How Fast Is Scarlet Witch? Compared to Other Superheroes

How Fast Is Scarlet Witch Compared To Other Fast Superheroes

Scarlet Witch is among the most popular and most powerful sorcerers in Marvel Comics Universe. Due to being a Nexus being, she has nearly unlimited powers capable of manipulating space, time, reality, chaos magic, elements, souls, and just about anything imaginable. But even though she is extremely powerful in terms of magic and energy projection, how fast is she? We know that Wanda is related to two speedsters in Marvel Comics, Speed and Quicksilver, respectively, but how does she compare to them and the rest of the fast characters? 

Scarlet Witch is not that fast if we don’t take into account her potential to augment herself via magic or other abilities. Even though the exact numbers are clear, Scarlet Witch can, at best, move at peak human capacity. However, she is able to fly at great speeds and bend space-time around herself. She can teleport, and at times, it seems as if she has superhuman reaction times due to her precognition powers. However, she is nowhere near considered a speedster in Marvel comics. 

Now that we’ve covered that at her base speeds, Scarlet Witch is not that fast at all. It’s time to see how she compares to other characters. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Scarlet Witch can use her unlimited powers to augment herself in almost every situation 

Looking at her base stats, Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, is known as the “glass canon.” She packs quite a punch without being able to endure much damage or prove herself when it comes to her physical attributes. Wanda’s powers are primarily concentrated in the domain of magic, reality-bending, occult, and energy projection. She can erase entire realities and deal deadly blasts of pure concentrated chaos magic. 

But this is just one side of her abilities. The other side allows her to trick her own human biology, and at the end of the day, Scarlet Witch is truly only human and due it limited by what her human body can handle. 


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We know that Wanda can fly. She does this by manipulating gravity, bending space, or whatever you want to call it. She frequently levitates and oftentimes is seen even achieving decent speeds while flying. 

She can also teleport both inside this dimension and outside of it. I would say that qualifies her as extremely fast, but that’s cheating since plenty of characters in comics can teleport without being considered speedsters.

Scarlet Witch opens portals

During Combat, Scarlet Witch is frequently seen reacting very fast to the happenings around her, but this is not due to her Speed. It’s her precognition that allows her to always be a few steps ahead of her enemies.

Scarlet Witch Reacts to Hawkeyes arrow

So, in summary, Wanda Maximoff is rated as class 2 in terms of Speed, which means that she can achieve normal human speeds on average and peak human speeds at best. Let’s see how she scales up against others. 

Scarlet Witch is outpaced by her brother Quicksilver


Wanda and Pietro are most likely the most famous siblings in Marvel Universe, and both are immensely powerful, with Wanda being able to pack quite the punch and Pietro being able to dodge punches pretty quickly.  

Quicksilver is likewise known to be the conventional speedster due to having speed physiology that not only allows him to move extremely fast but also allows him to utilize his body in a perfect way while being fast.

Quicksilver can easily reach high supersonic speeds of Mach 4 to Mach 5. He once ran from Tibet to Indonesia in a few seconds. And While his sister can easily teleport instantly to that location, it’s highly unlikely that she can reach those speeds on foot. Quicksilver is way faster than Scarlet Witch. 

How does Scarlet Witch compare to her own son? 


Thomas Shepherd, otherwise known as Speed, is reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch. Tommy inherited his maternal uncle’s powers, while his reincarnated brother Billy inherited his mother’s powers.

Even though Tommy’s powers are still relatively underdeveloped, he can boast the same speed physiology as his uncle Quicklisver and can achieve great speeds. His top running speed is 761 miles per hour which is impressive and is certainly destined to go even higher. 

Tommy’s humble speed generally surpasses anything we’ve ever seen from Wanda. He is far faster. 

How fast is Scarlet Witch when compared to Hulk?

Hulk jump

Every time Hulk is mentioned, everybody assumes that his strength will be the object of discussion; however, Hulk is also extremely fast, making him all the more terrifying. However, despite being incredibly bulky, Hulk is among the fastest characters if we’re going by his leaps. 

He has leaped incredible distances, including transposing about 1,000 miles with a single leap and even jumping into Mars’ orbit. Despite his immense power, the Hulk has demonstrated remarkable precision with his jumps and landings, even grabbing missiles and landing on small islands. Hulk’s leap has been measured to reach 473 miles per hour. If we don’t count teleportation and reality-bending as true speed, Hulk is way faster than Scarlet Witch. Both his movement speeds and his combat speeds. 

Can Scarlet Witch fly faster than Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel flying

Captain Marvel’s hybrid human/Kree physiology gives her incredible strength, endurance, and the ability to easily fly through interplanetary space. She can lift immense weights and withstand damage equivalent to a nuclear explosion. 

Using her powerful muscles, she can fly into the atmosphere and use the planet’s electromagnetic field to reach outer space, with a top speed estimated to be as high as Mach 2 and capable of reaching orbital velocity speed, which is approximately 17,000 miles per hour. 


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No amount of space-bending can allow Wanda to fly as fast as Captain Marvel, especially if she is in her binary form. Wanda might be among the most powerful Avengers, but she is nowhere near being the fastest one. 

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