Batman vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win in a Fight?


Both Batman and Wonder Woman are among the most iconic DC characters ever created, and they are among the greatest Justice League members of all time. Although usually fighting on the same side, what would happen if the two were set up against each other in a fight? Batman is known to be a master strategist, investigator, and overall genius with a contingency plan for just about anybody. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is among the most powerful female superheroes ever created and a demigoddess. With everything said, when it comes to a battle between Wonder Woman and Batman, who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

Wonder Woman is much more powerful than Batman and would win a fight against him. Diana is stronger, faster, and more durable than Batman and would have no trouble dealing with him or his gadgets. Batman has a contingency plan to deal with Wonder Woman if the situation calls for it. However, she won the majority of their fights in the comics proving herself to be vastly more powerful than Batman. 

Now that we’ve covered that Wonder Woman would defeat Batman in a fight, it’s time to analyze how & why. We’re going to review the powers, abilities, strength, durability, and other attributes of both characters, so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Wonder Woman is a demigoddess fathered by Zeus. This makes her vastly more powerful than an average Amazonian and completely out of the league when compared to average humans. Due to her divine blessings, Diana is capable of commanding beasts, and older versions were able to utilize powerful magics. She was able to utilize god wave, cosmic awareness, and even teleport, but those powers are no longer in her primary skill set. Still, the fact that Wonder Woman is extremely powerful still stands. 


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Batman, on the other hand, is a regular human without superpowers, but through sheer willpower, training, and determination, he managed to surpass the borders of human potential and now performs far beyond the level of an Olympic Human Athlete. But in terms of energy projection or other superhuman powers, he has none. 

Due to Batman’s total lack of extra powers and abilities, this point goes to Wonder Woman. 

Points: Wonder Woman (1:0) Batman

Strength and stamina 

Wonder Woman received the blessing of Demeter, and this is what granted her enough strength to even match Kryptonians and Hercules on several occasions. Wonder Woman can lift possibly in excess of 100 tons, as she was frequently shown moving even celestial bodies with nothing but her raw strength.

She is by far among the physically strongest female superheroes in the DC comics, and her stamina is likewise nothing short of amazing. Due to her godlike physiology, Wonder Woman can exert herself at full power for long periods of time without really feeling tired or stopping the fight. Her body produces next to nothing fatigue toxins. 

Even though Batman doesn’t have super strength, he performs vastly better than the average human in this department. He can lift anywhere between 450 and 1000 pounds. This great difference is due to inconsistency in portraying Batman’s strength levels over the years. Even though Batman is not super strong, he is still capable of performing at superhuman levels, dealing with multiple attackers at the same time, and overpowering vastly more powerful characters than he is.

Batman also possesses higher levels of stamina than the average human. He can push himself past the limits and fight for a long time without stopping. He once fought for 28 hours.

Batman is stronger and has more stamina than most humans. However, he can’t compare to Wonder Woman’s godlike stamina reserves and strength levels. The point goes to Diana. 

Points: Wonder Woman (2:0) Batman


Wonder Woman’s most impressive speed feat is that she matched Flash’s cruising speed and the speed of Kryptianonas. She is among the fastest DC characters. This is due to Diana’s blessing of Hermes, which granted her the ability to fly and move at mind-blowing speeds.

This speed translates well both inside and outside of combat as it is extremely difficult to dodge a hit from Wonder Woman and, likewise, land a hit on her. She can also react vastly faster than the average human in combat, and her agility and athleticism are legendary. 

Batman is not considered a speedster in DC comics, but he is faster than a regular human. Batman can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour which is nothing compared to what Wonder Woman can do. However, he is incredibly fast in combat, and his movements are often described as invisible.

Even though Batman is fast in combat, he can’t measure up to Wonder Woman. This point goes to her. 

Points: Wonder Woman (3:0) Batman


Wonder Woman is immune to most forms of physical damage and most human calamities. She will never age past her prime and is capable of tanking nuclear-level damage. Still, she has some famous weaknesses, such as sharp weapons and bullets, and it is unknown whether bullets fired in vital areas would kill her, even considering her incredibly fast healing factor. 


