How Much Does Wolverine Weigh With & Without Adamantium?

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The Wolverine’s story is widely known among Marvel fans. Although he was born a mutant, Wolverine reached his full potential when his skeleton was fused with the indestructible metal called adamantium. The adamantium strengthened his body and made him virtually unbreakable, but it also added a considerable amount of weight. In this article, we’ll tell you how much Wolverine weighs with and without adamantium inside of his body.

As an adult man, before his skeleton was fused with adamantium, Wolverine weighed 195 lbs, which is a little over 88.4 kilograms. After the Weapon X program, which fused adamantium with his skeleton, Wolverine gained an additional 105 lbs (47.6 kilograms), meaning that after the program, he weighed 300 lbs, roughly 136 kilograms.

There are many kinds of superheroes, from regular humans, enhanced individuals, mutants, aliens, mythological gods and creatures, et cetera. Many of them have superpowers and enhanced abilities, which can affect the physical attributes of certain individuals. Wolverine is one of those individuals. Individuals that are enhanced and turn into superheroes using technology and science inside a lab usually experience many physical changes in their bodies. And in the rest of this article, we’ll dig deeper into Wolverine’s case and explain more about the adamantium’s role in his skeleton.

The Weapon X program has some things in common with the Super Soldier program, but not entirely!

The Super Soldier program is probably the best example of turning a regular human into a superhero via a government program in Marvel Comics. Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, weighed only 95 lbs (43 kilos) and was only 5’4” (162.56 centimeters) tall before the super soldier serum was injected into his body, turning him into a super soldier with 6’2” (187.96 centimeters) of height and 240 lbs (108.86 kilograms) of weight.

The injection of adamantium into Wolverine’s skeleton didn’t provide such a massive external change since Wolverine was already a trained and muscular soldier before the Weapon X program, but the large amount of adamantium that covered his entire skeleton made him a lot heavier than he looked.

We can still remember the scene from ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ when Jackman’s Logan sat on the motorcycle, and the shock absorbers immediately showed how much weight he gained thanks to adamantium.

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Adamantium is a fictional metal; therefore, it’s impossible to know how much it weighs in its regular stasis. Adamantium is expected to be heavier than steel, which density is somewhere between 7.75 and 8.05 grams per cubic centimeter or between 7,750 and 8,050 kilograms per cubic meter. For comparison, the heaviest metal on Earth is osmium, which density is 22.59 grams per cubic centimeter.

Fictional metals like adamantium and vibranium are known to be indestructible, but their density is unknown. While vibranium is known as a very strong but very light metal, adamantium is still denser and heavier, although vibranium is considered more durable since adamantium can still change its shape at very high temperatures. As we’ve seen in the 2013’s movie ‘The Wolverine,’ the Silver Samurai was able to cut Wolverine’s claws with a heated sword.

The adamantium injection affected Wolverine’s weight, but what about his height?

We have already outlined the differences between Wolverine and Captain America based on the government programs that turned them into superheroes, so let’s do it on one more matter.

It’s known that both programs have affected their physical weights, although the key difference is that Steve Rogers gained weight due to the rapid development of his muscles, while Wolverine gained weight solely because of the injected metal. Steve Rogers’ height also rapidly increased, but what about Wolverine’s?


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To give a clear answer to the question: no, the injection of adamantium didn’t affect Wolverine’s height as the Super Soldier program affected Steve Rogers’. When adamantium was fused with his bones, the bones became virtually unbreakable, and the large amount of metal in his body also enhanced his super strength and made his claws capable of penetrating almost any substance.

In the source material, Wolverine is known as a pretty short character, only 5’3″ (160 centimeters) in height. This is particularly noticeable when he stands among other X-Men, although some fans noted how Wolverine’s height can sometimes seem inconsistent in the various comics. However, in the movies, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine couldn’t have been depicted so short due to Jackman’s height of 6’2”, the same height as post-serum Captain America, interestingly enough.

Still, having a skeleton fused with adamantium comes at a price. Even though it turned Wolverine into an ultimate killing machine, as we could’ve seen plenty of times, adamantium was Wolverine’s major weakness against Magneto since adamantium isn’t immune to Magneto’s metal-manipulating abilities. And as the 2017’s movie ‘Logan’ depicted, the adamantium was also slowly poisoning Wolverine during all those decades after the Weapon X program.

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