opposed his rule, others supported him.


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Superman’s greatest ally was Wonder Woman, who seemed to be a more aggressive and stricter version of her original self in Injustice. She is not afraid of killing people using her sword in this storyline. On top of that, she could fight Superman on par because of her warrior training. As such, she is one of the strongest versions of Wonder Woman due to her aggression and ruthlessness.

8. Valkyrie Brunhilde

While we all know that Wonder Woman is almost always a hero in comic books, some versions are not entirely good. We’ve already talked about the Injustice version of Wonder Woman, a tyrannical version of the character. But Earth-10’s Valkyrie Brunhilde is simply an evil lady on the side of evil.

In that regard, Earth-10’s Wonder Woman is a Nazi operative named Valkyrie Brunhilde, who works alongside the Nazi counterparts of the other members of the Justice League. She has most of Wonder Woman’s standard powers and abilities but comes with the ruthlessness we don’t always see in the heroic Diana Prince.

7. Cassandra Sandsmark

Cassandra Sandsmark is one of the few characters that became Wonder Woman other than Diana Prince. Of course, while most alternate versions of Wonder Woman can be found in other universes, Cassandra lives in the mainline universe of DC and becomes Wonder Woman in the storyline.

People know that Cassandra started as Wonder Girl, who is Wonder Woman’s second sidekick. She is also related to Zeus, just like Diana. As such, she is a powerful character with the gods’ blood in her veins. And Zeus admitted that Cassandra was so strong that she was the future of the pantheon of gods.

6. Maria Mendoza from Just Imagine: Wonder Woman

There are a lot of different alternate versions of Wonder Woman found in other universes, and Maria Mendoza from Just Imagine: Wonder Woman is one of them. She lives on Earth-6, which is often called the Just Imagine the universe in DC. Of course, what makes her unique as a DC character is that Marvel legend Stan Lee created her.

Maira Mendoza is a different kind of Wonder Woman; her origins are unique. In her story, she tried to protect a holy site from being destroyed and gained the power of the Incan people’s Sun God to battle the people who were trying to ruin the holy site. She wields a golden staff that allows her to use powers similar to Wonder Woman.

5. Flashpoint Wonder Woman

There are a lot of different dark universes in the world of DC, and the Flashpoint storyline features a dark world where the superheroes are other than their original versions. The Flash saw that this world’s version of Wonder Woman was at odds with the world and the people of Atlantis. As such, she led her Amazonians in a war against the Atlanteans after Ocean Master hatched a plan that forced Wonder Woman to go to war against Aquaman.


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In this storyline, Wonder Woman is much more ruthless than the original Diana Prince, as she is not afraid to do whatever it takes to protect her people. In fact, in the film version of the Flashpoint Paradox storyline, Wonder Woman killed Billy Batson as a child to ensure he didn’t transform into Shazam. That’s how ruthless of a character she is in Flashpoint.

4. Golden Age Wonder Woman

Golden Age Wonder Woman is one of the true OGs of the comic book world because this character was introduced way back in 1942. In that regard, she rose as a prominent character in the Golden Age of comics as she eventually became one of the most popular characters in comic book history. Of course, her storyline is similar to the often-told story of Wonder Woman in the many different comic books we’ve read about her.

As one of the original versions of Wonder Woman, the Golden Age version is vital in the nostalgic sense and in many different ways, as she was simply quite invincible during her run. This character returned in the Infinite Earths storyline as a member of the Golden Age characters from Earth-2. But she was wiped away from existence in that storyline (see Earth-2 Wonder Woman).

3. New 52 Wonder Woman

The New 52 is DC’s relaunch of the entire comic book universe, meaning that Wonder Woman also got her version of a relaunch in this storyline. As such, she got a somewhat rehashed story that is still similar to her original storyline but is also quite different. And despite how her story was rehashed, she remained a force to be reckoned with.

In the New 52 storyline, Wonder Woman is strong enough to hold her own against some of the most powerful DC characters. Darkseid, for one, was a character that she could stand up against even though the entire Justice League in other universes often gangs up on him. She also went toe-to-toe against godlike beings in the New 52.

2. Donna Troy

Yes, Donna Troy is high on this list because her history says she could be stronger than Diana Prince. Those familiar with the Wonder Woman storyline would know that Donna Troy was the first Wonder Girl and was eventually one of the characters carrying the Wonder Woman mantle.

Donna has had a lot of different storylines, but one of the most recent origin stories of the character says that she was formed from clay to become the only character strong enough to destroy Wonder Woman. However, her memories were changed by the Amazonians so that she could live a good life. Considering that she was supposed to kill Wonder Woman, it goes without saying that she is a powerful version of Wonder Woman as well.

1. Superwoman

While we know that Superman is one of the strongest DC characters in history, Superwoman is a Wonder Woman version of Earth-3 and is not one of Superman’s Kryptonian relatives. Instead, she is a member of the Crime Syndicate and is also an Amazon warrior like Diana. But she uses her powers in ways that aren’t exactly good.

Superwoman eventually married Ultraman, who is that universe’s version of Superman. In that regard, they became an evil-power couple with the strength and powers of their excellent counterparts but the ruthlessness of villains. As such, she is the strongest version of Wonder Woman, as her morals don’t hold her back.

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