Here Is Why Wolverine Is Dying in ‘Logan’

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The movie ‘Logan’ marks the final chapter of Wolverine’s journey, and it portrays the beloved X-Men character in a new light. Unlike in the previous installments, Logan is no longer the nearly invincible mutant with a fast healing factor and unbreakable adamantium claws. Instead, viewers are introduced to an aging and weakened Wolverine, struggling to survive in a dystopian future. The movie highlighted the once-fierce warrior’s physical and mental decline and eventual death, but what led to his demise? In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Wolverine is dying in ‘Logan’.

The primary reason why Wolverine is dying in ‘Logan’ is adamantium poisoning. Due to his old age, Wolverine’s healing factor was not as effective as before, which resulted in adamantium slowly taking its toll on Logan’s body.

In ‘Logan,’ Wolverine’s healing factor was failing, which had kept him alive for over a century. His once-quick healing abilities had significantly slowed down, leaving him vulnerable to injuries and illnesses. The movie shows Wolverine struggling to recover from wounds that would have healed instantly in his prime. His physical strength and agility had also declined, leaving him exhausted and weak. Let’s see in detail how all that went down.

Why is Wolverine dying in ‘Logan’?

The movie ‘Logan’ starts in the year 2029, and mutants are facing their extinction. Logan is in his senior years, weaker than before, and his healing factor is less effective. The first glimpse at his deteriorating abilities can be seen when he is fighting a couple of gangsters, and one of his claws fails to come out completely.

Logan lives in an abandoned facility, caring for the weak and senile Charles Xavier, who suffers from severe and dangerous seizures. He does not rely on his physical strength and abilities as before. He works as a chauffeur to earn for prescription drugs instead. Throughout the movie, we see examples of Logan’s weaknesses. He struggles to lift heavy objects, his claws don’t always work properly, and he’s easily winded. He also gets injured more easily, and his wounds take longer to heal.

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When I was watching the movie for the first time, it was hard seeing Wolverine in shape like that, but considering everything he’d been through in his life, it is understandable that all of it had taken its toll on his body and mind. If we follow the X-men movie timeline, Logan is around 200 years old in the movie. His healing factor enabled him to age slowly and heal his body from severe injuries. However, as he got older, his healing abilities started declining.

Logan is also emotionally worn down. He’s been living with the burden of his past mistakes and misfortunes for decades and is tired of the violence and bloodshed that seems to follow him everywhere he goes. He’s also grieving the loss of many of his friends and loved ones. He’s also not sleeping well, which he always struggled with due to all the traumas he experienced. So, all of this has taken a toll on him physically and mentally.


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However, in addition to his old age and his healing factor and abilities being weaker than ever, the main reason why Logan is dying is that he has adamantium poisoning.

How did Wolverine get adamantium poisoning?

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When someone mentions Wolverine, probably the first thing that pops into our mind are his adamantium claws and skeleton. In the movies and comics, Wolverine goes through a painful and traumatic process involving injecting him with a special metal alloy, adamantium, and bonding it to his bones. The process is depicted as excruciatingly painful, leaving Wolverine with no memory of his past.

His adamantium skeleton and retractable claws made him one of the most fierce and powerful mutants, as he was nearly indestructible and could quickly heal wounds. The main flaw that adamantium had was its toxicity, and the only reason that Wolverine’s body could fight that toxicity was its rapid-healing ability.

In the movie ‘Logan’, the combination of Logan’s aging and adamantium toxicity made Logan’s body heal slower than before, so the toxins from adamantium gradually started to take their toll on Wolverine’s body.


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In conclusion, Wolverine’s journey as one of the most loved X-men ends in ‘Logan.’ The movie portrays a much more vulnerable and human version of Wolverine than we have ever seen before, making his eventual demise all the more tragic. As Logan faces his mortality, he struggles to come to terms with the legacy he will leave behind and find peace in a world that has never been kind to mutants.

While Logan’s decadence is primarily caused by adamantium poisoning, it is clear that his physical and emotional struggles result from a lifetime of pain, loss, and trauma. By the movie’s end, Logan has come to accept his fate, but his legacy lives on through the young mutants he has helped protect. We will see Wolverine again in the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie, but the events of that movie will take place before ‘Logan’. Nevertheless, we can’t wait.

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