The Early Aquaman Reviews Are In and It Looks Great

Early Aquaman Review Comic Basics

Early reviews are in and Aquaman has impressed the critics. Understand that, like many other high-profile movies, Aquaman has a no review embargo on it so these reviews are nothing more than social media blurbs but this is nonetheless welcomed news.

Many, including myself, have placed the highest of expectations on its success. In more than one conversation I’ve stated that the future of DC’s Universe hinges on it. I’ve even went as far to say that if it fails, DC and Warner Bros should wait five years and reboot.

If the early social media blitz is any indication, I don’t think they’ll have to.

Early Aquaman Review
Early Aquaman Review


Aquaman first caused a stir with the release of its first trailer back in the summer. It was beautiful but beautiful didn’t sell me and I wasn’t convinced. I’ve seen beautiful before (Justice League) and beautiful let me down.

Worse yet, I wasn’t convinced that Jason Momoa with all his “Yeah’s!” and “Dudes!” was Arthur Curry. I suppose that this is partly because I’ve never really saw what the big deal was with Momoa. No different than Jason Statham, in my eyes Jason Momoa was just another big brute that Hollywood could and would exploit. After all, they had already done it with Khal Drogo.

Then the extended trailer dropped and my tone started to change. Not completely changed but it started. Through it, I was able to piece together exactly what the movie was about and how it was going to be different from everything else DC had released. 

Then, just over a week ago the third trailer hit the internet. It took less than a full viewing and I was convinced.

Not since, well, any DC outing have I been as excited to see one of their movies. Even Wonder Woman and its 2/3rds of greatness didn’t get me this excited. Kinda like Lonely Island “Jizz in my Pants” excited.

That excited.

Aquaman drops for the world to see December 21st and you can bet that I’ll be there. 



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