How Strong Is Aquaman? Compared to Other Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash

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There are a lot of powerful superheroes in the world of DC, and a lot of them are members of the Justice League. While that may be true, Aquaman has always been one of the characters who fans often joke about because he isn’t as popular as the other members of the Justice League. However, the truth is that he is actually incredibly strong and has strength that’s on par with the other strong superheroes of DC. But how strong is Aquaman, and how does he compare to other DC superheroes?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Aquaman’s Atlantean physiology allows him to have superhuman physical abilities that can match Wonder Woman’s own physical traits.
  • While Aquaman may be strong, he isn’t as strong as the likes of Superman or as fast as someone like the Flash.

Aquaman is unfairly the butt of jokes

When it comes to the world of superheroes, one of the things that people know is that the Justice League is home to the strongest DC heroes. Of course, Superman is often the one who people remember when it comes to the powerhouses of the DC universe, and he is rightly incredibly popular. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is often the one people remember when it comes to the most popular female superheroes. Then, in terms of speed, the Flash is at the top of the list.

But people often forget that there is another powerhouse in the world of DC. In a lot of different circles, Aquaman is the butt of many jokes, as people often make fun of him for not having abilities that allow him to stand out. After all, he doesn’t have the ability to fly and isn’t as fast as some of the fastest DC characters. Still, he is unfairly the butt of a lot of different jokes.


The truth is that Aquaman is actually very strong due to his Atlantean physiology. As the son of the queen of Atlantis, Aquaman is physically the strongest out of all of the Atlanteans and has physical traits that put him on par with some of the mightiest members of the Justice League. That means that he has superhuman strength, agility, speed, and durability.

In terms of his strength, Aquaman has shown the ability to lift and push objects that are several thousand tons heavy. At one point in the comics, he was able to lift a seacraft that weighs around 160,000 tons. Meanwhile, in the DCEU, he was able to push a submarine that weighs more than 500,000 tons. He is also stronger whenever he is underwater.


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Aquaman’s durability allows him to withstand conventional human weapons that are strong enough to hurt or kill other superheroes. He has the ability to absorb the attacks of villains and superheroes who are just as strong or even stronger than him.

Underwater, Aquaman is also incredibly fast, as he is capable of matching the Flash in a race underwater. While he isn’t as fast whenever he is on the surface, his reflexes are still quick enough to overwhelm other enemies and heroes alike.

Through his connection with the Life Force, Aquaman has the ability to telepathically communicate with all marine life forms, allowing him to speak to some of the strongest and largest marine creatures. In the DCEU, Aquaman was strong enough to be able to connect with and control the strongest marine lifeform on Earth. This gives him the ability to command an entire army of sea creatures.

aquaman fish

Due to his training, Aquaman also excels in hand-to-hand and armed combat. He is well-trained in the art of using a trident, being able to match the prowess of his brother Orm in terms of his ability to use a trident. His hand-to-hand abilities also allow him to match some of the best fighters in the world of DC.


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Overall, Aquaman is strong enough to hold his own against incredibly strong heroes and villains alike. He may not stand out when it comes to his powers and abilities, but he is certainly one of the most well-rounded heroes within the Justice League.

How Aquaman compares to other strong DC characters


As the strongest member of the Justice League, Superman’s physical abilities are far beyond imagination, as he is capable of lifting the heaviest objects and withstanding the strongest attacks a superhero can withstand. This makes him the gold standard when it comes to the powerhouses of the DC universe.

aquaman vs superman

Compared to Superman, Aquaman really isn’t close to his level. In the comics, however, he has shown the ability to actually hurt Superman with his attacks despite the fact that he is nowhere near the Man of Steel’s physical abilities. Aquaman magical abilities also allow him to hurt Superman, whose durability doesn’t extend to the magical world.

Wonder Woman

Out of all of the members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is the one whom Aquaman is closest to in terms of his physical abilities and fighting skills. Wonder Woman, of course, has superhuman physical abilities that are several levels below Superman. Still, she is one of the true powerhouses of the Justice League.


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While Wonder Woman may be weaker than Superman, she is still stronger and faster than Aquaman. They may be on par in terms of their durability but Wonder Woman has better strength and speed feats compared to Aquaman. On top of that, Wonder Woman has the ability to fly and has fighting skills that are better than Aquaman’s own fighting abilities.

The Flash

The Flash is undoubtedly the fastest member of the Justice League. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have the strength and durability of Superman or Wonder Woman, he is faster than them and can augment his strength with his incredible speed. His speed also extends to his healing abilities.

Of course, Aquaman is stronger and more durable than the Flash. However, he is much slower than the Flash despite the fact that he is able to match the Flash’s speed whenever they are underwater. As such, the only way for Aquaman to actually defeat the Flash is if they fight underwater.

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