MCU: Here’s How Thor Lost His Eye (& How He Got It Back)


Thor is one of those superheroes who can say he lost everything a person can lose in life but managed to pick himself up on his feet and stand for what he believes is right. And that took great strength and courage. In this article, we’ll focus on how Thor lost his eye and how he got it back.

Thor lost his eye in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ in a battle against Hela. The Goddess of Death used the Necrosword to carve Thor’s eye out, and he wore an eyepatch for some time. In ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Rocket gave Thor a prosthetic eye to help him kill Thanos more easily. Thor gladly accepted that gift.

Seeing Thor lose an eye was shocking, but that moment further developed his determination and character. When he was at his lowest, it reminded him that he was the God of Thunder, capable of amazing feats. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll discuss how Thor lost his eye and got it back.

Thor lost his eye in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ in the battle against Hela

The God of Thunder lost so much in ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ and his eye was just a portion of it. Thor dealt with his father’s passing, the destruction of Asgard, leaving his people homeless, and Mjolnir being destroyed. Everything started when Surtur was preparing himself to fulfill the destiny of Ragnarok and when Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death, broke free from her banishment after many years.

Hela was Odin’s oldest child, and she was the leader of his army during the years of conquest of the Nine Realms. When Odin realized she was becoming too dangerous and destructive, he imprisoned her in another dimension and erased her from Asgard’s history. Odin’s life force was the only thing keeping her imprisoned, and when he died, she returned, eager to claim the throne of Asgard.

When Thor encountered Hela for the first time, she proved her might by shattering Mjolnir with her bare hand. Thor ended up in Sakaar, and Hela declared herself as the new ruler of Asgard. Eventually, Thor found a way to return to Asgard and face his evil sister. The siblings engaged in a fierce fight.

Hela was one of Asgard’s greatest warriors ever, and Odin was the only Asgardian stronger than her. So, when Thor confronted her, he put on a good fight but was no match for Hela’s reflexes and skills. She was a master in using the Necroswords in a battle, and when Thor was injured and on his knees, she used her sword and carved Thor’s eye out.


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After that, Thor wore an eyepatch for some time and started to resemble Odin even more. Odin was also missing an eye and wore a golden eyepatch. In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Thor met Guardians of the Galaxy, and Rocket was interested in what happened to his eye.

Rocket gave Thor a prosthetic eye he stole from a guy on Contraxia after winning a bet

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ gathered together the many heroes and protectors across the universe to stop Thanos and his plans. When Thor met Guardians of the Galaxy, he and Rocket talked about killing Thanos and how that wouldn’t be easy. However, Thor was confident in his abilities. On the other hand, Rocket is unsure and thinks Thor is not in the best mental state to face a great opponent like Thanos.

It’s fair to say that Rocker felt sorry for Thor because of everything he’d lost in life. He reached into his bag and pulled an eyeball from it. He then gave the eyeball to Thor, stating that he’d need more than one stupid eyeball to kill Thanos. Rocket stole that eyeball on Contraxia after he won a bet and wasn’t paid enough. Thor gladly accepted the gift. Of course, that eye was the prosthetic, and it was brown. Thor now had one blue and one brown eye, but he did not seem to mind.

One of the mysteries regarding Thor’s eyes is how come he has two blue eyes again in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? It is possible that Thor acquired a new cybernetic eye, only this time, he got one whose color matches his real eye. It is also possible that he hired Rocket for that task since he proved his skills for that in the past.


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This is one of the plot holes, and we already know that MCU fans are very sensitive when it comes to that. Answers are needed because this is an inconsistency in Thor’s character development. And even though it might be a minor detail, there may be some interesting story behind it all. Nevertheless, it is a story MCU fans would gladly hear.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have some theory as to why Thor has two blue eyes in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? Let us know in the comments!

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