‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4: What Happened to Superman & How Did He Lose Powers?

Harley Quinn Season 4 What Happened to Superman & How Did He Lose Powers

Harley Quinn‘ season four is currently available on Max, and the most recent episode revealed some damning details about the apocalypse that occurred on Earth. Harley and Ivy were away in the dark future, but the people left in present-day Gotham City started scheming on how to achieve their evil deeds. Superman occasionally appears in the show as a member of the Justice League, and when he does, there’s always something big going on in the show. The Man of Tomorrow was heavily affected in the most recent episode after he lost his superpowers. How did that happen? Let’s find out.

Superman lost his superpowers after the laser beam from the machine called ‘Earth Saver by Lex’ hit the atmosphere of the Earth and cloaked the world in darkness. With the thickened ozone layer, the sunlight cannot reach the surface of Earth, hence why Superman lost his powers. It seems that Lex wanted to sabotage Superman from the start.

Lex Luthor is far from being the perfect and most intelligent villain in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show, and even this whole operation occurred because the Legion of Doom members are dumb enough to accidentally help him in his goals. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Superman in ‘Harley Quinn’ TV series

Like all of the characters from the ‘Harley Quinn’ show, Superman has been parodically depicted; he is still Superman with his superpowers, Clark Kent, the Daily Planet journalist and Lois Lane’s boyfriend.

However, besides being good-hearted (most of the time), Clark is depicted as being a total idiot at times and endearingly socially conscious if we look back to that one scene with Wonder Woman regarding aliens.

Harley Quinn Season 4: What Happened to Superman & How Did He Lose Powers?
The laser beam couldn’t reach the Earth’s atmosphere.

He is a goofy, incredibly self-centered, and hilarious character. Superman has only appeared in 13 episodes so far, but whenever he makes a cameo, we ought to expect an extremely funny episode.

Nevertheless, as we already mentioned, besides his different attitude, Superman has the same powers as he has in DC Comics. He is a Kryptonian who absorbs solar energy, the main source of his powers, and has heat vision, invulnerability, and flight abilities.


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In the show, there isn’t much to say other than that Superman is mostly seen with his girlfriend Lois Lane and his fellow Justice League members, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Since Batman is currently in prison after using Frank the Plant to resurrect his parents and causing the zombie apocalypse in Gotham, Wonder Woman and Flash could be often seen with Superman.

What happened to Superman, and how did he lose his powers in ‘Harley Quinn’ TV series?

Of course, as in comics, Superman has archnemesis; the biggest of them all is Lex Luthor. Frankly, Lex is depicted as a narcissist but is surprisingly more reserved than his fellow Legion of Doom, Joker, and Two-Face members.

He is polished, wants to be the most successful businessman in the world, and wants to make sure he has a good reputation among the public. Lex often shows stubbornness in the series and always gets what he wants. However, in season four, Lex’s demeanor, “evil deeds,” and manipulation can be seen multiple times, especially when he invites Poison Ivy to a business conference, MalCon, where he consistently tries to steal her thunder and ideas for himself.

Harley Quinn Season 4: What Happened to Superman & How Did He Lose Powers?
Lex Luthor is a narcissistic attention seeker who wants to destroy Superman.

Lex often failed to do so this season and has been embarrassed multiple times, which doesn’t sit well with the former CEO of Legion of Doom. Ivy straight-up overshadows him, and the failure emphasizes his desperation even more.

Lex is simply sexist, emotionally unstable, and an attention seeker, which is why his historic “beef” with Superman is so interesting.


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In the most recent episode, Lex Luthor is advertising himself as the savior of the Earth by creating a machine with which he will restore the ozone layer. He fails initially but finds a way to do it by creating a huge explosion to heat up the world and bring the atmosphere closer to the machine.

First, he wants to use Volcana for his mission but fails when Nora Freeze kicks him out of the LoD Headquarters. Lex captures his former colleagues and fails to acquire Volcana. But, in the usual ‘Harley Quinn’ fashion, the LoD members accidentally help Lex by creating an explosion and increasing the atmosphere’s temperature, ultimately bringing the surface of the Earth closer to Lex’s machine.

Harley Quinn Season 4: What Happened to Superman & How Did He Lose Powers?
Superman lost his powers because of Lex Luthor.

The machine makes the ozone layer too thick, creating darkness on the planet Earth and cloaking the sun, preventing the solar energy from hitting the surface.

Harley and Ivy immediately realize something is wrong with Superman, who demands that everyone stay away from him because he no longer has the powers.

Lex thickened the ozone layer and ensured the solar energy didn’t reach the Earth, turning off the main source of the powers Superman.

Ivy comments there is no way that Lex caused an apocalypse to harm Superman (in a very cruder way), and Harley adds that she did some outrageous things for less.

Nevertheless, Superman from the ‘ Harley Quinn’ series doesn’t have powers (at least for now), and it will be interesting to see what will happen in next week’s episode, titled ‘Potato Based Cloning Incident.’

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