How Old Is Aquaman in the Comics & the Movies?


There are a lot of different superheroes in the world of comic books, and a lot of them turned into superheroes during the prime of their lives as they eventually went on to spend years performing superhero duties. Aquaman is one of the heroes who learned about his powers during his younger years but only ascended as a prominent hero during the prime of his adulthood, both in the comics and the movies. So, how old is Aquaman in the comics and the movies?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the comics, there is no clear indication of how old Aquaman is.
  • However, based on his appearance, it is likely that he is around his early 40s in the comics.
  • Meanwhile, in the DCEU, he was around 32 years old in the ‘Aquaman’ movie.

Aquaman is around 40 in the comics

The world of superheroes has always been confusing in relation to the ages of the most popular names. That’s because a lot of superheroes have been around since the 40s and 50s, and this means that their comic books have been around for decades. Nevertheless, while a lot of superheroes have been around for decades, these characters don’t seem to age in their comic book stories.

One such character who has been around for a while and seemingly never aged ever since he was introduced is Aquaman. Of course, he did age during the early part of his storyline, but he has seemingly stayed the same ever since the prime of his life.

Arthur Curry was born the son of Thomas Curry, a simple lighthouse caretaker, and Atlanna, the queen of Atlantis. His powers, as such, were the results of his Atlantean physiology, as Arthur started to show his powers early on in his life. In fact, his father even allowed a scientist to take a look at his son’s physiology during Arthur’s younger years.


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Eventually, as he aged, Arthur assumed his rightful place as the king of Atlantis when he became the superhero named Aquaman. He even took on a queen named Mera, and they went on to rule Atlantis together. Arthur assumed the throne during the prime of his adulthood, and he has progressively aged since then.

While Aquaman has been at the prime of his life ever since he started his life as a superhero, different versions of the character have shown that he has aged as time passes by. The first few versions of Aquaman have a clean-shaven look. But later versions of the character have longer beards, as it seems like he has aged steadily throughout his career as a hero and a monarch.

As such, while there has never been any indication in the comics regarding Aquaman’s age, partly because DC always seems to have reboots, it is likely that Aquaman is around his early 40s. This is the same as many different superheroes, who are also seemingly somewhere between their mid-30s and early 40s.

Aquaman is in his 30s in the movies

While we do know that Aquaman has been the king of Atlantis in the comics for years and has seemingly aged in his role as the monarch of all of the oceans in the world, the Aquaman in the movies is actually younger as he has just started his life as a superhero. When we first met Aquaman in the ‘Justice League’ movie in 2017, he had just started out operating as a hero and was not even associated with Atlantis.


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However, during the 2018 ‘Aquaman’ movie, we saw Arthur Curry taking on the responsibility of becoming the king of Atlantis after learning about what had happened to his mother and how his brother was looking to wage war on the surface dwellers. He eventually assumed the throne of Atlantis after obtaining the Trident of Atlan, which allowed him to rule the seas as the rightful king of all of the oceanic kingdoms.

Of course, before he became king, there were details about his life and how he was seemingly learning more and more about his Atlantean heritage. A book called ‘Arthur’s Guide to Atlantis’ was released before the actual release of the 2018 ‘Aquaman’ movie. The book had an interesting detail regarding the year that Arthur was born.

As can be seen in the tweet below, Arthur Curry was born in 1986. Meanwhile, the events of the 2018 ‘Aquaman’ movie took place during the same year as its release date. This means that Aquaman was 31 years old in the ‘Justice League’ movie and was 32 during the events of the ‘Aquaman’ movie.

Of course, after assuming his new role as the king of Atlantis, Aquaman continued to work as a superhero and as a member of the Justice League, as this was seen in the Peacemaker series, wherein he and the Justice League made a cameo appearance.

We aren’t sure how much time has passed since the events of the ‘Aquaman’ movie and the newer DCEU projects. However, we can make the assumption that ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ which is the sequel to the 2018 movie, also takes place during the same year as its release year, which is 2023.


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If that’s the case, Arthur Curry could be somewhere around his mid-30s in the ‘Aquaman’ sequel. That means that he has been working as the king of Atlantis for around four to five years already. 

Of course, because of the many different delays in the production and the release of ‘The Lost Kingdom,’ it is likely that only a few years went by between the events of the first movie and its sequel. If that’s the case, then it may be possible that Aquaman is only around 33 to 34 during the events of the sequel. This could be something that the sequel will shed more light on upon its release.

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