‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4: Who Caused the Apocalypse?

Harley Quinn Season 4 Who Caused the Apocalypse

Harley Quinn‘ continued its season with another fun and chaotic episode focusing more on the supporting characters than the show’s main protagonists. Harley and Ivy went on their own “voyage” to the future and worked some things out between each other while the members of the Legion of Doom started causing chaos across the city of Gotham. However, Harley and Ivy couldn’t imagine the awful state of the world after returning to the present day and why that happened. This article will discuss who caused chaos and the ultimate apocalypse in season four of the ‘Harley Quinn’ series.

The apocalypse occurred when Nora Freeze, Volcana, King Shark, and Captain Cold decided to destroy the Legion of Doom building after being captured by Lex Luthor. The explosion was detonated by Volcana, who used her lava powers to ignite the explosives. The volcanic-like explosion caused the ozone layer to be closer to the machine called ‘Earth Saver by Lex.’ The machine was a ploy for fixing the ozone layer, but it is later revealed that Lex Luthor wanted to use it to “cloak” the Earth in the dark, causing the apocalypse and some characters to lose their powers.

‘The Harley Quinn’ show gets more exciting with every new episode in season four, and it seems that our characters’ stakes are getting higher and higher. The notable villain, Lex Luthor, might be a new big bad of this season. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

What happened to Gotham City?

Season four of ‘Harley Quinn’ is incredibly chaotic but also getting more complicated for our main characters. Besides the struggles of Poison Ivy as the leader of the Legion of Doom, Harley Quinn is dealing with her obstacles as the new member of the Bat Family.

We already saw that Poison Ivy fares a bit better in her new job, while Harley needs to fit in with the newfound group and as a new hero. The whole situation regarding Nightwing’s murder made Harley even more unsettled, almost edging her to insanity.

Thankfully, Harley managed to talk with her girlfriend and discuss their feelings during the accidental travel to the future, which was far from ideal. In the seventh episode of season four, Harley uses the stolen time-sphere and travels to the year 2048.

Harley Quinn Season 4: Who Caused the Apocalypse?

However, Gotham City is in an awful state because, in 2024, Gotham went “dark,” leading to the remaining Bat Family member, Robin, ruling the city as the police state.

After Harley and Ivy help the Resistance (some of them) to defeat Robin, Shark Baby (the son of King Shark) encourages the couple to do the right thing and prevent Lex Luthor from destroying the world and the apocalypse.


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Ivy caught up on that statement, and before she could question Shark Baby more, the time-sphere was activated, and she and Harley returned to the present. Things get complicated even more when Harley realizes she accidentally traveled six days later from the time they traveled to the future. They stumble upon Gotham City in chaos and realize that something went really wrong with it – the dreaded apocalypse already started a year before it was supposed to happen in the alternate timeline.

Harley Quinn Season 4: Who Caused the Apocalypse?

The most recent episode, ‘Il Buffone,’ reveals that while Harley and Ivy were gone in the dark future, the members of the Legion of Doom went frantic and accidentally helped the apocalypse to occur in Gotham City. The whole city is dark, the thick ozone layer and clouds cloak the sun, and one person is responsible for it.

Who started the apocalypse in ‘Harley Quinn’ show?

The most recent episode focused on the happenings that occurred while Harley and Ivy were away. The Legion of Doom members, mostly Nora Freeze, were “wilding” out while their boss was away.

More specifically, it seemed that Nora didn’t care about it, but nevertheless, the whole company did what they wanted to in their boss’s absence. While Nora was trying to hook up with Captain Cold, Lex Luthor started planning how to improve his public image. He used his resources on the Moon, and scientists built a special machine called ‘Earth Saver by Lex’ that was supposed to ‘fix’ the ozone layer of Earth.

Harley Quinn Season 4: Who Caused the Apocalypse?

The thing that temporarily ruins his mission is the laser beam that cannot reach the Earth. One of the scientists suggests that the Earth needs to heat up by something for the atmosphere to be closer to the machine.

Lex decides to seek out Volcana, a volcano eruption specialist. Of course, the member of the Natural Disasters is chaotic and naive to the point of believing Lex to actually do that for him, but Nora Freeze stops her from doing it.


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Things get even more complicated when the members of the Legion of Doom get captured in their headquarters by Lex Luthor. His efforts to reach Volcana are futile until the members of the Legion of Doom accidentally help him by exploding the whole building.

The explosion causes the Earth’s atmosphere to heat up, and Lex sends the signal to scientists on the Moon to activate the machine and laser beam the ozone layer. However, the ozone layer becomes so thick that it cloaks the sun and causes darkness worldwide.

The chaos ensues with Gotham City riots starting and everyone raiding the stores for free stuff. Harley and Ivy return from the future and witness who caused the apocalypse – Lex Luthor.

What are your thoughts on season four of the ‘Harley Quinn’ show? Let us know in the comments below!

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