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Batman doesn’t have godlike physiology, but he has peak human durability and can tank damage that would seriously disable the average human being. Most of this durability stems from his Batsuits, composed of Kevlar and a small percentage of titanium that gives him unapparelled levels of protection in combat, even against superhumans.

Although Batman is not superpowered, the rate at which his wounds heal suggests that he does have some type of slow healing factor, at least compared to an average human. 

Gear or no gear, Batman can’t withstand the damage that Wonder Woman sustains on the regular. She is vastly more durable, and due to that, the point goes to her. 

Points: Wonder Woman (4:0) Batman


Wonder Woman is extremely adaptable and experienced when you take into account that she is old and has quite a long life span. She adapted to the world outside of Themyscira fairly quickly.

She is also an extremely skilled tactical analyst and has advanced intellect due to her godly and Amazonian heritage. She learned English in a matter of days and is known to be among the best diplomates in the DC Comics Universe. 

Diana’s adaptation skills are quite legendary, as is her intelligence, but how does she compare to the best planner in the comics? Batman is renowned for his intelligence and meticulous planning; his prep is what enables him to defeat cosmic levels of strength despite not having superpowers.

He possesses skills and knowledge in various fields, such as aviation, business management, chemistry, hacking, and disguise. With an eidetic memory and proficiency in forensic pathology, he applies his knowledge to his crime-fighting endeavors.

Batman’s skills extend to mechanical engineering and invention, as he is famous for creating his own gadgets. He is regarded as one of the smartest characters in DC comics, and he has an indomitable will to pursue his goals. Batman excels as a leader and investigator, demonstrating proficiency in a wide range of technologies and weapons.

Even though Wonder Woman is smart, she can’t compare to Bruce’s super-genius intellect. This point goes to Batman. 

Points: Wonder Woman (4:1) Batman

Combat Skills 

Wonder Woman is famous for being among the most skilled combatants in the DC Universe. This is due to her long training and experience back when she was on Themyscira, where she quickly rose to the ranks among the most skilled fighters among the Amazons. Wonder Woman is famous for using a vast array of weapons while fighting crime and other cosmic threats and was known to possess some of the most powerful weapons in the DC comics Universe.

Batman is among the greatest fighters in the comics in general, as he is a master of numerous martial arts. Before he took over the identity of Caped Crusader, Batman spent 12 years wandering the planet looking for the best martial artists to train him.

He studied boxing at Roxbury Fielding Academy and received further training from Wildcat in this style. Additionally, he developed a unique fighting style called “Bam Pow,” specifically designed to fight with the Batman Who Laughs. Batman is also skilled in Dim Mak, an ancient martial art that focuses on striking vital points of the opponent’s body to induce paralysis, intense pain, or even death.

He possesses knowledge of Ninjitsu, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Tae Kwon Do, showcasing his diverse training. Despite fatigue and blood loss, Batman demonstrated his wrestling abilities by engaging in a match with a bear. He is also skilled in stick fighting and has trained his proteges, the Robins, in using bo-staffs. 

Both Batman and Wonder Woman are good at what they do, and even though Wonder Woman would, due to her physical abilities have an advantage in combat, both get the point due to the sheer impressiveness of Batman’s martial arts knowledge. 

Points: Wonder Woman (5:2) Batman

Wonder Woman vs. Batman: Who is stronger & Who would win in a fight? 

As you can see by our analysis, Wonder Woman is vastly more powerful than Batman and can surpass him in all physical aspects. Due to her godly heritage, she is faster, stronger, and more durable, she has insane levels of power, and there really is no shame in losing to her. Batman excels in intelligence, and even though she has a plan on how to deal with her, this is not something we’ve seen since Wonder Woman won almost all of their fights in the comics. Contingency plan aside, there really is no way for Batman to win this one. 


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Who do you think would win in a battle when it comes to Batman & Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments below. 

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