Green Goblin vs. Venom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Green Goblin vs. Venom Who Would Win in a Fight
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Both Green Goblin and Venom are one of the most notable enemies that Spider-Man has ever faced, and both will go down in history as a major trouble. Despite having that thing in common, the two can’t be more different in terms of their powers and abilities. Osborn gained his Green Goblin powers when he drank the Green Goblin formula, while Venom, as a symbiote, is a parasitic alien that needs a host to fully utilize his powers. Considering all of this, we decided to stage a hypothetical fight between Green Goblin and Venom in order to see who between them is stronger & would win in a fight? 

Venom would win in a fight against Green Goblin. Due to his superior physiology, Venom is stronger and more durable and has more versatile powers than Green Goblin. This isn’t a fight that Green Goblin can win based on their physical abilities alone. 

Now that we’ve covered that Venom would be victorious, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare the powers, abilities, strength, durability, and other aspects of both characters so we can see how they compare against each other. We’re going to compare Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin with Eddie Brock’s version of Venom, even though Dylan Brock is currently the holder of the symbiote in the comics. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Powers and abilities

As a symbiote, Venom has a plethora of powers and abilities that would prove useful, and well, less useful in a fight against Green Goblin. Venom has the so-called genetic memory that allows him to pick up information about his hosts as well as their memories instantly. He can detect his own offspring and manipulate bodily chemistry, but these abilities are only useful under a specific set of circumstances. What is always useful is Venom’s ability to manipulate its own body matter, transforming various bodily parts into tendrils, weapons, shields, blades, etc. 

Venom molecular manipulation

Venom can also use his digital immersion ability to merge himself with the internet and just about any digital network. He has a specially developed ESP sense that works similarly to Spider-sense, which allows him a moderate amount of precognition regarding danger. He has poisonous fangs. He can stretch and deform his body in various ways and expand his size in several ways, and he is almost completely resistant to telepathy. 

Green Goblin doesn’t have any special powers and abilities at his disposal, as his enhanced attributes were claimed primarily through the ingestion of Green Goblin serum. Even though Green Goblin has unparalleled physical abilities unseen in regular humans, he doesn’t exactly have cosmic power manipulation, elemental manipulation, or anything like that really. 

Considering everything, it’s obvious that Venom’s power set is much more versatile than that of Green Goblin, and due to this, the point goes to Venom. 

Points: Green Goblin (0:1) Venom


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Strength and Stamina 

Venom greatly enhanced Eddie Brock’s strength, and the symbiote proved numerous times that it could match and even exceed Spider-Man’s strength. The numbers aren’t reliable as its strength fluctuated quite a lot, but let’s take Spider-Man as a benchmark here and consider that he can lift 25 tons on average.

Venom Punches through solid rock

If Venom can match this strength, this means that he can lift 25 tons at least as well. Due to its alien parasitic physiology, Venom has extreme stamina at its disposal and can fight for long periods without getting tired, providing its host with everything needed to keep fighting. 

Due to the Green Goblin formula, Green Golbin has a strength that greatly outmatches even the best and most trained humans. It’s estimated that he can lift up to 10 tons, and in several instances, he matched Spider-Man’s strength. Green Goblin likewise deals with unparalleled levels of stamina due to the serum. His body produces much fewer fatigue toxins, so he can keep fighting longer without feeling the effects of fatigue. 

Green Goblin trashes Spider Man

Venom’s base strength is much higher than that of Green Goblin, and even though Green Goblin could potentially match his strength, such a scenario is less likely, and due to this, the point goes to Venom. 

Points: Green Goblin (0:2) Venom


Venom can reach speeds of up to 700 miles per hour and was often shown to be able to dodge bullets and impossibly fast objects. Like pretty much everything regarding the symbiote and its host, the speed has fluctuated over time, but we’re taking the official sources into account. 

Venom speed

Green Goblin also has decent speeds. It’s mostly due to his muscles and tissues being enhanced by the serum to the point that he can reach superhuman speeds with relative ease. It’s estimated that Green Goblin can reach speeds of up to 700 miles per hour. And even though he is nowhere near the fastest character in Marvel Comics, he holds his ground decently. 

Green Goblin speed

Both Green Goblin and Venom are incredibly fast, and both have superhuman speeds, reflexes, and reaction times in combat, and due to that, both get the point. 

Points: Green Goblin (1:3) Venom


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Venom is highly resistant to damage and injuries, and even though he has some notable weaknesses like heat and sonic-based attacks, he was shown, on numerous instances, to be almost completely immune to conventional weapons. He can absorb bullets and stretch his body mass to absorb the full force of the weapon that he is being attacked with. 

Venom Durability

To make matters even more difficult to deal with, Venom has a healing factor, which means that Eddie Brock managed to survive and tanks damages that would otherwise kill him if he wasn’t, at the moment, the host of the symbiote. Venom can invigorate and cure even the harshest human ailments in its human host. 

Green Goblin is also highly durable and is frequently able to repair damage with his healing factor. Green Goblin cannot absorb bullets and other impacts, but he can use healing to repair himself. He is also highly resistant to falls and has been known to tank damage that would have killed regular humans. Green Goblin’s durability and healing factor can match other superhuman characters, providing him with the ability to leave the fight relatively unscathed, but he wouldn’t be able to survive an attack from the cosmic or abstract entity. 

Green Goblin durability

Even though Green Goblin and Venom are both durable, Venom has better feats when it comes to durability, and this is why the point goes to him. 

Points: Green Goblin (1:4) Venom


Venom has plenty of mental powers and abilities. He can sense his offspring, soak up the memories of his host, can use telepathy with his hots and plenty of other stuff, but most are related to other symbiotes and, once again, wouldn’t prove to be as much help against Green Goblin.

Venom traveling through telephone line

Taking into account his overall intelligence, he isn’t that smart. Eddie Brock was a brilliant reporter before he became bonded with Venom. However, his personality, as well as his mind, became highly unstable as a result. 

Green Goblin was a skilled and intelligent scientist before he consumed the Green Goblin formula. He understood the biological processes and how certain chemicals affect them. With the formula, Osborn’s mind became a lethal weapon and enhanced to the point that he was able to understand even more complex science faster. 

Green Goblin is good with numbers

Green Goblin is way smarter than Venom, and he gets this point. 

Points: Green Goblin (2:4) Venom

Combat Skills 

Green Goblin wasn’t much of a fighter before he ingested the formula; however, after the formula, he became capable of mastering numerous forms of combat. He excels at using most weapons. Both ranged and in hand-to-hand combat. He has improved eyesight and hand-eye coordination that make him quite lethal, whether he is fighting with his fist or hand-held throwing weapons. 

Green Goblin swords

Venom is not that much of a combatant, but his host Eddie Brock is an expert marksman and skilled hand-to-hand combatant. This makes sense since Venom has plenty of other powers and abilities that he can rely on without involving physical fistfights. We know that Venom can form various weapons from his body parts. The only questionable part is how good he is at utilizing them. 

Venom combat Spider Man

Everything taken into account, Green Goblin does seem to be a better combatant than Venom. This is why the point goes to Osborn. 

Points: Green Goblin (3:4) Venom


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Green Goblin vs. Venom: Who is more powerful, and who wins?

According to our analysis, Venom wins due to the versatility of his powers and the fact that he beats Green Goblin in almost every single physical aspect. Venom is hard to kill. He is strong and can use various other powers and abilities that Green Goblin simply doesn’t have access to.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Green Goblin can’t win. I’m sure that Osborn would use his wits to devise a plan to deal with his shortcomings compared to the symbiote. 

What do you think? Who would win in this fight?

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