Who Does Supergirl End Up With? (Comics & TV Show)

Who Does Supergirl End Up With? (Comics & TV Show)

Supergirl‘ TV show was another Arrowverse show that aired from 2015 to 2021. In its six seasons, we saw Kara Zor-El becoming a “Girl of Steel” and protector of National City, where she would transform into a powerful protector of the world. Of course, as with every Arrowverse show, Supergirl was part of that universe as well, and we saw many crossovers that would result in major events that would change the world. Besides being a superhero and Superman’s cousin, Kara-Zor El had to hide her powers and live as a civilian Kara Danvers, a journalist employed by Cat Grant and her media empire, CatCo. In the comics, Kara is also Superman’s cousin and shares most of her origin story with her TV counterpart. However, in the comics, Kara Zor-El is a high schooler, while the Arrowverse versions see Supergirl as an adult. That didn’t stop us from thinking about Kara Zor-El’s romantic “endgames” in the comics and TV show. So, who does Supergirl end with?

Kara Danvers didn’t end up with anyone in the ‘Supergirl’ TV show. She was involved with Jimmy Olsen, Mon-El, William Dey, and Adam Foster; however, she didn’t end up with any of them in the TV series. In the comics, Kara Danvers is a bit younger (currently around 21 years old) and only attempted dating Dick Grayson, but that didn’t work out. Both Arrowverse versions and comic book versions of Supergirl don’t have a significant other.

Of course, the Arrowverse version of Supergirl is inspired more by the “older” version of the character, but the showrunners took the setting of Supergirl and most of her origins from the current version of the character. Nevertheless, both Supergirls had a fair share of romantic interests in their lives, which we will discuss in this article.

Supergirl in the DC comics

Pre-Crisis Supergirl was quite adventurous in her romantic relationships

One of the most confusing parts of being a DC fan is the constant changes to its characters and continuity. Supergirl has been one of the biggest “victims” regarding retcons and discontinuation. Originally, Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El first appeared in the comics in 1959 in ‘Action Comics.’

Who Does Supergirl End Up With? (Comics & TV Show)

Supergirl was a Kryptonian hero based in Midvale, the suburban town just outside of Metropolis, and the cousin of Superman. She was never truly “out” as a hero since her cousin “used” her as a secret weapon of sorts.

She arrived on Earth after the demise of Krypton when she was 15 years old and was sent to another planet to survive by her parents, Zor-El and Allura. In this storyline, Kara’s parents knew Kal-El (Superman) was already on Earth and sent their daughter to the Man of Tomorrow to raise the teenager.

Kara adopted the name Linda Lee and proceeded to hide her true identity and train with her cousin. Eventually, Superman unveiled Supergirl to the whole world, and everyone found out that there were two Kryptonians on Earth. During that time, Supergirl became a proper superhero who helped others protect the Earth.

Who Does Supergirl End Up With? (Comics & TV Show)

During that time, Kara had few romances. Dick Malverne was Kara’s first serious boyfriend, who eventually died of cancer. Jerro, the Atlantean, liked Kara, but she never reciprocated her feelings, while Brainiac 5 was Supergirl’s biggest love from 1959 to 1985. However, Supergirl dies during ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ and is permanently removed from DC continuity and replaced by Power Girl, a version of the character from Earth-2.


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Post-Crisis Supergirl seems more reserved with her romantic interests

After over twenty years, Supergirl is finally back in the main continuity of the comics and revived in the ‘Superman/Batman’ #8 comic book in 2004. During this era, Supergirl didn’t have many significant love interests, but when New 52 launched and rebooted many characters’ stories, including Supergirl’s, Kara actually went on a date with none other than Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder himself. The date was a disaster in the end, and this hilarious story came in ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #12 comic book.

