Did Batman and Wonder Woman Ever Date?

Did Batman and Wonder Woman Ever Date

Batman is known to be among the most iconic playboys and philanthropists in the DC comics. And despite his busy schedule and antisocial personality, he still has time for romance. Bruce Wayne prefers dangerous and powerful women, which is evident from his dating history, which is by no means uncomplicated and straightforward. Still, many fans wonder whether Batman dated one particular powerful lady from the DC comics, his teammate, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman seems to be everything that Bruce usually goes for. She is smart; she is extremely more powerful than him. She also has a strict set of morals and a healthy dose of competition paired with killer looks, so did Wonder Woman and Batman ever date? 

Batman and Wonder Woman dated briefly on several instances, although the relationship was never long-term. In several instances, the relationship was based on nothing more than mutual attraction. Despite both being superheroes and very well-matched, they always resort to being just friends. Wonder Woman is nowhere near being the primary love interest of Batman. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief answer, it’s time to analyze Wonder Woman’s and Batman’s dating history in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Batman has a tendency to pick his love interests from his rouge gallery 

Batman, like a vast majority of comic book characters, has had numerous love interests over the years. No one is immune to love, not even the dark and brooding Caped Crusader. What makes his love life interesting is the fact that it’s toxic as hell. He mostly chooses his partners based on “danger,” and it just so happens that several of his love interests tried to kill him, or he tried to kill them at one point. He requires his women to be strong, ambitious, and a little bit dangerous, hence why he often chooses them from his own rogues’ gallery

Still, Batman has nothing against dating his Justice League team members, at least the female rooster, as he was involved with Wonder Woman on several occasions across various continuities. 


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The romance between them never ends up in something long-term, and Wonder Woman was never considered to be his primary love interest, but still, it’s an interesting enough idea that we’ve decided to bring you a short overview of several instances in which Wonder Woman and Batman were involved. 

Wonder Woman feigned interest in Batman but eventually realized there was some truth to her feelings

In ‘The Brave and Bold,’ Diana is working undercover to catch a villain known as Copperhead, and to do that, she needs to work with Bruce Wayne. She appears charming and shows a certain type of romantic interest in Wayne, but mostly only fakes it to keep up appearances. After Wonder Woman is attacked with a Flashback gas that makes her relive the moment her long-time love interest, Steve Trevor, dies.

Wonder Woman and Batman The BRave and The Bold

Wonder Woman and Batman team up to apprehend the villain, and they both realize there is some mutual attraction toward them. They attempted to date briefly, but it never led to anything serious. 

Batman was obsessed with that one time he kissed Wonder Woman 

‘Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity’ recounts the first meeting of the greatest trio in DC comics, Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman. Upon their first meeting, both Batman and Wonder Woman manage to insult each other with inappropriate comments, and as the storyline progresses, it’s evident that Wonder Woman considers Batman’s personality a bit overwhelming.

Wonder Woman and Batman Rude meeting

She eventually has a change of heart and starts appreciating his character more, as well as his loyalty. In one instance, Batman finds himself on Paradise Island and witnesses Diana bathing. He cannot fight his feelings any longer and kisses her.

Batman and Wonder Woman Kiss

Wonder Woman proceeds to punch him in the face, and despite the incident never resulting in an official relationship, Batman admits that he is still haunted by Diana’s beauty, grace, and strength. 

Wonder Woman’s and Batman’s longest run was in the New Earth continuity

In the ‘New Earth’ continuity, the relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman started off uneasy, much like in ‘Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity’ but gradually improved as they recognized the positive qualities in each other. 

Batman grew to deeply care for Wonder Woman, but he was devastated when her soul was destroyed by Neron. Despite this, they became close friends, although Wonder Woman felt frustrated that she couldn’t change Batman’s ways. In response, Batman told her that they should accept each other as they are and gave her a rose as a symbol of their bond. Their relationship eventually took on romantic aspects even after they decided not to pursue a romantic involvement. Batman, in a moment of confusion, admitted that he found Wonder Woman beautiful and wondered whether they should attempt a relationship again. 

Wonder Woman and Batman dinner date

They shared a kiss during the ‘The Obsidian Age’ storyline before dying and being resurrected. Later on, they tried to have a discussion about their feelings and briefly attempted to date, but they ultimately decided to end it.

 Wonder Woman confessed that she briefly had romantic feelings for both Batman and Superman in the past. She saw Batman as someone who couldn’t commit to a long-term relationship due to his focus on fighting crime and his personality quirks.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, they remained caring friends, and Wonder Woman still had feelings of love for Batman, as depicted in a vision where she kissed him, breaking free from the influence of the Black Lantern Ring. Their flirtation continued even after their official relationship ended.


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Batman and Wonder Woman and involved in DCAU and several other storylines 

The extent of Wonder Woman’s and Batman’s relationship managed to spread to DC Animated Universe as well, where they were briefly romantically involved. Wonder Woman married Lord Batman on the Justice Lords World until their marriage was cut short by his death at the hands of Lady Wonder Woman. 

n the ‘Rebirth’ storyline, while battling the Hordes of Gehenna in The Realm, Diana and Bruce become trapped for decades. They share a moment of mutual attraction and almost kiss, but their commitment to other people prevents them from pursuing a romantic relationship, and they continue to maintain a strong friendship.

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