How Old Was Wolverine When He Died in ‘Logan’?


Wolverine, also known as Logan, is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the X-Men universe. Known for his sharp claws, fierce personality, and unbreakable skeleton, Wolverine’s mutant abilities also included a unique trait – he aged slowly due to his healing factor. However, in the 2017 movie ‘Logan,’ we see Wolverine, in his twilight years, as an elderly version of himself who has been worn down by years of fighting and loss. Despite his physical decline, Wolverine is still a hero at heart and ultimately makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect a group of young mutants from harm. We know how he died in the movie, but how old was he at the time of death?

Wolverine was 197 years when he died in the movie ‘Logan.’ He was born in 1832 as James Howlett, and the movie ‘Logan’ is set in the future, in 2029. So, even though his age is not specifically mentioned in the movie, if we follow the Marvel Universe’s timeline, we can establish how old Wolverine was when he died.

In the movie, Wolverine’s main mission is to protect and escort a young mutant girl named Laura to a safe haven in North Dakota called “Eden.” Laura possesses powers similar to Wolverine’s. The two become embroiled in a dangerous situation when they are pursued by a ruthless organization called Transigen, which wants to capture Laura and use her powers for its own purposes. In his endeavor to protect Laura and other young mutants, Wolverine ultimately dies in the battle. Let’s see in detail how that happened and how old he was when he died.

What happened to Wolverine in ‘Logan’?

The movie Logan gave us a version of Wolverine that we were not used to seeing. The year is 2029, and Wolverine is an old man now, weaker than ever. He spends his days as a chauffeur and tending to the weak and senile Charles Xavier, who also dies in this movie.

Wolverine’s abilities are deteriorating, his claws don’t work as well as before, and his healing factor slows down immensely. Due to his healing factor not being as effective as before, Wolverine is now more prone to get injured, and his durability declined. Considering that he is 197 years old in the movie, it can be argued that it is perfectly normal for him to be in that condition. However, the main culprit for his state is adamantium poisoning, and he is dying because of it.

Logan was always famous for his adamantium skeleton and retractable claws, making him one of the toughest mutants ever. However, adamantium also has toxic properties that ultimately take their toll on Logan’s body.


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His life got even more complicated when he was approached by Gabriela, a nurse who worked for Transigen and asked Logan to help her escort her and a young girl named Laura to a place in North Dakota called “Eden.” Wolverine later learned that Transigen bred children using DNA samples from other mutants, and they planned to execute all of these children after completing the “X-24” project. It was also revealed that Laura, who was bred using Logan’s DNA, is his daughter.

Donald Pierce used X-24, Wolverine’s perfect clone, who killed Charles Xavier, and eventually mortally wounded Logan.

How did Wolverine die, and how old was he when he died?

Donald Pierce, alongside Reavers, wanted to retrieve X-23, a.k.a. Laura. She was just a kid but nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. With Wolverine by her side, Donald Pierce did not have an easy job bringing her back. So, he used X-24, his most deadly and sophisticated weapon, to help him defeat Wolverine and to track down all the escaped young mutants out there.

After X-24 murdered Charles Xavier, Wolverine buried him and decided to take Laura to Eden. When they arrived, Rictor and former Transigen test subjects were already there, and Rictor temporarily healed Logan using Mutant Growth Hormone from Alkali-Transigen. After that, we see Wolverine again at the peak of his strength, but that does not last long.

Eventually, Donald Pearce and the Reavers found Logan and the young mutants. All of them fought bravely and fiercely. Logan overpowered many of the Reavers, but then the serum wore off. The last person Logan eliminated before his demise was Zander Ricer, a scientist and the surgical head of Alkali-Transigen, who was responsible for creating X-23 and X-24 projects. Logan shot him with a gun, even though he hated guns.

After that, Wolverine’s strength was depleted, but he had to confront X-24 one last time. They pulled their claws out against each other, but X-24 was superior in strength. With Laura’s and other mutants’ help, Wolverine weakened X-24 a bit, but it was not enough. Enraged X-24 pierced his claws through Wolverin’s shoulder and pulled him over the ground. Then, he impaled Logan through a tree. As X-24 continued to stab Logan, Laura shot X-24 with the adamantium bullet, killing him instantly.


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Wolverine died due to mortal wounds sustained in the battle. Laura is devastated by his death and is seen crying and mourning the loss of her father figure, who is also her genetic source, as she is a clone created from his DNA.

At Logan’s grave, Laura delivers a heartfelt eulogy, quoting lines from the 1953 film “Shane,” which she watched earlier with Charles Xavier. “There’s no living with a killing. There’s no going back from it. Right or wrong, it’s a brand, a brand that sticks. There’s no going back.” These lines emphasize the theme of redemption and the struggle of living with a violent past.

After saying her goodbyes, Laura removes the wooden cross marking Logan’s grave and tilts it, turning it into an “X,” symbolizing Logan’s connection to the X-Men and his final resting place as one of them. This moment pays tribute to Wolverine’s legacy and the impact he had on Laura and the mutant community.

Laura and the other young mutants walk away, seemingly to find a new life and sanctuary, carrying on the legacy of the X-Men and the hope for a better future for mutants.

Wolverine died both as a hero and a martyr he had been all his life. He died at the age of 197 while protecting others and fighting for a better future for the next generation of mutants.

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