Top 10 Superheroes That Ride Motorcycles (Marvel and DC)

superheroes that ride motorcycles
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Of all the weapons, powers, and vehicles that are at the disposal of superheroes, none are as impressive as some of the motorcycles that have been created. There’s something about the motorcycle that commands the respect of all who see it. The heroes on this list know that all too well. From Captain America to Batman, these 10 superheroes know the power that’s associated with a good bike. In fact, they know it so well that they’ve inspired me to create a top 10 list of the best superheroes that ride motorcycles. 

Just so that there’s no confusion, this list doesn’t only focus on comic books. Instead, it opts to include motorcycles from the various mediums that superheroes appear in. This means that you will see bikes from all television, movies, and comic books. So, with that, I present to you the 10 best superheroes that ride motorcycles in Marvel and DC universes.

10. Spider-Man

Todd McFarlane and Spider-Man Cover

If there was ever a blatant attempt at making money, it’s Spider-Man’s motorcycle. Yes, you read that right. Sadly, Spider-Man is one of the superheroes who ride motorcycles. Because, why not?

Spider-Man is an immensely popular character for Marvel and they know it. As such, the company has done some questionable things with the character. Some, the Black Costume, for example, have worked out extremely well for Marvel. And others, like the Motorcycle, have left fans scratching their heads. As a hero who can do everything that a spider can, why would he need a motorcycle?

Think about that for a moment. Really, think about that. Spider-Man swings around New York to beat the traffic below. Why would he want to hop on a bike and get ingested by it?

9. Iron Man

Iron Man

When you’re a person with an uncountable amount of money who is able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, the last thing you’d probably do is ride a Vespa. This, of course, would be true if you were anyone but Tony Stark.

Shortly after the events of Civil War 2, the thought-dead Tony Stark returned with his most bizarre suit to date. Inside the pages of Tony Stark: Iron Man #4, Tony is found escorting Janet Van Dyne around town on what appears to be a normal Vespa. Now, because this is Tony Stark, understand that no machine he has is normal. 

Shortly after they depart on their afternoon adventure, trouble arises. Before Janet can even react, Tony’s Vespa transforms itself into yet another one of his suits. A little ridiculous? Maybe. But remember, this is Tony Stark.

8. Moon Knight 

Top 10 Most Feared Moon Knight Enemies

If you think that a superhero who purposely wears white wouldn’t want to attract any extra attention, you’d think wrong. Moon Knight is one of the coolest superheroes that ride a motorcycle.

His bike, as you can probably imagine, is white, sleek, and something that only Marc Spector could dream up. It first appeared in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 back in 2009 and has since caused more drool among his fans than a bull mastiff on a hot day. The bike appeared after Moon Knight dropped a large, metal ball from the sky. When the ball hit the ground and cracked open, there was Moon Knight sitting atop his new steed.


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Now instead of seeing a white cloak descend on them before they are beaten to within an inch of their life, criminals all over the world will see only headlights…then the white cloak.

7. Batgirl

History of Batgirl

Just like Batman, Batgirl is no stranger to motorcycles. During the Adam West-led Batman television series, Batgirl’s Cycle made its debut. The motorcycle, which is a brilliant shade of purple, is both menacing and practical. Well, maybe not menacing but it is practical.

The motorcycle was used sparingly and only came out when the time called for it. When not in use she kept it behind a hidden wall in her apartment. To get it downstairs for use, she and her bike rode an elevator down to the street. Once at street level, a door would open and Batgirl would begin laying some serious rubber on the pavement. Say what you will about the bike, Batgirl is one of a few superheroes that ride motorcycles.

6. Wolverine

Wolverine Facts

There are two characters in Marvel who are as synonymous with motorcycles as Los Angeles is with traffic jams. One of these characters is Wolverine.

Because he was the central piece in nearly every X-Men movie, his story is really well-known. Wolverine is a mutant who possesses the ability to heal from practically anything, (being eaten by the Hulk included) can track any person or being across the globe, and has razor-sharp adamantium claws.

When not walking on foot, Wolverine can often be found riding a motorcycle. Look no further than his many movie appearances to see examples of this. In the original X-Men movie he stole the motorcycle Cyclops and in Origins: Wolverine, he used a bike to launch himself at a helicopter.

5. Robocop


While the rebooted Robocop was poorly received by both fans and critics alike, it did manage to do one thing right. It introduced an awesome motorcycle. Yes, that’s right. The 2014 reboot of the original 1984 classic showed the world exactly how cool Robocop could be when he flew onto the scene riding a Kawasaki 1000.

Of course, the bike in the movie doesn’t really resemble the bike you’d find on a street. Not only was it stretched out about a foot, but nearly every part of it was also either stripped down and reconfigured or completely replaced. But it’s more than that.

Aside from the mechanics of the bike, its color is a sleek black with custom red highlights that, when in a crowd of other bikes, has no choice but to stand out. 

4. Batman

Batman and the Ninja Turtles

Over the years, Batman has had more motorcycles than my toddler toys. Well, maybe not but he has had a lot of them. Of them all, none stand out quite like his Batpod from the Christopher Nolan Trilogy. 

Although it looks clunky and was probably awful for the stuntman to drive, the Batpod was yet another bright spot in movies filled with bright spots. The bike looks like a tank, and is armed and armored like a tank, but isn’t a tank. Instead, it’s a head-turning, jet-black, ride that only Batman would have in his arsenal of vehicles. The Batpod is such a cool piece of machinery that when it went to an auction for charity, it sold for more than $400,000. 

3. Captain America 

Captain America

If you’re wondering who the other Marvel superheroes that ride motorcycles is, wonder no more. Captain America has been riding motorcycles since 1941. But he hasn’t been riding just any motorcycle. No, no, no. Captain America has been riding a custom, Harley Davidson.


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Throughout his comic book history, Captain America has never been too far from his bike. In fact, he often brought a van on his adventures with it inside. Like Wolverine, Cap’s bikes don’t just stay inside comics. In nearly every movie that stars Steve Rogers, there’s a scene that shows him tearing up the streets on a bike. Remember, it was Cap that started to take down a Helicarrier from the seat of his bike.

2. Lobo


It should come as no surprise that over the years Lobo has achieved a level of popularity that some heroes never achieve. Aside from being as strong as Superman, as quick to heal as Wolverine, and as smart as Spider-Man, Lobo does what very few other heroes do…he gets the job done by any means necessary. 

Lobo is a bounty hunter and as long as the bounty is good, he will do just about anything. With the help of his menacing Space Hog motorcycle, Lobo is able to travel through space and move faster than light. Of course, this means that no matter where his bounty is, Lobo is able to catch them.

1. Ghost Rider 

Ghost Rider Origin

Quite possibly the most famous of all the superheroes that ride motorcycles is Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider is a being whose only mission is to bring vengeance to every innocent who has had their blood unjustly spilled. Over the years, many have taken the mantle of Ghost Rider but none are as famous as Johnny Blaze. 

Nearly everything that the Ghost Rider character does includes a motorcycle. However, the motorcycle isn’t just any motorcycle. No, not even close. 

The motorcycle that Ghost Rider uses is a motorcycle crafted right from the bowels of Hell. The Hell Cycle is a giant, flaming motorcycle created by Mephisto that defies the very laws of physics. This means that it can climb walls, cross bodies of water, and occasionally fly.

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