Dr. Fate vs. Scarlet Witch: Which Sorcerer Is Stronger & Would Win in a Fight?

Both DC and Marvel Comics have their own characters that rely on magic and mystical elements in a fight. Of course, Dr. Fate from DC is one of the most well-known magical entities, as is Scarlet Witch in Marvel. Both of these sorcerers are incredibly strong in their own right, as they can do a lot of things with their magical abilities. But in a battle between Dr. Fate and Scarlet Witch, who would win?

Scarlet Witch is likely to win in a fight against Dr. Fate because her powers come with fewer limitations. It might be true that Dr. Fate is empowered by one of the strongest cosmic entities in the universe, but his capabilities are quite limited because he doesn’t have Nabu’s full power.

Let’s make things clear here by saying that we are talking about Dr. Fate and not necessarily Nabu, who is the one residing within the Helmet of Fate. As such, if we were talking about Nabu, this could be a different story. But since we are talking about Dr. Fate here, then that would mean that Scarlet Witch should have the advantage over him because of her reality-warping powers.


Dr. Fate may be an ordinary person in the form of Kent Nelson but Nabu, through the Helmet of Fate, strengthened his body so that he could become the perfect host for his powers. As such, Nelson has superhuman strength that allows him to become stronger than regular human beings, although he isn’t quite as strong as other superhuman characters like Superman. Still, he has strength that surpasses what ordinary humans are capable of.

Despite the fact that Scarlet Witch is an amazing sorcerer and has incredible powers that could basically change the entire world, her physical capabilities are still human. None of her physical abilities were ever altered by her powers, and that means that she doesn’t have any kind of advantage when her magical powers are taken away from her. As such, she isn’t capable of feats of strength that superpowered characters are capable of, although she often relies on her magic to do the heavy lifting.

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The fact that Dr. Fate has superhuman strength would give him the edge here, especially if both he and Scarlet Witch were unable to use their powers.

Nelson 1, Maximoff 0

Magical Powers

Dr. Fate primarily draws his power from the Helmet of Fate and the other artifacts of Fate, as these allow him to use powerful spells that primarily focus on magical energy blasts and photokinesis. However, whenever he draws out the full power of the Helmet of Fate, he is also capable of telekinesis at such a powerful level that allows him to move and control incredibly heavy objects. He is also able to fly and phase through objects while using the power of the Helmet.

Scarlet Witch’s power comes from her ability to draw power from chaos magic, which is a form of dark energy that allows her to control various elements of mystical energy and even warp reality as we speak. In that regard, a single word from Scarlet Witch is enough for her to change reality, as she could even erase things from existence by merely warping reality. She could also manipulate various forms of energy for offensive attacks that are enough to hurt the likes of Thanos himself.

The fact that Scarlet Witch has enough magical power to warp reality is what gives her the definite edge here. There is no question that her reality-warping powers trump what Dr. Fate can do.

Nelson 1, Maximoff 1


Due to the fact that Nabu needed Kent Nelson’s body to be strong enough to be his vessel, he strengthened it. On top of that, thanks to the powers given to Dr. Fate, he is basically invulnerable and is capable of withstanding attacks that could normally kill other people. That means that he is very durable despite the fact that he is mostly someone who doesn’t see too much action on the front.

While she may be a powerful witch with a host of magical abilities that allow her to warp reality, Scarlet Witch’s body is not impervious to damage. She is still a regular human being as far as her durability is concerned, and that means that a good hit from a well-timed attack can injure or kill her. Even though she does have abilities that allow her to heal from injuries, she is still quite vulnerable to attacks that could hurt or kill any ordinary human being.

Dr. Fate has superhuman durability that allows him to be invulnerable to most attacks that could injure or kill normal human beings. But we can’t say the same for Scarlet Witch.

Nelson 2, Maximoff 1

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Fighting Abilities

While it might be true that Kent Nelson is powerful with the Helmet of Fate, he doesn’t have a lot of experience fighting without the use of his powers and magical abilities. In fact, he hardly ever fights in close-combat situations as he would rather use his powers against his opponents instead of using his fists. Of course, Dr. Fate is still a trained martial artist that skilled in jujitsu, but close combat was never really his specialty.

Even though Scarlet Witch isn’t a close-combat specialist, she still is a well-trained fighter that learned a lot during her time with the Avengers. As such, she was able to learn under the likes of Captain America when she was an Avenger. But while she is trained in multiple forms of martial arts and styles of combat, she is never really at the level of the other close-combat specialists in the world of Marvel Comics.

Scarlet Witch is probably the better-trained fighter between the two, even though neither she nor Dr. Fate can fight as well as the other close-combat specialists in their respective comic book worlds.

Nelson 2, Maximoff 2


One of the biggest weaknesses of Dr. Fate is that he can’t do a lot without relying on the powers that Nabu gave him. He still has a strong body and can still perform certain spells that are mystical in nature. But without his Helmet of Nabu, he isn’t really much of a threat as he isn’t very powerful. As such, he is just a tad more powerful than a regular human being.

The biggest weakness that Scarlet Witch has is the fact that her physiology is still human. This has always been one of the things that her opponents often exploited, as she can still get hurt when exposed to attacks that can hurt or injure regular human beings. While she does have spells that allow her to protect herself from harm, she is still quite vulnerable when attacked in the right place at the right time.

While Scarlet Witch is just a regular human being in terms of her physiology, she is still very much useful in any given situation. On the other hand, without the Helmet of Fate, Dr. Fate really isn’t much of a threat.

Nelson 2, Maximoff 3

Dr. Fate vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Wins?

If we are talking about Dr. Fate here instead of Nabu, which is the incredibly powerful cosmic being that gives him powers, then Scarlet Witch should be able to defeat him in a fight. However, if we are talking about Nabu instead, then it is possible that Scarlet Witch won’t stand a chance against him. But given the fact that Dr. Fate isn’t as strong as the source of his powers, then Maximoff should be able to use her superior magical powers to her advantage over Kent Nelson, who might be superior in terms of his physique but inferior in terms of his powers.

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