‘Ahsoka’: Sabine Wren Is Force-Sensitive, But There’s a Catch


Ever since the trailer of the ‘Ahsoka’ series was released, fans were already wondering about the relationship between Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren because the latter called Ahsoka her master. Of course, we know from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ that Sabine never trained as a Jedi under either Ahsoka or Kanan Jarrus, and that may be because she never showed aptitude in the Force. But things changed in ‘Ahsoka.’ So, does that mean that Sabine is now sensitive to the Force?

Sabine Wren is sensitive to the Force. But her aptitude in the Force is so weak that she doesn’t have the innate talent and abilities that other Padawans have. In fact, Professor Huyang, who has lived for more than 25,000 years, said that Sabine’s connection to the Force is the weakest he has ever seen.

The fact that Sabine’s aptitude in the Force is weak is probably the reason why neither Kanan nor Ezra was able to even sense that she had the potential to become a Jedi. It also makes sense that she is Mandalorian, as Mandalorians often focus more on their combat prowess and warrior heritage. So, with that said, let’s look at this topic in greater detail to understand Sabine’s prowess in the Force.

Sabine’s Force sensitivity is finally revealed

Many people wondered about Sabine and her relationship with Ahsoka because the ‘Ahsoka’ trailer allowed us to see her calling Ahsoka her master. That would mean that she had to train under Ahsoka. We know that they spent years together after the end of the Rebellion because they went on a quest to find Ezra, who disappeared when he defeated Thrawn in the Battle of Lothal.

The thing is that people, including us, were doubting her status as a Force-sensitive individual due to the very fact that she spent years with Kanan and Ezra but never showed any aptitude in the Force at all. In fact, we haven’t seen her using the Force in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and in the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka.’ Still, the first two episodes allowed us to see Ahsoka saying that Sabine would have been a good Jedi.

sabine saber

With that said, it is clear that the series is teasing us with the possibility that Sabine could be sensitive to the Force even though Kanan couldn’t sense it during the years they spent together as members of the Ghost crew. But it became clear in episode 2 of ‘Ahsoka’ that she had talents in the Force.

After Sabine recovered from the injury she suffered at the hands of Shin Hati, she had a moment with Professor Huyang, a lightsaber professor droid that has been around for more than 25,000 years. Huyang was wondering whether or not Sabine had been keeping up with her training, only for her to say that she stopped training because she didn’t have the natural abilities and talent that Ezra had.


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In that regard, it was clear that Sabine was sensitive to the Force because neither Ahsoka nor Huyang said anything that would disprove the fact that she could use it. That explains why Sabine became Ahsoka’s Padawan and why she ended up training with her in the ways of the Force. In the past, we thought she was only training with Ahsoka in using a lightsaber. But now, it has become clear that Ahsoka trained her to be a Jedi before they both abandoned each other midway through this relationship.

Sabine is the weakest Padawan of all time

Of course, while Sabine may be able to use the Force, there is a catch. During the same moment between her and Huyang, the droid told Sabine she had the weakest aptitude in the Force out of all the different Padawans he had met. That says a lot because Huyang has been around for more than 25,000 years and was already alive during the early part of the Jedi Order.

In that regard, Huyang knows a thing or two about whether or not someone has the potential to be a Jedi. He has also met a lot of Padawans in the 25,000 years he has been around. But he still said that Sabine’s potential was the weakest he had ever seen.

sabine and huyang

This means that Sabine’s connection to the Force is weaker than almost all of the Jedi that the galaxy has seen. Of course, the Force flows through every living being in the galaxy as everyone has Midi-chlorians responsible for communicating with the Force. But it takes a certain level of Midi-chlorians for someone to be sensitive to the Force.

In most cases, the minimum requirement for a person to be trained to be a Jedi is 5,000 Midi-chlorians. That would mean that Sabine’s Midi-chlorian count might be somewhere around that mark and even slightly lower than 5,000. This was enough for Ahsoka to realize that Sabine could be trained as a Jedi even though she didn’t have the same aptitude that all of the other Padawans of the past had.


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Of course, Ahsoka might have trained Sabine because she knew she was a natural-born warrior due to her Mandalorian upbringing. Mandalorians were born and bred to be fighters, and Sabine already had the basics covered in her fighting abilities. Learning the basic lightsaber forms under Kanan and Ezra while still wielding the Darksaber also helped her greatly. And the only thing Ahsoka needed to teach her was the nature of the Force and how to use it.

The fact that Sabine’s aptitude in the Force is arguably the weakest in Jedi history can also be why Kanan and Ezra couldn’t sense her sensitivity to the Force. And the fact that she was born a Mandalorian also doesn’t help.

Mandalorians always closed themselves off to the Force because they hated the Jedi for hundreds or thousands of years. They also didn’t believe in the Force and refused to try to understand it because of their relationship with the Jedi. On top of that, the Mandalorians were known to be warriors who relied on their weapons more than anything else. 

In that regard, Sabine’s nature as a Mandalorian might have subconsciously closed her mind off to the Force, as she was born to never believe in such superstitious things. And it was probably her time with Ahsoka that allowed her to accept the Force even though her stubborn and bullish nature as a Mandalorian was holding her back.

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