How Powerful Is One Above All Exactly? Powers & Abilities Explained

How Powerful Is One Above All Exactly Powers Abilities

Marvel Comics Universe is no stranger to incredibly powerful characters. Some are mutants. Some are gods, some cosmic entities of multiversal potency, but all of them stem from one entity that is above everyone else in terms of power hierarchy, the One Above All. There are some insane superpowers out there, stemming from probability manipulation to molecular restructuring, which opens up a plethora of possibilities not necessarily limited to a single universe within the multiverse, and due to this, we ask ourselves, how do these powers compare to the creator of everything? Let’s see how powerful One Above All is and what is the extent of these powers. 

 One Above All is the single most powerful entity in Marvel Comics. He is the source of all things and is equally capable of creation and destruction through his dark alter-ego, the One Below All. One Above All is without a beginning and an end. He is all-powerful and omnipresent, dictating the rules of the current Universe and all universes yet to come. Simply put, everything is simply a manifestation of One Above All. 

It’s hard to rate and sum up the powers of the ultimate creator of a fictional Multiverse. Still, that doesn’t stop us from trying. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

One Above All is the source of everything in Marvel Comics 

As you’ve probably figured out by now, One Above All is the creator of the Marvel Universe or Multiverse. However, you want to perceive it. One Above All is the entity that created everything, and everything is bound to conform to his laws. Despite being at the center of everything and rather the beginning of everything, One Above All rarely manifests and rarely directly intervenes in the events that affect the Universe both small scale and on a large scale. 

The One Above All

Despite this, his powers are immeasurable. One Above All is the manifestation of writers and is able to shape reality to his whims. His powers are infinite and immeasurable and dictate the beginning and end. There is no scale to determine the strength, speed, or energy-projection capacity of One Above All because it is he who sets the rules, and with a single thought, the Universe can be a vastly different place.  

One Above All resides in the House of Ideas, the core of all reality, where all possible things exist simultaneously. Concepts such as space & time matter little to him, as he exists beyond them and beyond constraints that we humans can perceive.

House of Ideas

Nothing happens in the Universe without the One Above All being instantly aware of it. 


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It is said that love is the ultimate weapon of One Above All, as he infuses it into all of his creations, but that doesn’t mean that One Above All doesn’t have an ugly side as well. 

The One Below All is a dark aspect of One Above All, and it’s likewise nearly infinite in power 

If One Above All wields love, the One Below All wields hatred and everything connected to it. Nothing can exist without perfect balance, so One Above All’s creation needs its counterweight, destruction.

Since One Above All resides in the House of Ideas, the beginning of all things imaginable, the One Below All resides at the lowest point of existence, the Below-Place, a literal hell of seething death and destruction.

Green doors

Since the One Below All is not a standalone entity but rather a manifestation of One Above All, the poor creature doesn’t have a mind of its own, it is guided by the need to consume to destroy and to remain the only thing in existence.

Despite being a counterweight to the One Above All, the One Below All is not equally powerful. It is significantly weaker and is usually sealed behind several metaphysical barriers. 

Even though the primary role of the One Below All is to destroy and it doesn’t have the capacity to create anything meaningful as that requires love, it is suspected that the One Below All and Below-Place are connected to the creation of Gamma mutates, such as the Hulk

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Who can defeat The One Above All? 

In the current canon, no one is above the One Above All, and hence no one can defeat him. The closest that comes to his powers is the Living Tribunal, a personification of Multiversal Law and the entity with the highest authority in the Marvel Multiverse. Still, the Living Tribunal’s powers pale in comparison to the One Above All, and the entity was famously slain by the Beyonders.

There is one non-canon story where Thanos defeated the One Above All using Astral Regulators, artifacts of unimaginable powers. Astral Regulators were created to prevent the universes from colliding with each other and causing destruction.

thanos the one above all

Thanos managed to gain control of Astral Regulators and subsequently managed to absorb all of reality, including the One Above All. With that, Thanos became the most powerful entity in existence.


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Fans always love to use this story as evidence that Thanos is all-powerful or that the One Above All is not all-powerful. However, once again, the story is not canon and should never be used in serious discussions as evidence for pretty much anything. 

Is The One Above All stronger than Infinity Stones? 

The One Above All is stronger than Infinity Stones. He is the source of Infinity Stones. Even the most powerful weapons in Marvel Universe is nothing but a fleeting fragment of the One Above All’s real power. Besides, there are weapons/artifacts that go well beyond the power level of the Infinity Stones. 

How would you describe the powers of One Above All? Let us know in the comments!

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