Is Wonder Woman Gay, Bisex, or Straight?

Wonder woman love interest

In all of comic book history, there’s arguably no superheroine greater and more popular than Wonder Woman. She’s one of the DC Universe’s most powerful beings, and as such, her life has always fallen under a lot of scrutiny by the fandom. Of particular interest are her love life and the romances she has ignited in her 80-year history. That said, one can’t help but “wonder” what is the sexual orientation of Wonder Woman. Is she gay, bisexual, or straight?

Wonder Woman is bisexual. In the comics, she’s dated both men and women, most notably Steve Trevor, Superman, Batman, an Amazon woman named Kasia, and Alethea, an Amazon Stablewoman. In the DCEU, Steve Trevor is, until now, her only love, so we’ll have to wait to see how her love life unfolds.

Over the years, multiple DC writers and executives have confirmed the Amazing Amazon’s sexual orientation. This article will dive into the comics and movies, revisiting her former flames to give an in-depth picture of her sexuality. So read on till the end for all this!

Wonder Woman’s Romantic Interests in Comics and Movies

Wonder Woman is one of the most complex characters in the DC Universe. She was born and raised in a community consisting only of Amazon women warriors, Themyscira. It can be argued that she, being a warrior herself, had more pressing matters than pursuing an active love life. However, you’ll discover that ever since her debut in All-Star Comics in 1941, she’s had quite a rich romantic history, having an affair or two between saving the world. This section explores her romantic conquests in both the comics and the movies.


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Even in the Golden Age of comics, when much of the population was against anything other than heterosexuality, Wonder Woman prevailed as a bisexual character. It only makes sense since she grew up in a community consisting only of women before she left Themyscira with the first man to arrive on the island.

In the comics, she had romantic relationships with:

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is Diana’s ultimate love interest. He was the first man that Diana ever encountered and was the first non-Amazon to set foot on Themyscira. He’s a long-standing love of Diana and has been in and out of her story numerous times, dying, being reborn, and revised to fit various eras.

Steve Trevor


Mala is an Amazon woman Diana had a relationship with before she left with Steve Trevor. Mala and Diana share a deep bond that is evident when Mala is angered that she left with a random man.


Wonder Woman Vol. 5, published under the DC Rebirth initiative, sees Diana preparing herself to leave Themyscira. Of interest in this story is the fact that Diana is having a hard time bidding one particular Amazon farewell, Kasia. Kasia remarks that if Diana leaves, it would break her heart. This, however, didn’t stop Diana from leaving.

Wonder Woman Kaisa 1


Wonder Woman first encountered Aquaman in the comic Aquaman Annual #1 in 1995. A young Arthur Curry finds himself in the seas near Themyscira. Here, he saves her from Triton, a sea god. Later on, Aquaman remarks on his attraction to this mysterious woman.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman also had an affair in the ‘Flashpoint’ storyline. Mera finds out and accosts Wonder Woman, only to get killed. Aquaman then declares war on the Amazons.


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The story Wonder Woman: The True Amazon paints the picture of a reckless and troublesome young Diana. She falls deeply in love with a stablewoman named Alethea, but the latter is blind to Diana’s advances. Eventually, Alethea would die after attempting to rescue Diana.

Wonder Woman and Alethea


At one time, Diana was ready to settle down after a string of failed relationships. This is where Tom Tresser, the vigilante Nemesis, comes in. She admits that he’s a perfect fit for the Amazon culture and that she likes him. She even goes as far as to propose. Things don’t go so well as Tom’s lifestyle doesn’t suit being married.


Teasers of a relationship between the Bat and Wonder Woman began way back in 1968’s The Brave and The Bold #78. In this issue, Wonder Woman and Batgirl seemingly fight over the affections of Batman as both of them are enamored by him. Since then, not much of their relationship has been explored, but since they maintain a good friendship, they do get lovey-dovey with each other on occasion, for example, in JLA #90.

Wonder Woman and Batman dinner date


If you think about it, none would be as great a love for Wonder Woman as Superman. The two are basically similar, having a thirst for justice and powers that almost match. Supes and Diana became an item in The New 52 era in Justice League #12. However, this relationship was short-lived.


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In the DCEU, Wonder Woman has appeared in several films. She first appeared in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and went on to be a major character in Wonder Woman, Justice League, and its 2021 Snyder’s Cut, and Wonder Woman 1984.

In all her time in these films, Diana has only ever been involved with Steve Rogers. The two lovebirds’ origin story is explained in 2017’s Wonder Woman. The two meet when Steve crashes into the ocean in Themyscira after being shot down. Diana sees all this and rescues him before she and her Amazon compatriots help defeat those who were after him.

Diana learns that the outside world is at war and vows to stop Ares, the God of War. She, therefore, accompanies Steve to the outside world, eventually falling deeply in love with him. Sadly though, Steve would die towards the end of the movie, and Diana never really recovers from the pain.

We next encounter Steve in Wonder Woman 1984. Diana acquires the Dreamstone which grants you your heart’s desire. We learn that after all those years, Diana is still in love with Steve and can’t get over him. The Dreamstone brings Steve back but it takes Diana’s powers away. She’s, therefore, forced to let him go once again.

As of yet, Diana doesn’t have any other love. However, a burgeoning romance between her and Batman has been teased in future films. Still, we’ll have to wait to see how her love life pans out in the DCEU.

The Bottom Line: Is Wonder Woman Gay, Bisex, or Straight?

Wonder Woman is bisexual. It only makes sense since she grew up in Themyscira which only consisted of females throughout millennia. She famously responds to Superman saying he didn’t know they had “gay” marriages by telling him that to them, it’s just marriage.

Wonder Woman and Clark 1

In the comics, she’s documented to be involved with both men and women. What’s more DC writers and executives have also confirmed her sexuality, not that it was ever in doubt. In the DCEU, Wonder Woman has until now only been involved with Steve Rogers so we’ll have to wait to see what the future holds.

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