Here’s How Many Children Magneto Really Has

Heres How Many Children Magneto Really Has

Magneto is one of Marvel’s most popular and most powerful mutants, so it wasn’t a surprise when it was revealed that he was the father of mutant wonder twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. This was eventually retconned, and it was revealed that they were children of a Romani witch who lived near Novi Pazar in Serbia after several decades of confusing parentage. This, however, doesn’t mean that Magneto didn’t have children of his own; he did, and some of them became powerful mutants in their own rights. Let’s see who Magneto’s real children are. 

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  • Magneto supposedly had two children and one alleged child, all three daughters, Anya Eissenhardt, Lorna Dane, and Zala Dane.
  • Out of all Magneto’s daughters, only Lorna Dane is currently alive. 
  • Anya met her end in a tragic accident when Magneto’s superpowers first awakened, and Magneto himself eventually executed Lorna Dane. 

Magneto had one child with his first wife Magda

Before Magneto was one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel and a part-time villain, he was a mere jew living in Nazi Germany and a victim of nazi prosecution. Even though he met his first wife, Magda, back during his high-school days, it wasn’t until the Holocaust that they truly got to be together and fell in love; escaping the death camp together, they moved to the Carpathian mountains trying to assimilate with Magda’s Romani people. 

But Max was never satisfied with Romani’s life, and he decided to move his family to the Soviet City of Vinntysia. Following World War II, Russia and Soviet-aligned established themselves as world superpowers despite suffering the most massive losses in the World War. The country provided a lot of opportunities for a man to support his family, and Max decided to take them there, finding a well-paying job. 

Max, his wife Magda, and his daughter Anya lived in an inn when they first reached the city and never got to pick out a house since Max’s boss refused to pay him his honestly earned money. At that time, in a fit of rage, Magneto’s mutant powers manifested, and he attacked his boss. 

His boss reported him to the KGB, and Magneto was technically a man on the run. He returned to the inn to his family only to find the inn burning, his family trapped inside.

Magnetos Daughter dying

He attempted to use his powers to save her but was stopped by the KGB, which came to arrest him for using his powers. Magneto watched as his daughter died right in front of him, and as a result, he killed people who stopped him from saving him and destroyed a large portion of the city as well.


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Following this ordeal, Magda was terrified of Magneto and escaped somewhere to the Wundagore mountains. For decades, it was believed that Magda gave birth to twins Pietro and Wanda, but this was eventually retconned. With Magda, Magneto had only one daughter, Anya, and she died in the fire. 

Magneto’s second confirmed daughter is Polaris 

Magneto’s second legitimate child was a product of an extramarital affair that ended in tragedy. Magneto met and eventually grew attracted to the wife of a pilot, Suzanna. Suzanna and Magneto had an affair, and nine months later, she gave birth to a daughter called Lorna. 

Suzanna’s husband eventually figured out what had taken place, and to get vengeance on his wife, he took Lorna and Suzanna up in the air until she admitted to the affair. Suzanna and her husband argued, with Lorna listening to everything; she was afraid that her “father” would crash the plane, killing everyone inside. 

Due to the massive amount of stress that she went through, Lorna’s powers activated, and she tore the plane apart with her mutant powers. 

Polaris killing her parents

The intense magnetic pulse that Lorna summoned drew Magneto to her location, where he found her and wiped her memories of the incident, relocating her to Arnold’s sister and her husband so they could raise her properly far away from mutant drama. Lorna would eventually become a powerful mutant in her own right under the name Polaris.

It was never confirmed whether Zala Dane was actually Magneto’s daughter

The third and unconfirmed Magneto’s daughter is Zala Dane, known under the name Zaladane. She has a weird history, and not a lot of things support her claims. 

Zaladane was originally the high priestess of Petrified Man, who led a war against the Savage Land in the name of the sun god. However, an immortal and superhuman British sailor who had visited the Savage Land centuries ago returned as the stone-like god Garrok. Using his powers, Garrok stopped Zaladane’s army and ended the war, only to die shortly after being immersed in the liquid that granted him his abilities.

Zaladane, who claimed her name was Zala Dane, claimed to be the sister of the mutant Polaris, Lorna Dane. Her origins in the Savage Land, a prehistoric jungle in Antarctica, and her rise to become queen and high priestess of the Sun People remain mysterious and undisclosed in the comics. 

At one point in time, Zaladane became the assistant of the notorious High Evolutionary and caused quite a few troubles for X-Men. She kidnaps Lorna Dane, stealing her magnetic powers and merging them into herself.

X-Men eventually defeated Zaladane, and Lorna was able to reclaim her powers. After a couple of months, once again leading the Savage Land Mutates, Zaladane planned on controlling the Earth’s magnetic forces but was stopped by Nick Fury, Ka-Zar, Magneto, and Rogue. Magneto was the one to kill her; it was never confirmed with 100 % certainty that she was his daughter. 

Magneto killing his daughter zala dane

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