Top 10 Superheroes Who Use Mystical Weapons (Marvel and DC)

Top 10 Superheroes Who Use Mystical Weapons Marvel and DC

Weapons take all shapes and sizes in the comic book universe. Some are round and some are square. Some are capable of causing incredible destruction and some are capable of nothing more than being a paperweight. 

Of all the different types, none are arguably as important or as powerful as the mystical ones. These weapons draw their power from otherworldly places and as such, very little rivals their capabilities. Wielding one takes more than the average superhero. Wielding one takes the strength and will that is only found in the top tier of heroes.

Now, if you’re wondering who they are, I’d love to tell you. That is if you’ll permit me 5 minutes. Here are the top 10 superheroes that wield mystical weapons.

10. Pixie

Origin of Pixie

The Souldagger is the smaller but equally powerful version of the Soulsword. Unlike the Soulsword, which belongs to Magik, the Souldagger belongs to Pixie. The Souldagger is a manifestation of Pixie‘s soul. She acquired it after being transported to the Limbo Dimension by the demon Belasco. He brought her (and a few others) to Limbo in an attempt to find Magik. Try as they may, the group was unable to fend off the demon and his minions. Luckily, Darkchylde appeared and gave the group aid. To beat Belasco, however, Darkchylde required the Soulsword (she had lost her own).

Doing this meant that one member of the group had to give up a portion of their soul. Much to the protest of her friends, Pixie agreed and Darkchylde began the extraction. The result was a smaller version of the sword, the Souldagger. Like the Soulsword, the Souldagger is able to disrupt magical spells and beings, usually causing both to disappear. In addition, the more it is used, the more powerful it becomes.

9. Hawkgirl 

Hawkgirl Origin

In her original origin story, Hawkgirl is actually Shiera Sanders Hall who is actually the reincarnated version of the Egyptian Princess Chay-Ara. Chay-Ara and her husband, Khufu, were given powers after stumbling upon a crashed ship. The powers, however, came at a cost. In addition to the powers, their sworn enemy, Hath-Set cursed them. His curse made it so that they would die and be reborn over and over again at the peak of their love for one another. 

A couple of centuries later, Chay-Ara was reborn as Shiera Sanders. Because the two (Chay-Ara and Khufu (Hawkman)) still shared a bond, they quickly found one another and resumed their relationship. During this time, Shiera was kidnapped by Dr. Anton Haster (the reincarnated form of Hath-Set). Khufu, now Carter Hall, set out to and successfully rescued his love. Now together again, Shiera was given a costume, a belt made from the gravity-defying Nth Metal, took the name Hawkgirl, and began fighting crime with and without her lover.


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With the power of Nth Metal, Hawkgirl is able to fly, has enhanced strength and sight, is able to regulate his own temperature, is immortal through reincarnation, and heals quicker than most. 

8. Red Hood

Jason Todd Anti-Hero

Although the Red Hood is usually seen dishing out vigilante justice with a pair of semi-automatic pistols, his most deadly weapons are a powerful pair of mystical weapons known as the All-Blades. 

After being resurrected by the Lazarus Put, Jason Todd was secretly taken to the All-Castle for more training. The leader of the All-Castle (a 3000-year-old woman named Ducra) immediately sensed the pain and death that Jason will cause throughout his life. As a part of his training, he learned to use his anger as a mechanism for doing good in the world. Through this, he learned to summon the All-Blades.

The All-Blades take their power directly from Jason’s life force. As such, they can be called upon at a moment’s notice and appear from nothing. They are extremely powerful weapons but lose their power should they become too exhausted or sustain too much damage in battle.

7. Valkyrie 

Valkyrie Origin

Valkyrie is an Asgardian and as such, has most traits that you’d think come with being one. She’s nearly immortal, has superhuman strength, speed, and durability, and is capable of beating anyone in battle, Thor included. Further to these, she is also the leader of Odin’s famed Valkyrior, or the Warrior Women who preside over the battlefields of fallen men.

At the side of Valkyrie lies the Dragonfang. The Dragonfang is a sword that is said to be carved from the tooth of an extra-dimensional dragon. Although the Dragonfang looks like a normal sword, it isn’t. The sword is able to absorb magic and shatter mystical barriers. Time hasn’t been too kind to Valkyrie and it’s only now that she’s a part of the MCU that she’s finally getting the attention that she deserves.

