Does Mon-El Come Back in ‘Supergirl’? Explained

Does Mon-El Come Back in Supergirl? Explained

Supergirl‘ series introduced us to many cool comic book characters and teams that were more than present in the most notable DC comic books. Especially in the Pre-Crisis era, when Kara Zor-El was quite presentable in the Superman comics, and one team was also quite popular – Legion of Super-Heroes. Of course, besides Brainiac-5, Saturn Girl, and Superboy, one Daxamite was also part of the notable superhero group, and his name was Lar Gand or Mon-El. In the Arrowverse, Mon-El is a prince of Daxam, a sister planet of Krypton, and in season two, he lands on Earth, where Kara eventually mentors him. Of course, they get together further in the show, but Mon-El needs to leave the Earth after his mother, Queen Rhea, attacks the planet in season three. Kara tearfully says goodbye to her lover, and it seems that is the last we see from Mon-El in the ‘Supergirl’ show. Or is it? Does Mon-El come back?

Mon-El leaves Earth after his mother, Queen Rhea, attacks the planet, and Lena Luthor poisons the atmosphere with lead to repel the Daxamites to save humans. Earth is not suitable for Mon-El due to lead, and during his journey back home, he enters a wormhole and arrives in the 31st century. He is cured in the future by L-Corp and works with the government to form the Legion, a superhero team inspired by Supergirl. He eventually returns to the 21st century, helping Kara beat the Worldkillers, and once again returns to help Superfriends in the series finale in season six.

Mon-El is quite notable in the DC comics, especially during Pre-Crisis, having more connection to Superboy and Superman than Supergirl, but in the show, Mon-El was Kara’s love interest and first more serious relationship. He returned a few times, which we will explain further in the article.

Why Mon-El left the Earth in the ‘Supergirl’ show?

Season one saw Kara’s beginnings as Supergirl, and she was tested by various enemies that were quite close to her – her aunt Astra comes to mind. Moreover, we saw Kara experience the symptoms of Red Kryptonite that almost destroyed her mentally, but she managed to pull through in the end.

In season two of the show, we see new characters, most notably Lena Luthor and Mon-El, a Daxamite prince stranded on Earth after escaping his home planet’s destruction.

Does Mon-El Come Back in Supergirl? Explained
Mon-El arrives on Earth in season two of ‘Supergirl.’

He is found by Kara herself in the pod, similar to hers when she arrived on Earth herself. After Supergirl and J’onn J’onnz take the Daxamite back to D.E.O to investigate his origins, the crew realizes that the mysterious man is actually invulnerable, like Supergirl and Superman. They initially thought Mon-El was Kryptonian, but after Supergirl overpowers him, D.E.O. realizes his origins.

Kara eventually tells Mon-El that Krypton’s debris destroyed his home planet, Daxam, and decides to help the fellow alien to adapt to Earth and its life. Mon-El adopts the name Mike Matthews and joins Supergirl to protect National City. During that time, we see Kara and Mon-El getting closer to each other and eventually starting a romantic relationship.


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Their relationship has ups and downs, but they still care for each other. However, in season three, the extraterrestrial threat endangers Earth, specifically Queen Rhea, the Daxamite ruler and Mon-El’s mother, who arrives in National City to seek revenge against Supergirl.

This causes the evil queen to bring Daxamites troops to Earth to invade the planet. Now, this is where it gets complicated for Mon-El – his mother plots the arranged marriage to Lena Luthor to bring her son back to her, but Superfriends discover that the only way to stop the Daxamite invasion is to poison Earth’s atmosphere with lead.

Does Mon-El Come Back in Supergirl? Explained
The Legion was founded and led by Mon-El in the 31st century.

Lilian and Lena Luthor build a special device and release the lead into Earth’s atmosphere, causing Daxamites to leave the planet. In the meantime, Queen Rhea is defeated, while Mon-El needs to leave the planet since the lead is affecting him negatively. Supergirl and Mon-El have a tearful farewell, and Mon-El leaves in his pod to space, where he gets “sucked in” the wormhole and ends up in the 31st century.

The future seems bright for National City, where L-Corp is finally relieved of Lex Luthor’s bad reputation, and Supergirl is a legendary figure. Seeing the potential of the future and his renowned purpose, Mon-El forms a special superhero group called The Legion, which includes Brainiac-5 and Saturn Girl, whom he eventually marries.

Everything seems great for Mon-El, but does he return to the 21st century and the ‘Supergirl’ show? Let’s find out.

When Mon-El returns to the 21st century in the ‘Supergirl’ series?

After Mon-El leaves the Earth and ends up in the future, Supergirl faces a new challenge – the Reign and Worldkillers. These powerful enemies truly tested Supergirl, with Reign being the most powerful foe she ever faced at that moment.

The genetically engineered Kryptonian warriors, with Reign as the leader, were getting stronger and stronger, but when the Legion crashed into the 21st century once again, they decided to stay and help the Superfriends to defeat a powerful threat. Moreover, Mon-El has another motivation for staying in the 21st century – he wants to resolve lingering feelings for Kara.

Does Mon-El Come Back in Supergirl? Explained
One last goodbye between Kara and Mon-El in the last episode of season six, the series finale.

After the threat was resolved, the Legion returned to the 31st century, but when the imp from the fifth dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk, who shows Supergirl two alternate timelines. Kara is shown the timeline where Mon-El never left the Earth and stayed with her, but his fate is tragic – he dies protecting Kara.

Another timeline sees Supergirl helping Mon-El and the members of the resistance fight off against the dictator of National City, Lena Luthor, but these were only alternate timelines produced by the imp to “play” with Supergirl’s mind. When it comes to Mon-El, he stayed in the 31st century until his return in the last episode of the ‘Supergirl’ series. In the series finale in season six, we see Superfriends fighting against Lex Luthor and Nyxlxgsptlnz.

Mon-El helps Kara against her evil doppelganger, specifically Overgirl from Earth-X, and even attends William Dey’s funeral with the rest of the crew. He is invited to Alex and Kelly’s wedding but declines the invitation stating he needs to return to the 31st century. Kara and Mon-El say goodbye for the last time and, ultimately, depart for the last time in the show.

Mon-El had quite a journey in the show, from being a clueless, arrogant man-child to becoming a true superhero and the leader of the new world in the future.

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