DC Rebirth brought us a disastrous date between Dick Grayson and Kara Zor-El that didn’t end up anywhere, but her Elseworlds counterparts are much more adventurous and fluid in their preferences

Another soft reboot of the character with DC Rebirth sees Kara Zor-El becoming a teenager and moving away from Metropolis to National City. DC decided to implement some of the elements from the TV show into the DC comics so fans don’t get confused, and it worked.


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However, besides Dick Grayson, we barely saw Supergirl’s date in the comics; there are versions of the Elseworlds storylines, like ‘Dark Knights of Steel,’ Kara, who dates various superheroes. Most notably, Princess Zala Jor-El (essentially the alternate version of the Kara Zor-El) dates a daughter of Amazonia, Princess Diana (the alternate version of Wonder Woman).

Who Does Supergirl End Up With? (Comics & TV Show)
Zala Jor-El, the alternate version of Kara Zor-El dating Princess Diana, the alternate version of Wonder Woman.

They’re still dating in the ongoing Tom Taylor comic book story, and in ‘DC Bombshells’ from 2016, Supergirl dates Elois Lane (an alternate version of Lois Lane). Nevertheless, the main continuity of comics, the DC Universe (after DC Rebirth), sees Supergirl not very keen on dating, which is surprising for such a huge female character. There are some men in her life, but those relationships aren’t that significant to her – she is busy saving the world and is fairly young (currently 21 years of age).

Elseworlds versions of Kara Zor-El date a lot, and her most notable relationships are with other women, making Supergirl more fluid in her preferences.

Supergirl in Arrowverse

‘Supergirl’ TV show had its good moments. It introduced us to the live-action version of the character who did follow comics and simultaneously adapted Kara’s story to the television format. It was good at the beginning, but as usual with the Arrowverse series’, changes in showrunners and shallow storylines made the solid show go a bit stale.

However, Kara Danvers got her proper ending in the show, but people wondered if she ended up with someone. Interestingly enough, she didn’t. Kara’s dating history in the ‘Supergirl’ show was ‘rocky’ to say the least since she dated four men who were, to be completely fair, totally uninteresting.

Who Does Supergirl End Up With? (Comics & TV Show)
Kara Danvers and Jimmy Olsen.

This is what made the show boring at times – certain characters got a lot of screen time, which was unwarranted. Of course, Kara deserved to be happy with someone, but the men she was with were totally uninspiring. Her first relationship ended pretty quickly, specifically with Cat Grant’s son, Adam. They went on one date, and Kara quickly realized that her journalist and superhero career were more important to her.

Later, we see Kara dating James Olsen, the best friend of Clark Kent and Winn Schott. He was involved with multiple women in the series, including Kara, Lucy Lane, and Lena Luthor. He was an art director for CatCo Worldwide Media in National City, and during the first and second seasons of the show, Jimmy and Kara were dating.


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Another quite short relationship, and it ended quickly in the second season. Then we have Mon-El, a Daxamite who landed on Earth after his home planet was destroyed. This relationship was quite bad, to say the least, and frankly, it didn’t make sense in the show’s context. Not knowing Earth’s culture and etiquette, Mon-El is acting like a child and only causing headaches to Kara and the others. He eventually gets better, but in all honesty, Mon-El and Kara barely had any TV chemistry, which was a big minus for many fans, but they didn’t have to fear long since Mon-El eventually left the Earth. This moment was emotional for Kara, but she had to move on.

mon el and kara
Kara Danvers and Mon-El.

Finally, Kara’s last big romantic interest was William Dey, a renowned reporter who came to CatCo to investigate Andrea Rojas and learn about the death of his best friend. When Oliver Queen restores the new Multiverse, Dey becomes Kara’s friend and crush, whom she never can say how she feels.

This relationship was fine, but it was still quite boring for Kara’s character. In the end, Supergirl doesn’t get a guy, or a girl, specifically Lena Luthor, with whom she had the most chemistry, but the showrunners never realized that.

What’s your opinion of the topic? Who was supposed to be an endgame for Kara in the ‘Supergirl’ and the ultimate lover for the comic book version? Let us know in the comments below.

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