6. Magik 

The History of Magik Illyana Rasputin

As far as X-Men go, Magik has one of the most bizarre stories in history. She is the younger sister of Colossus and remained that way for most of her existence. Eventually, she wound up trapped in the Limbo Dimension. While there she became immensely powerful and created what’s come to be known as the Soulsword.


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The Soulsword is the by-product of Magik causing her own energy to physically form in front of her. When this happens, she draws the Soulsword from it. On its own, the sword is a formidable weapon. However, if used as a weapon, it’s only doing half of what it can do. The Soulsword is able to disrupt magical spells and beings, usually causing both to disappear. And as the sword is used more and more, it becomes more powerful. Of all the superheroes who use mystical weapons, Magik has one of the coolest.

5. Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange Comics

If this were a list of mystical weapons that superheroes have used, it could be comprised of only Dr. Strange weapons. After all, he has an entire building of them. Alas, it isn’t. It’s a  list of superheroes who use mystical weapons and as such, I’m only allowing myself to choose one of his many. For the purpose of this list, I choose the Cloak of Levitation.

The Cloak of Levitation allows Dr. Strange to do exactly what it sounds like it should allow him to do. With it, he can fly, float, levitate, hover, and/or soar above the ground. The MCU further expanded on its abilities when it made the Cloak a sentient being. Suddenly, in addition to flight, the Cloak could also attack its opponents and defend itself from attacks. 

4. Black Knight

Black Knight Origin

If you were quick enough, you might have seen Black Knight’s armor in the vault during Spider-Man Far From Home. If you didn’t, it didn’t change the outcome of the movie so you didn’t miss much. 

Black Knight is coming to the MCU…and for good reason. As one of the premier superheroes who use mystical weapons in Marvel, he’s both deadly and dangerous. Black Knight wields the Ebony Blade and with it is incredibly powerful. Not only is the blade incapable of causing harm to Black Knight, but it’s also able to absorb energy, cut through practically anything and deflect energy. The Ebony Blade is both timeless and immensely powerful. As such, Black Knight was an easy choice for this list of superheroes who use mystical weapons.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Comic

It should come as no surprise that Wonder Woman is on this “superheroes who use mystical weapons” list. As one of the “Big Three” superheroes for DC, she’s important, powerful, and one of the best sword users in comics.


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Her sword, the Sword of Athena, came to her after the original sword, the Godkiller was broken in battle. The nature of the Sword of Athena is not entirely known, although we do know one thing…it doesn’t matter what the sword can do because Wonder Woman is holding it. Wonder Woman is the pinnacle of DC’s superheroines and she could be holding a toothpick and it would still be considered a dangerous weapon.

2. Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate

Each version of Dr. Fate has one thing in common…they all wear the Helmet of Fate. The Helmet of Fate was created by the Lord of Order, Nabu. Along with two other items (Amulet of Anubis and Cloak of Destiny), when worn, the wearer is given the power of Dr. Fate. 

According to Black Alice, the Helmet of Fate is one of, if not the most powerful artifacts in the world. It grants the wearer incredible powers. Some of these include telekinesis, flight, telepathy, resistance to damage, the ability to casts magic and illusions, invisibility, energy, and dimensional manipulation, astral projection, cosmic awareness, transmutation, immortality, and so much much more.

The Helmet of Fate is so powerful that one of its wearers (Kent Nelson) wears a mask underneath it. And why? Simple. Along with immeasurable power, the Helmet has been known to drive its various wearers insane.

1. Thor


Everyone and their dog knows that the mystical weapon Thor wields is Mjolnir. What everyone doesn’t know is that the hammer is more than just a tool for banging nails into a house.

Throughout its history, Thor has used his hammer to restore his personal memories, fly across the galaxy, time travel (for a time), as his own Google translator, transform to and from his mortal form, revive the dead, dispatch vampires quicker than garlic can, and, of course, win wars.

Mjolnir is to Thor what Captain America’s shield is to him. It’s both a status symbol and a weapon capable of shifting the tides of war. Of all the superheroes who use mystical weapons, none are arguably as well-known as Thor.

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