Did Loki Become Yggdrasil at the End of Season 2? Well It’s Complicated

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Season 2 of ‘Loki’ concluded in the best way imaginable, seemingly tying up neatly his character arc from all previous MCU projects, and much of the focus has been put on his new role as God of Stories or God of Time. Loki now has the most vital function in the Multiverse saga as he holds all timelines together, taking the form of what we can only assume is Yggdrasil. But did Loki truly become the tree, and can he be separated from it? This is what we’re going to attempt to answer. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Loki didn’t become Yggdrasil; it’s likely that the tree formed around him, and he sits at the core of the tree, allowing the timelines to keep living. 
  • Loki can be separated from the tree; most likely, it would be as easy as letting go of all the branches, but it would most likely result in the destruction of all these branches. 

Loki is now the only thing that keeps the Multiverse from collapsing

Ever since the ‘Loki’ season 2 started airing, we know that Loki and the TVA tried to keep the Temporal Loom from exploding and wiping out almost all of reality. 

What they didn’t know at the time is that Temporal Loom was programmed to do that, and all of their attempts were futile; it was always going to end with everything being wiped, except the Sacred Timeline, which is the timeline in which He Who Remains exists as the only variant of Nathaniel Richards

This is the core of the problem that bothered Loki and why Sylvie killed He Who Remains in the first place. This fact is that no one had the free will to do anything he wanted. If you stepped from your “pre-determined” path, you would likely be pruned, or your entire reality would be pruned, making He Who Remains and the TVA the biggest mass killers in the history of the MCU, yes, overshadowing even Thanos

Loki, however found a solution to keep both the timelines and the free will. 


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The tree formed around Loki when he sat on the throne, dragging branches and roots 

When Loki destroyed the Temporal Loom, the raw time that was being converted into timelines exploded all around, forming lines that were rapidly dying. Loki figured that as soon as he touched the timelines with his newfound time-manipulating powers, he could bring those timelines back to life. 

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He collected numerous, infinite timelines and started dragging them along with him; with great effort, he assumed his place on the throne of He Who Remains, and a massive tree formed around him. But, as we could see at the end of the show, Loki was still a distinct part of the tree, sitting at its core, providing the tree with sufficient energy to keep the branches from dying off and collapsing. 

Loki dragging branches

Can Loki be separated from the tree? 

This wasn’t confirmed or anything. It’s just my assumption, so take it with a grain of salt. Loki could technically be separated from the tree. He could be forced to let go of the branches and roots that form the “infinity,” but separating those branches and roots from Loki would result in their destruction, something that started happening to them before Loki touched them on the gangway. 

There’s also a rumor that Loki and He Who Remains will be featured in more projects in the MCU, which means that Loki has to have some kind of active role in the story going forward. 

In any case, changing Loki’s current role in the MCU would have disastrous consequences for the Multiverse, and quite frankly, this ending is perfect, so it would be a real shame to separate him from his new role. 

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