DCU Has Found Its Booster Gold After the Show Receives a Massive Production Update

How Strong Is Booster Gold Powers and Abilities

When Gunn & Safran took over DC Studio as co-chairmen and co-CEOs, they announced a complete overhaul of the old DCEU and announced a large number of projects ranging from live-action movies to live-action TV shows and animated series. We know that several projects are currently in production such as ‘Superman’ bound to be released in 2025 and ‘Creature Commandos’ the first project to be released under the newly coined DCU label.

One project that is rarely talked about when it comes to the DCU is the upcoming ‘Booster Gold’ TV Show, focusing on the hero of the same name. It seems however that this won’t remain the case for long as the show received a massive production update.

According to the Production List, the show is expected to enter production on July 8, 2024, which is only a few weeks away. Based on that information we can assume that DC Studio has found its Booster Gold.

Except for that information, the production listing is scarce, which is not unusual for projects of this caliber. James Gunn is listed as producer along with Peter Safran, with John Papsidera being credited as casting director.

If you can recall the history of ‘Booster Gold’ production, you will certainly notice that it’s quite long. In November 2011, Syfy ordered a television series based on Booster Gold, developed by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg. However, despite Kreisberg submitting a script in June 2013, the project never materialized. On January 31, 2023, James Gunn announced the first part of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, which included Booster Gold among the projects, and this is pretty much all we know about the show.

We can’t even begin to speculate on who might portray the titular hero, but based on Chris Pratt’s recent comments, one can’t help but wonder….?

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