High Evolutionary vs. Kang the Conqueror: Who Would Win in a Fight?

High Evolutionary vs. Kang the Conqueror Who Would Win in a Fight

When it comes to formidable villains in the Marvel Universe, few can compare to High Evolutionary and Kang the Conqueror. High Evolutionary, a highly evolved being of unmatched intellect and power, has made a name for himself as a scientist and genetic engineer, creating new life forms and transforming the very fabric of the universe. Kang the Conqueror, on the other hand, is a time-traveling warlord who seeks to conquer and rule all of time and space. Both characters are incredibly powerful, and both are soon going to be introduced to MCU. Due to that, we’ve decided to see, when it comes to a battle between High Evolutionary and Kang the Conqueror, who would win? 

High Evolutionary would win in a fight against Kang the Conqueror. He has more potent and versatile powers. He is smarter and more durable. Kang doesn’t have anything going for him that can counter Evolutionary’s immortality or his destructive blasts. It wouldn’t be an easy fight since Kang can simply time travel and give himself enough prep time to carefully analyze all Evolutionary’s weaknesses. Still, High Evolutionary is in a different power tier at this point. 

Now that we’ve covered that High Evolutionary would win this fight, it’s time to move on to the analysis. We’re going to analyze both characters’ powers, abilities, strength, durability, and intelligence until you can see how we made our decision. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

High Evolutionary was originally a scientist named Herbert Wyndham, he didn’t have any superpowers at the start, but eventually, through his superior intelligence, he managed to evolve himself until he reached the state where he acquired godlike powers and managed to become capable enough to take on the likes of Galactus. Even though he mostly relies on his skills when it comes to artificial evolution and genetics, he does have some powerful destructive abilities at his disposal. He can project energy blasts and plasma beams.

High Evolutionary turning giant to fight galactus

He can manipulate his own size and reach gigantic proportions. He is capable of both creating and wiping entire races of beings if he so chooses. He also has extremely powerful psionic and telepathic abilities at his disposal. 

Like High Evolutionary, Kang originally didn’t have superpowers. He gained them when he acquired 40th-century armor, which allowed him to utilize project energy in destructive ways. Kang is most notable for his time-traveling skills, but if he needs to, he can employ powerful telekinetic skills and manipulate space-time to some extent. He can project blasts and beams that vary in their destructive potential, but however, you look at it, he is powerful. 

Kang with Cosmic Cube

Kang is capable, and his armor grants him insane abilities, but High Evolutionary does seem to have more dangerous abilities. 

Points: Kang the Conqueror(0:1) High Evolutionary 


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Strength and Stamina 

High Evolutionary is not an exact powerhouse when it comes to physical strength. On average (but depending on his form), he can lift up to 200 lbs since he is classed as Strenght class 2 per official data. There’s no question, however, that he can enhance this if needed or employ telekinetic skills if he needs to move something as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, Kang can lift up to 5 tons while wearing his armor, which is far more than what a regular being or High Evolutionary can lift in his base form. Both Kang the Conqueror and High Evolutionary have vastly improved reserves of stamina thanks to their gear, so when it comes to that, they are equal. However, Kang is superior in terms of physical strength, so the point goes to him. 

Kang strenght

Points: Kang the Conqueror(1:1) High Evolutionary 


The only way through which both Kang and High Evolutionary can reach blinding speeds is through their technology. Both High Evolutionary and Kang have armors that provide them with speed to a limited extent, but neither of them will break the speed of light anytime soon. Both can teleport, but they are at exactly the same level in terms of speed. 

KANG catches shield

Points: Kang the Conqueror(2:2) High Evolutionary 


High Evolutionary has specialized armor; we’ve already mentioned this. It’s equipped with an Evolutionary Accelerator machine and Reconstitution protocol which, in short, make him almost immortal. This suit gives him the ability to be close to immortal, as it is designed to reconstruct his body from the ground up, even if he experiences a fatal injury.

High Evolutionary

As a result of his advanced evolution, the High Evolutionary has a nearly indestructible form, making him highly resistant to harm. He also possesses a remarkable healing factor, which allows him to regenerate organs, limbs, or even his entire body if necessary. At times, he may even exist without a physical form, further enhancing his immunity to damage.

Kang is likewise hard to kill; he has a certain level of immortality due to his ability to travel through time and even transfer his consciousness into alternative versions of himself. Additionally, as a human from the 31st century, Kang’s highly evolved physiology set him apart from other beings. This includes an increased immunity to aging and certain illnesses and a more rapid immune response. 


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Both Kang and Evolutionary can manipulate biological facts to suit their needs, but High Evolutionary changed himself on a molecular level to avoid dying. The point goes to him. 

Points: Kang the Conqueror(2:3) High Evolutionary 


High Evolutionary’s background as a brilliant scientist is a key aspect of his identity. With unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the fields of evolution and genetics, he is widely considered one of the most intelligent in the Marvel Universe. The High Evolutionary’s journey to evolve himself is a testament to his brilliance and tenacity. He created new species, developed incredibly advanced technology, and even successfully turned himself into data. His intelligence is the only reason why he has godlike powers today. 

Kang the Conqueror is simply smart would be a gross under-representation of his true abilities. He is widely considered to be a genius and one of the most intellectually formidable characters in the Marvel Universe. Throughout his travels through time, Kang has made important discoveries in the fields of time travel and physics, and he has accumulated extensive knowledge of both past and future events. His intelligence is truly impressive, and it is the sole source of his immense power and influence, just like is the case with High Evolutionary.  

Kang militray genious

Both Kang and High Evolutionary are beyond smart, but High Evolutionary severely outclasses Kang. 

Points: Kang the Conqueror(2:4) High Evolutionary 

Combat Skills 

High Evolutionary has incredible powers at his disposal and weapons and technology capable of wiping planets clean of life. It’s needless to say that he never had to focus on learning combat skills, as he already knew everything besides that.

Kang the Conqueror’s unique ability to exist across multiple lives and timelines has given him a wealth of experience and knowledge in both armed and unarmed combat. This makes him one of the most skilled and deadly fighters in the Marvel Universe. When equipped with his powerful armor from the 40th century, Kang becomes a virtually unstoppable force, capable of taking on even the most dangerous opponents.  

Kang achivements

It’s clear that Kang wins this point, as High Evolutionary simply can’t match up to him. 

Points: Kang the Conqueror(3:4) High Evolutionary 


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Kang the Conqueror vs. High Evolutionary, who wins? 

High Evolutionary wins, it wouldn’t be an easy fight, but eventually, High Evolutionary has more versatile powers at his disposal. Kang stands a chance due to some of his physical aspects being superior, and given enough preparation and planning, he might think of something to deal with Evolutionary, but if it comes to powers alone, Kang is severely outclassed. Once again, it wouldn’t be an easy fight, but High Evolutionary faced more powerful opponents in the past and won. 

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