Is Supergirl Gay, Straight, or Bi? Comics & Arrowverse


The world of comic books has become a lot more open than it used to be because there are now a lot of different characters that have become open about their sexuality, even though the comic book world used to be dominated by straight males and females. In that regard, there are now a lot of strong and capable female characters that may or may not be in the LGBTQ+ community. Supergirl is one of the most popular female characters that fans can easily relate to. But is Supergirl gay, straight, or bisexual?

Supergirl’s sexuality has always leaned toward being straight in comic books. However, in the Arrowverse version of Supergirl, some hints point to the possibility that she may be queer. However, there was nothing that confirmed that Supergirl is gay.

Although a lot of people love the fact that Supergirl is one of the most open shows we’ve seen in recent years, especially regarding the sexuality of the different characters in the storyline, the fact is that Kara Zor-El has always been portrayed as a straight female character in the comics. As long as she has yet to make herself exclusive to girls, we can’t say she’s gay or bisexual.

What is Supergirl’s sexuality?

Often an icon in comic books, Supergirl has always been one of the most popular female superheroes because she is just as strong as Superman. In that regard, many women can see themselves in Supergirl as she has become one of the most popular characters in the world of comic books, which strong male characters have always dominated.

Due to her popularity, Supergirl has gotten many people wondering whether or not she is gay. That’s because strong female heroes that are either gay or bisexual have become quite normal in the world of comic books and television shows. So, what is Supergirl’s sexuality?

In the comic books, Supergirl has always been more of a straight character because all the characters she has dated are male. There aren’t a lot of indicators that would make people think that she’s anything other than a straight female character. However, that’s not exactly the case in the CW ‘Supergirl’ series, which belongs to the Arrowverse.


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The Arrowverse version of Supergirl has become a queer icon in today’s modern world. She was portrayed as having a very good friendship with Lena Luthor. When Kara and Lena met in the series, they immediately realized they had a connection. As such, they became friends so close that fans immediately thought there could be something more between them.

However, there was never a true indication that Kara and Lena were dating or were in love. It might be true that they were happy with one another as friends. But the fact is that there is yet to be anything in the series that says that Supergirl and Luthor are in a relationship or have feelings for one another.

That is why we cannot conclude that Supergirl is gay or that she is, at the very least, bisexual. In that regard, the most logical conclusion is that she is straight both in the comics and the Arrowverse TV series. However, we are happy enough to accept her for who she is if she ever starts dating a female character both in the comics and the TV series.

Is Supergirl in a relationship?

As mentioned, Kara Zor-El is straight regarding her storyline in both the comics and the Arrowverse TV series. That’s because her history says that she has only dated male characters. And Supergirl has had a long history of dating many different characters in comic books.


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Some of the most notable names that Supergirl dated in the comic books and the TV show include James Olsen, Jerro the Merboy, and Captain Boomerang. However, the people she has dated have been reduced to a few people in the modern version of the character.

In the TV series, the most notable character she dated was Mon-El, a Daxamite superhero with powers on par with Supergirl’s own powers. Mon-El also became one of the most prominent people that Supergirl dated because the real-life actor of the Arrowverse Mon-El married the actress of ‘Supergirl.’

They also dated in the comics and animated TV shows. However, in the recent ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ animated movie, Mon-El became a traitor that sided with the original Brainiac because he believed that only Brainiac could bring about true peace.

Meanwhile, in both the comics and the animated movie, Supergirl dated Brainiac 5, a distant descendant of the original Brainiac. He was a reserved and quiet character that the other members of the Legion of Super-Heroes didn’t trust because he was related to the original Brainiac. However, it was later revealed that he was actually a kindhearted person. He is often considered the best character that Supergirl has ever dated.

In the comics, the most recent character that Supergirl dated is Z’ndr Kol, an orphaned Coluan who encountered Kara while Supergirl tried to make sense of what happened to Krypton. Z’ndr eventually turned on his mother after he learned she was involved in destroying Kara’s home planet. Even though they tried their best to keep the relationship alive, Kara’s relationship with Z’ndr didn’t last long because Z’ndr had to remain home to lead his people.

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